Pope Francis & King Herod

Pope Francis has compared U.S. President Donald Trump to the murderous “King Herod” who massacred innocent children in ancient Palestine while trying to “kill” baby Jesus.

Speaking during his recent visit to Thailand, the Argentinean Marxist pope “minced” no words in his thinly veiled condemnation of the U.S. president and his administration, suggesting that like “King Herod” President Trump “separates” families at the border while allowing drugs to “freely flow” into the country.

“In other parts there are walls that even separate children from parents. Herod comes to mind. Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out. The phenomenon of migration is compounded by war, hunger and a ‘defensive mindset,’ which makes us in a state of fear believe that you can defend yourself only by strengthening borders. At the same time, there is exploitation,” Francis said.

In his Q&A session, the “Marxist” pontiff also proposed that the “rise of populism” is at the “root of migrant” problems in Europe.

“I must admit that I am shocked by some of the narratives I hear in Europe about borders. Populism is gaining strength. The phenomenon of refugees has always existed, but today it is better known because of social differences, hunger, political tensions and especially war. For these reasons, migratory movements are intensifying,” the pope claimed.

“What is the answer the world gives? The policy of waste. Refugees are waste material. The Mediterranean has been turned into a cemetery. The notorious cruelty of some detention centers in Libya touches my heart. The Christian tradition has a rich evangelical experience in dealing with the problem of refugees. We also remember the importance of welcoming the foreigner as the Old Testament teaches us,” he continued.

Showing a “weak” capacity for analogy, which is pretty “pathetic” in a trained Jesuit, Pope Francis threw out some “junk thoughts” trying to insult President Trump.

There are four major problems with Pope Francis “logic, lies and spurious claims.”

First. Trump isn’t “killing” any babies at the border. The only “mass slaughter” of infants now seen in the U.S. is the kind being “advocated, enabled, and promoted” by his Catholic buddies, “hypocrites” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and presidential wannabee Joe Biden, both who promote “abortion absolutism” along with millions in funds from a very high position of power. Maybe Francis should look into the mirror at his catholic “political” allies.

Second. The Holy Family ran “away” from Herod, not “toward” Herod. Illegal’s are the “opposite” of the Holy Family in that they run “toward” America, quite obviously because they believe the U.S. is the land of free “Honey and Sugar.” The pope’s analogy falls apart right there. A desire to have “borders and a legal process of entry” into a country that already accepts one million “legal” immigrants each year is hardly a “Herod” haven, while the pope hasn’t taken in any of the “refugees and migrants” at the walled Vatican gates.

Third. Illegal’s come to the U.S. after paying very large “smuggling fees” to Mexican cartels in order to avail themselves of U.S. “welfare benefits and free medical care.” U.S. taxpayers are rightly indignant about this harvesting of their hard-earned resources by foreign “invaders” who can’t even respect the most “basic” of U.S. laws, and whose first act within the U.S. is to “break” the law, before moving on to break many others. A threat to “rule of law” is hardly a “Herod” situation, it’s common sense, and probably somewhere in Church doctrine.

Fourth. Pope Francis’ complaint about there being no wall for drug dealers is exactly the point. We all do want a “wall” to keep drug dealers out but the “open border” Democratic lobby is preventing it. Maybe Francis can take that matter up with Catholic Nancy Pelosi if he’s not the “hypocrite” he appears to be. Drug dealers, illegal’s, cartel-smuggling fees, and the corruption that redounds to Mexico as money gets into political hands are all byproducts of cartels controlling entry to the U.S. because the U.S. fails to stop them. That’s the “handiwork” of the pope’s Democrat “buddies.”

It all just stinks, not just because it’s “junk thought” by the Marxist pope, but because it’s an “outrageous” attempt to “shame a nation” that takes in more “legal” migrants than any place on earth in the name of “smearing”  President Trump.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?” Matthew 7:15-16 (NIV)

Marxist Communist Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka “Pope Francis” is a “false” prophet like Judas, a disciple who “betrayed” Jesus. How did he “betray” Jesus? The same way Pope Francis betrayed Jesus by “distorting” the Gospel being in a position of appointed “papal” authority; in other words a “cult” doctrine which leads millions and millions of followers “straight to hell” by-passing purgatory.

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