Epstein Diversion Program

Jeffrey Epstein has used his mystical “after life” powers to channel attention away from his close friend and “rape” pal Bill Clinton.

My “diverting” program is working as planned. Even after my dead, everyone’s talking about Trump and “impeachment” and not about my sordid “sexual rape” friendship with Bill Clinton. Isn’t that Sweet.

The news these past few weeks has been all “Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi” plus all those false “witnesses” whose names nobody can remember anymore.

But guess whose name you don’t “hear” at all? My “buddy” in crime, Bill Clinton…Sorry, haters!

Yes, our “royal” cohort Prince Andrew is getting “kicked” around in the news, and that is good to “distract” attention from “Billy” as I called him. At least Andy got a lot of “happy” memories and is still “alive” to talk about it, unlike me.

“Randy Andy” as we called him should’ve been more careful. Not let himself be photographed with that young lady. He lacked the “cloud” and “contacts” needed to keep witnesses “quiet.” You’ve heard of witness protection? Well, I and “Billy” always made sure to secure “protection” from witnesses on hidden cameras!

And speaking of witnesses, you won’t be “hearing” much from me anymore since my self-inflicted “suicide” mission in my cell.

My program, okay, our program is working as intended. Me, Billy, Andrew, and a host of prominent others, took some 26 trips on the “Lolita Express.” But who’s counting? We certainly weren’t. We were having way too much fun.

Here I am fingering Lolita flight attendant on the way to the Caribbean whorehouse.

Even that “juicy” New York Times article where a hacker told lawyers he had something incendiary: “a vast archive of Mr. Epstein’s data, stored on encrypted servers overseas. He said he had years of the financier’s communications and financial records, as well as thousands of hours of footage from hidden cameras in the bedrooms of Jeffries properties. The videos, he said, captured some of the world’s richest, most powerful men in compromising sexual situations, even in the act of rape.”

Even that article didn’t mention Billy at all. In fact, he can even do public appearances, give talks, answer questions, the whole shebang, and not “hear” even once his name, or about his sordid “friendship” with me. Even more sweet.

Since I am now dead, I let Billy recount some “concerns” he had. Earlier this year, I was a little “worried” about where the Epstein story could be “headed.” That darn Miami Herald kept “stirring the pot” on Jeffrey, and then when that federal judge, Kenneth Marra, threw out Jeffrey’s sweetheart “plea deal” I started to get a little antsy.

And when Jeffrey was actually “arrested”, yikes, I began to “worry” for the first time. And they wouldn’t grant him “bail,” double-yikes. And then when Trump’s labor secretary, Anthony Acosta, blew up I became seriously afraid, especially since other names, such as Les Wexner, Bill Richardson, George Mitchell and many others were mentioned. All close “pals” of mine. Uh, oh, triple yikes.

To make matters worse, all sorts of “eye-catching” side details about Jeffrey kept spilling out. His townhouse was worth $77 million, he had $70,000 in cash, not to mention 48 diamonds, lots of “titillating” details.

Petrina Ryan-Kleid, “Parsing Bill,” 2012. (New York Academy of Art via Artnet.)

And, oh yes, there was that ridiculous “painting” of me. But in a way, it’s a good thing that the portrait of me in that blue dress was still there on his wall and not stolen.

You wouldn’t want to give anyone the “impression” that the New York place had been “swept”, beforehand, to clear out “evidence” about me!

Jeffrey and I had the same sexual desires like two peas in a pod.

More importantly, it sure took ’em long enough to get around to “searching” Jeffrey’s Caribbean island and his ranch in New Mexico. As you can imagine, a lot of incriminating “evidence” disappeared from there. I needed all the good karma.”

I did not have any sexual relations with Jeffrey, only with his young lady friends.

But then, a “false alarm” of an attempt to murder Jeffrey in his cell. Attempt, phooey! Finally, my pal Jeffrey succumbed to “suicide” on August 10.

Hillary and I felt “real” bad for him. Real bad. Just thinking what could have happened if Jeffrey ever were to “testify” under oath about our close “friendship” all these years.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the end the story. While Jeffrey’s death closed off some avenues, the basic “fascination” with Jeffrey’s past remains, how could it not?

Prince “Randy Andy” Andrew and I heading out to play a round of golf at the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, MA on Martha’s Vineyard.

I have to admit, with Prince “Randy Andy” loose interviews and involvement with “Pitch@Palace” operating in 64 countries, with lots of corporate sponsors, and overlap with the “Clinton Foundation” makes me still a little nervous.

So, ol’ 42 is not yet “out of the woods.” And I know it. Much could still be revealed by “loose lips.”

But I am “grateful” that the Ukraine story and impeachment talks took Jeffery’s “attention” out of the news. How ’bout that? Even quadruple sweet.

I love it when a good “diversion” program comes together. Belated “thanks”, Jeffrey!

I am really glad all the “investigative” reporters, who like bulldogs “chasing” after the fake Ukraine/impeachment hoax, did not scramble as “intense” after Epstein or me.

Even in the midst of this impeachment “mania,” real news, such as the “arrest” of two New York City prison guards for “disconnection” the cameras and “not checking” on Jeffrey, seems to have “lost its sizzle.”

Finally, at long last, the Jeffrey news is a “snooze.” Okay, maybe not a snooze, but nothing for me to “worry” about anymore.

So now, let’s get on with Hillary’s “diversion” program for a “third run” for presidency.

 Tick…tick…tick — the stench of Epstein closing in on Bill Clinton

Lolita Express
Clinton’s Sexcapades

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