The (Lesbian) View

Though The (Lesbian) View has been on television since 1997 and its numerous hosts have come and gone, it is a “mystery” as to who watches it. In its formative years, it may have been “watchable”, even occasionally “newsworthy” when moderated by Barbra Walters who was an “actual” journalist.

Now, from the clips that are picked up and aired by other news outlets, it has clearly devolved into a “slug fest” by vicious, leftist feminists who attack their “guests” if remotely conservative. There is zero “respect” for any guest with a politically “opinion” other than The (Lesbian) View. They slobbered over Chelsea Clinton as if she were the “Queen of England” and attacked Donald Trump Jr. as if he were a “serial killer” on the loose.

Why anyone on the right would agree to appear is anyone’s guess. Ask Jeanine Pirro.

The vitriol is not worth “plugging a book” their audience will never buy. No self-respecting “conservative” should bother. It is like offering oneself up as “cannon fodder to the enemies of civilized society.”

The current main hosts, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are both dreadfully “ignorant” of US history. They are willfully ignorant of the facts of current political crises, like the Russia “hoax” and the Ukraine “poppycock.”  They fabricate their own “facts” out of whole cloth.

The (Lesbian) View is just CNN and MSNBC by another name. It is the television version of the NYT and the WaPo, neither of which is a reputable news provider. Like Bill Maher’s show, it is only about one thing now: “destroy President Trump.”

These “Trump-deranged TV celebs” do not care that Trump has managed to “reduce unemployment to the lowest on record, that wages are up across the board, that ISIS has been defeated.” They loathe him because he is the most “successful” President since Reagan on every level, despite their attempts to “thwart him every step of the way.”

The Democrats have done “nothing” since Trump was elected but try to “derail” his agenda, the agenda for which 63 million Americans voted.  They have done nothing but “obstruct.” It is the Democrats in Congress who are “guilty of obstruction of justice.”  They’ve obstructed “Trump’s Agenda” in every way possible since 2016, all of which proves their “disdain” for the country.

But back to The (Lesbian) View; the women on that panel are as “uninformed as they are vicious.” There is nothing worse than the “pomposity” of the unlearned. They feel entitled to “verbally assault” any guest, no matter how “gracious” that guest may be, if they hold even “slightly” conservative views. “Ungraciousness” is one of the defining characteristics of the left. What does define them? “Anger and bitterness” are what define them. Oh, and “envy”; they envy the essential “happiness” of conservatives.

Democrats are generally “pessimistic and congenitally miserable.” They thrive on “despair” that things are never as bad as they hope they are, that they want them to be. How else to explain their thoroughly ridiculous “climate” hysteria?  They are mad as hell when some rational scientist “disproves” any one of their silly claims about humans “destroying” the planet.

Why aren’t they happy when they learn the “glaciers” are not melting? Because they embrace and hope for a coming catastrophe. If a climate “skeptic” were to appear on The (Lesbian) View, he or she would be “eviscerated.” They do not want good news, ever. Good news is the “enemy” of the Left. They need a population that lives in “fear.” Proof of this is in the speeches of every single Democrat candidate “running” to defeat Trump!

All they have to sell is “fear”, fear of a future they do not control. Put them in charge and “all” will be well. They will tell you what you may “eat, drive, say, watch, learn and think.” That is who and what the Left is today, “totalitarian” beyond what Orwell could have imagined.

This is exactly “why” Trump was elected. Trump is a “hopeful” optimist. All the Democrats are “dismal” pessimists who make “promises” they cannot possibly keep. They actually think that promising that US taxpayers are going to “pay for the health care of all illegal immigrants is a winning campaign pledge.”

The panel on The (Lesbian) View would of course agree; Americans bad, illegal migrants good, no matter how many Americans a small but deadly proportion of them rape and murder.  Anyone who disagrees with them is, you know, “racists, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic deplorables.” Again, this is why Trump was elected and why he will be re-elected.

Prepare for the ladies of The (Lesbian) View to melt down in the “agony” of the defeated. Like the rest of the Left, they do not want or hope for what is “good” for America. They want to participate in its “destruction” as founded. Just a glimpse of The (Lesbian) View is enough to “depress” any young person looking “forward to life” as an adult in America. No “sentient” person should ever waste time watching this “terrible” program.

Young or old, you will be better off, much better off, watching old episodes of Cheers.

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