A Spring In My Step

Nancy Pelosi arrived for Trump’s impeachment proceedings on the House floor for once sober, freshly powdered, coifed, PoliGripped, and proudly wearing black with her power “brooch” which is befitting for such a “solemn” occasion as to the “hanging” of the Democratic party.

Having warned her members to contain their “celebrations” until they were out of view and earshot she gave a few “mutineers”, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “hard stare and hand wave” as they were unable to contains themselves.

“First there’s a secret smile of glee, like the cat that swallowed the canary. It’s very fleeting, though; she suppresses it almost instantaneously. Then immediately, after putting on a stern face, she ‘shushes’ the Democrats in schoolmarmy fashion in order to make sure they can’t be accused of celebrating.” – Neo

While Nancy Pelosi shushed “exuberant” Democrats on the House floor yesterday, she couldn’t contain her own “excitement” with reporters.

“It really is interesting to see the response that we are getting, bipartisan, across party lines. I, myself, want to say I have a spring in my step because of the moral courage of our caucus, to see them all— so many— 100 members go to the floor— that’s all we had time for, uh, to go to the floor and speak about our Constitution, about the facts of the case, so clearly, so patriotically, so prayerfully, so solemnly, but so definitely,” Pelosi told journalists.

Carnac the Magnificent Nancy Pelosi.

The democrat party has “fallen” so low, so “dangerous” and so “nefarious” that they are slowly “destroying” themselves and it is all coming back to hit them in the face. You don’t mess with a man like Trump who “loves and protects” his country and its people from the “ravages” of big government. A normal person would not be able to take all that Trump has taken from these “evil” people lusting to put the population under their big government control, but he gets energized by it.

Trump is a counter puncher and a person who strikes back. In a scathing, blistering “no holds” barred letter a day before the House voted to impeach him he “blasted” democrats and Pelosi  as an “open war on American Democracy,” writing that she has “violated” her oath of office and “cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!” as reported by Fox News.

“Everyone, you included, knows what is really happening. Your chosen candidate lost the election in 2016, in an Electoral College landslide (306-227), and you and your party have never recovered from this defeat. So you have spent three straight years attempting to overturn the will of the American people and nullify their votes. You view democracy as your enemy!”

You are the ones “interfering” in America’s elections. You are the ones “subverting” America’s Democracy. You are the ones “obstructing” Justice. You are the ones bringing “pain and suffering” to our Republic for your own “selfish personal, political, and partisan gain.”

Trump specifically hammered Pelosi for daring “to invoke the Founding Fathers in pursuit of this election-nullification scheme and even worse, for offending Americans of faith by continually saying ‘I pray for the President,’ when you know this statement is not true unless it is meant in a negative sense. It is a terrible thing you are doing, but you will have to live with it, not I! ”

The president argued that Democrats were trying to “distract” Americans from the strong economy and historically low unemployment numbers, and pointed out that Democrats have openly called for impeachment since the day he took office which there are numerous quotes from leading democrats saying that on his inauguration day.

Trump further pointed out that Democrats’ persistent but unsubstantiated allegations that the Trump campaign had conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 election,  ultimately “dissolved into dust,” but not before the nation had to endure years of “turmoil and torment.”

Pelosi, speaking to reporters called the letter “ridiculous.” She said she feels “fine” but “sad” about the pending impeachment vote while claiming not “having read all of the letter.”

Ridiculous Nancy? You call that letter ridiculous? Have you no shame? You say you are “sad” about the vote, but are you really? You and your party and your “cohorts” in the media have shown nothing but “contempt” for this president, his wife and family and the people who voted for him. You are trying to “overthrow” the vote of 65 million people.

During the Clinton Impeachment, Gerald Nadler “accused” republicans then of trying to overthrow the will of the American people’s vote. Today he and his dem party are doing the exact same thing with republicans “accusing” them of overthrowing the will of the American people.

Away from that baleful cat Pelosi, the impeachment ‘rats come out to play
Dems’ fake ‘solemnity’ as Pelosi silences applause with her evil eye and hand gesture
The silliest impeachment in the history of the world

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