Save the Christians of Iraq


Rebel News has teamed up with The Nazarene Fund to raise money for the Christian refugees in Syria and Iraq. That’s one of the world’s most ancient Christian communities, they even still pray in Aramaic, the language Jesus himself spoke.

But Iraq’s Christians are in grave jeopardy — first, from the genocide perpetrated by ISIS terrorists, and now by other Muslim extremists, including those supported by Iran.

Sheila Gunn Reid of “Rebel News” recently travelled to Iraq to meet some of these Christian families first-hand, and to inspect the work done by the registered charity, The Nazarene Fund. You can see her video reports below.

But it’s not enough just to tell their story — “we need to help.”

Please join our Christmas campaign to raise $10,000 to help “rescue and relocate” these Christian families. 100% of the proceeds will support The Nazarene Fund’s projects that Sheila personally observed in action. If we meet our $10,000 goal, we’ll aim higher — there is so much work that has to be done.

And if you support Sheila’s journalism, please click here, to contribute to a separate journalism fund, to cover the costs of her flight to Iraq — which totaled just over $2,000. We are keeping the two funds separate — this one on Indiegogo is solely for the Christian relief, and this one is for our costs, including travel to Iraq.

Thank you and “Merry Christmas” to all.

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