Muslim Snowmen Fatwa

Religious Fatwa scholar Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed.

A “snowfall” covered upland areas of Tabuk province near Saudi Arabia’s border with Jordan for the “third” consecutive year, which saw Saudis eagerly drawing on their “imagination and sense of fun” as they braved the cold weather to build “snowmen” and “snow camels” in a tribute to the local culture.

Citizens in the Province of Tarif used “snow camels” to promote the “colors” of local teams, drawing “praise” from the fans.

Another opted for the traditional “ghitra and agal” to cover the head of the “snowman” she built.

However, it was not all “fun” for Saudis after a religious scholar said that building “snowmen or snow animals” was “haram” and not acceptable in Islam.

The fatwa, by Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed, said that “building snowmen or any replica of an animal, even if it is for fun or recreation, could not be condoned. Only lifeless things, such as ships, fruit and buildings could be imitated.”

Religious Fatwa scholar Mohammad Saleh Al Minjed trying his new, lifeless black metal skies he got for Christmas.

No date was mentioned about when the “fatwa” was issued, but it was widely circulated on “social” networks, triggering a wide and often heated “online” debate mainly among Gulf nationals.

Those who “supported” the fatwa said that building snowmen was a “crude imitation of the West.”

“Building snowmen is imitating the infidels, it promotes lustiness and eroticism. May Allah preserve the scholars, for they enjoy sharp vision and recognize matters that even Satan does not think about,” one wrote.

Blogger Al Marsad wrote: “It has no value in our traditions. Those fascinated by the West should emulate their inventions and sciences, not their culture.”

The fatwa, or “religious” ruling, was given a “frosty reception” on social media sites by some people.

Blogger Mishaal complained that the ruling took the “joy” out of the unusual weather. “We have snow for fleeting days, maybe even hours, and there is always someone who wants to rob us of the joy and the fun. It seems that the only thing left for us is to sit down and drink coffee.”

On Twitter users writing in Arabic and identifying themselves with Arab names joined in the debate.

“They are afraid for their faith of everything … sick minds,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another posted a photo of a man in formal Arab garb holding the arm of a “snow bride wearing a bra and lipstick. The reason for the ban is fear of sedition,” he wrote.

A third said the country was plagued by two types of people: “A people looking for a fatwa for everything in their lives, and a cleric who wants to interfere in everything in the lives of others through a fatwa,” he wrote.

Last year the “General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment” (GAIAE) in the UAE issued a fatwa against living on “Mars.” The committee argued that an attempt to “dwell on the planet would be so hazardous as to be suicidal, and killing oneself is not permitted by Islam.”

“The astronauts, the committee said, would end up dying for no righteous reason and would face the same punishment in the afterlife as someone who’d committed suicide.” 

The GAIAE has issued around two million “Fatwa’s” through its Official Fatwa Center since its inception in 2008.

In Malaysia, meanwhile, Muslim clerics have issued fatwa’s banning everything from “Yoga to Valentine’s Day” in a bid to stop the “influence” of Western culture.

To ensure Muslims can keep pace with the rules, an “e-fatwa” site has been started. The issue recently came to a head at a “dog petting” festival for Muslims, with the organizer receiving threatening phone calls since “Muslims are taught that canines are unclean.”

Malaysian activist Zainah Anwar, recently wrote that Muslims are “sick and tired of being told, yet again, of more categories of Muslims and practices to be denounced, hated and declare deviant.”

Her women’s rights group, “Sisters in Islam,” has also been targeted. It was issued with a “fatwa” for pushing “liberalism.” It had pushed for Muslim women to be able to enter “beauty pageants.” The group were challenging the ruling.

The list of fatwa’s now includes, “Halloween” which is said to be too Christian and “black metal” because it is “powerful enough to force a Muslim to forsake his faith.”

“Botox” is banned, but can be used if “medically” necessary.

“Remember this winter don’t make snowmen or you will be among the most severely punished people by Allah. — Ex-Muslims of North America (@ExmuslimsOrg) December 25, 2019

Anybody that sees “lust and eroticism” in a snowman must be one “horny” Muslim dude. Is there anything these “goat shaggers” like about Western countries?”

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