You and Me, we’re a Team

Need a little “Climate Change” inspiration to get you through the day?

I have just the perfect “heartwarming” story for you.

Last year, Greta Thunberg started sitting outside of her country’s parliament in Stockholm with a sign reading: “School Strike for Climate.”

Today, that “humble” beginning has transformed into a “global movement” of millions of young people organized to “combat” climate change and “promote” clean energy.

During her recent visit to Washington, DC, Swedish “teen climate activist” Greta was “hailed” by Barack Obama as “one of our planet’s greatest advocates.”

When the two met prior to her speech before Congress, the former president assured her of his own “environmental” bona fides with this: “You and me, we’re a team.” 

“No one is too small to have an impact,” said Obama. “That’s the power of young people, unafraid to believe that change is possible and willing to challenge conventional wisdom, Greta and her generation are making their voices heard, even at a young age. That’s what’s possible when we let young people lead the way.”

And that’s an example of the idea behind the Obama Foundation: “If we foster the next generation of leaders with the tools, resources, and connections they’ll need down the road, then they’ll handle the rest.”

Greta’s a teenager, but at just 16 years old, she “embodies” why Michelle and I started the “Obama Foundation” in the first place.

To demonstrate her “passionate” commitment to reducing “fossil fuel” emissions, Greta traveled from Sweden to the U.S. by a “solar” powered yacht, rather than a “gas guzzling” private jet, the most “planet destructive” mode of transportation.

Her “carbon-free” trip to America was largely a “symbolic” gesture, but there’s no doubt she’s a “true” believer in the hotly disputed theory that “fossil fuels” are destroying the planet.

If Greta thinks Barry is on her team, she’s one of the most “gullible and uninformed” 16-year-olds in the world. Since she apparently knows little about Obama’s “carbon” consumptive living.

According to TIME, following are a few of the “lifestyle choices” Obama made in the first five months after leaving the White House in January 2017, each of which speaks “volumes” about how seriously he takes his own “feigned” call for “each and every one of us” to make drastic cutbacks in the use of “fossil fuels.”

  • He bought an 8,200 sq. ft., 9-bedroom, fully air-conditioned mansion in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the nation’s capitol.
  • The day he left office, he flew 2,200 miles in a near-empty U.S. government Boeing 747 all the way across the continent to Palm Springs, California for his first post-presidency vacation.
  • After relaxing at an 11,000 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned villa at the exclusive Thunderbird Heights Resort in nearby Rancho Mirage, he flew 3,300 miles, by private jet, all the way back across the continent to the Caribbean, where he vacationed with Richard Branson at his $48,000 per night, fully air-conditioned luxury villa on Branson’s private island.
  • After departing his vacation with Branson by private jet, he took another private jet to fly 6,000 miles for some much needed R & R at the late Marlon Brando’s fully air-conditioned French Polynesian hideaway in Tahiti.
  • Next, he took another private jet for a 2,700-mile trip to Hawaii, where he golfed for several days before taking yet another private jet for the 4,800-mile return trip to his 8,200 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned mansion.
  • In February, he twice traveled from DC to New York, both times by private jet, the first to take in a play on Broadway, the other to rub shoulders over dinner with U2’s Bono.
  • In early May, he private-jetted from DC to Milan, Italy, a round trip of 8,200 miles, where a caravan of 14 carbon-powered SUV’s took him to give a paid speech about — sit down for this — humans dumping too much CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • While in Milan, he stayed for two days at the 2,000 sq. ft., fully air-conditioned, $9,500 per night presidential suite at the ultra exclusive Park Hyatt Milan.
  • Next, he took a private jet, from Milan to Tuscany, where he stayed at Borgo Finocchieto, a fully air-conditioned manor house that once was home to 21 families before being turned into an ultra-luxurious vacation villa for the rich and famous.
  • Having left a feather-light carbon footprint in Italy, the former president returned, by private jet, to his 8,200 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned mansion in DC.

  • Joining the growing list of climate activists who want to enjoy a little beach side luxury before the carbon demons swallow all the coastlines the Obama’s purchase a huge low lying seaside estate which somewhat contradicts the urgent need to address the rising sea levels.

One of the world’s loudest “climate preachers,” the former president flew more than 27,000 miles during his first five months of retirement, a distance greater than the Earth’s circumference.

There’s no telling how many private jet flights he’s taken in the last two-plus years, but one thing’s for sure. His “opulent lifestyle” reveals a total lack of concern that “fossil fuel emissions” are destroying the environment.

How does this “sanctimonious” glitzy Muslim couple get away with such stunning “hypocrisy?”

He gets away with it because the “corrupt” mainstream media never call him out for consuming the “unconscionable amounts of carbon energy” needed to fuel his “insatiable appetite for lavish” living.

The planet, as well as the “teen climate activist,” they can be “damned and go to hell.”

Global warming, mental illness, and Greta Thunberg

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