Politicizing Communion

Joe Biden “owes” Fr. Robert Morey a “huge thank you.”

The Internet exploded recently with the news that Fr. Morey of South Carolina had “denied” Communion to Biden at a parish Sunday Mass there. Biden is known to attend Mass frequently, if not weekly. Priests in other locations, as well as Pope Francis who clearly has no “heart” for fighting the culture war, have been told in no “uncertain terms” that they are to give “Communion” to Biden. Or else.

What Fr. Morey courageously did was to refuse to “Politicize Communion,” despite longstanding claims in high places otherwise, instead putting Biden and his “salvation” before every other consideration.

The “Catholic Faith is not a superstition and “Communion” is not an “anti-death pill” that communicates the Lord’s Resurrection, life, and holiness despite the lack of a “state of grace” on the part of the “soul” receiving Him.

Any Catholic who knowingly receives Communion in a state of “mortal sin” is practically functioning in a state of superstition. Leaving such a soul in this dangerous state of “delusion” is the opposite of pastoral care. It is never loving to “refuse” to intervene for the sake of “salvation” of souls.

Reception of grace always necessarily involves a cooperation with it. As St. Augustine expressed it, “The God who made us without us will not save us without us.” God gave us “free will” and we receive the grace of “communion” in order to build up the “state of grace.”

One of the negative side effects of the postconciliar era is that priests are often treated as if they no longer have a conscience and are subjected to “political” orders from higher headquarters, expected to function like “ecclesial bots.”

Priests make a promise to “obey” their bishops, but there is no guarantee that they will be always ordered to do what is “right or Catholic.”

Giving Communion to “pro-abort and same sex marriage politicians” is a case in point.

Many bishops telegraph publicly that they intend to give Communion to “pro-child-killing pols” and, at the same time, make clear that their priests are expected to do the same regardless of the “judgment of their own conscience” on the matter.

In Fr. Morey’s case, we may be thankful, his refusing “Communion” to Biden was part of a “diocesan” policy. In doing so he has offered Biden a opportunity to “correct his own practice of the Catholic faith in order to save his soul.”

Biden’s public “betrayal” of Christ by advocating for, and voting for, “abortion and same sex marriage” has placed him in objective “grave sin and scandal.”

 His physical reception of “Communion,” therefore, would not communicate “grace” but rather would place him in the situation described by Paul in 1 Cor. 11-27, “So then, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord.”

The Lord Jesus’ purpose in “Communion” is to build up grace for those who are in a state of grace, following Baptism or absolution for “mortal sin” after Baptism. Have we completely “lost our minds” about giving Communion to “pro-abortion” and “same sex marriage” politicians, thereby degrading it’s a “useless” and “non-sacrilegious” act?

When Biden, as vice-president, performed the wedding ceremony for two “gay” White House staffers, it was a cynical move for “LGBT” support, but far more importantly, another brazen “scandal” demanding a response from the Church.

Biden has been essentially “defying” the American bishops for decades, knowing that it’s highly unlikely they “dare put him on the spot.”

Have we forgotten that presenting oneself for “Communion” is predicated on the fact that one is a “believing” Catholic?

Receiving “Communion” is based on the fact that one is in a “state of grace.” One is only in the “state of grace” if free from the stain of “mortal sin” and embracing, with full assent of “intellect and will” all that the Catechism teaches.

When those who claim to be “practicing” Catholics go to the “Women’s March,” for example, without distancing themselves from the “pro-abort, pro-SSA activity and support for the redefinition of marriage” that organizers have made clear is the March’s agenda, while posting photos of themselves at the March on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, they’re committing “public scandal.” After that, the idea of going to “Communion” publicly without repairing that scandal is being a hypocrite.

Priests who participate in “public scandal” by knowingly giving “Communion” to baptized Catholics who publicly advocate or support “abortion and same sex marriage” are politicizing Communion, especially when the one presenting himself for Communion is a “politician” running for office.

Such “Politicizing of Communion” should never have a place at Mass and no “Priest nor Pope” should ever “aid and abet” such sacrilege.  It is not a political matter. It’s a question of whether the Catholic Church, as it claims, takes seriously the most serious things, namely the nature of “Communion” and what it means for someone to receive the “Body and Blood” of Christ.

There have been various “dodges” from the Catholic Church hierarchy on this matter. New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan, as well as Pope Francis, remarked that they would never judge the “state of someone else’s soul.” But that’s not what is involved in the Biden case or Nancy Pelosi, another Catholic hypocrite.

The question is whether to allow someone who has publicly adopted positions, and acted on them, that are directly “contrary” to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and constitute grave “public scandal,” to go along just like any other Catholic.

Public scandal does not mean, as it does in the tabloids, that you’ve done something spectacularly wrong. In Catholicism, it means a public stumbling block that “confuses” people, Catholic and not, about grave matters like “abortion” and God’s intentions in “creating the two sexes.”

People sometimes argue, a known sinner may have been to “Confession” and, therefore, may again in a “state of grace.”

But someone who has created a serious and longstanding “public scandal” must do some “public act of repudiation,” both of his “beliefs and acts.” Otherwise, the “scandal” remains.

After being “denied” Communion by Fr. Robert Morey Joe Biden “defiantly” told the press that he would just receive “Communion” from Pope Francis himself.


Pro-abortion Joe Biden: ‘The Holy Father…gives me Communion’

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