Be Bold and Courageous

Having tried and failed with every attempt to “remove” President Trump from office, Democrats enlisted the “bold and courageous” Rep. Eric Swalwell to demonstrate their ultimate “anti-Trump” weapon.

The Democrat Congressman helping lead the charge for “impeachment” was being interviewed by Chris Matthews on his “Hardball” program when Eric released a massive “fart” live on air.

The “flatulence” experience was so satisfying that Chris and Eric both reported having “thrills” running down their legs.

It appears Eric Smelwell studied Spleen in the movie “Mystery Men”  to develop his “gaseous” weapon against evildoer ”Bad Orange Man” and sharing his farting power with like minded Chris Matthews.

Now that Rep. Smelwell has dropped a “hardball” in his pants, Chris Matthews might want to change the name of his program to something “softer and less spherical.”

“You can’t dispute the infrared” — Jessica Fletcher (@heckyessica) November 19, 2019

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