Hijab Hell

Iranian-born Aynaz Anni Cyrus discusses her “Forced Hijab Nightmares,” by sharing her harrowing “torments” as a small child at the hands of her Islamic fundamentalist “father”, which is just one of the many reasons she left Islam and “escaped” Iran.

Because her father viewed her as a disobedient child, he “sold her off” as a child bride to the highest “bidder” for $50.00 when she was just 13 years old.

Anni says, “Everyday for over a year if he wasn’t beating me, he was raping me. When he wasn’t raping me, he was beating me and sometimes he was doing both.”

One day it got so bad, with a “dislocated shoulder, bloody lip, bruised face and eye,” Amy marched into a courtroom  and said to the Muslim judge, “Your Honor, you have got to save me because this man is going to kill me.”

Very calmly he smiled and said, “Well, young lady, maybe if you start obeying your husband, he wouldn’t have to beat you. Now go home and make him happy.”

We all go through “trying” times in life, but nothing really compares to the trials of living under “Shariah” hell. To escape it with your mind intact after living through it as a “child and adult” is wonderful, uplifting, encouraging and refreshing to hear.

If only every woman would listen to her “dire warning” about the Muslim cult. Their strength of character is amazing.

How can they “suffer” so much, yet remain steadfast and unwilling to “renounce” their own identities, and in many cases, their Christian beliefs.

Anni Cyrus is one of those indomitable “spirits” who went through her own “physical and spiritual” hell and refused to bow to Islamic “evil.”

Another “provocative” footage has emerged of the moment a Muslim woman “challenges” a cleric who ordered her to fix her inappropriately fitting “hijab” on a public street in Iran.

The man can be seen telling the woman to “fix your hijab or I’ll get you arrested” when the woman tears the “veil off her head” in anger and walks away.

The Facebook group “My Stealthy Freedom”, which uploaded the video described the cleric’s behavior as “humiliating and arrogant”.

“This is the wrong culture that has been telling women for forty years now. Those who want to conquer women always betray the concept of struggle and freedom,” the caption reads.

In the video that has since gone viral, a Muslim cleric comes across a woman who isn’t wearing her hijab correctly, either accidentally or purposefully leaving some of her hair peeking through.

Considering that the “hijab” is mandatory in Iran, the imam invokes his religious right, threatening her to “fix your hijab” or he’ll notify the police of her “Sharia” violation, one that routinely lands offenders in the country’s notoriously harsh prisons.

Iranian law for the last four decades has “dictated” that women must cover their heads in public, with “failure” to do so being a “jail-able” offense. However, there is a growing movement of people in Iran who “oppose” the laws that make it “mandatory” for women to wear veils.

Masih Alinejad is an Iranian journalist and advocate for “religious freedom and women’s rights.” She is the moderator of “My Stealthy Freedom”, a Facebook group that has over 800,000 followers.

There, she and other Iranian women post photos of themselves “removing” their headscarves in public, a quiet but brave “protest” against the Iranian laws that “govern” not just their clothing, but the way they “practice” their religion.

The “My Stealthy Freedom” group encourages women to practice daily civil “disobedience” and to protest patiently and respectfully. They aim to film and hold those to account for their “ugly” behavior.

“If you are offended, film their ugly behavior. Let them publish their own responsibility for the ugliness of their behavior,” the group says.

Awesome human beings. May Anni and the other victims of Islamic “Hijab Hell” find peace of mind and eternal happiness!

Arab Singer Rana Farouq With and Without Hijab.

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