Civilus Defendus

Mental “Impeachment” Health Break.

You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. Grab a “cold beer, relax and enjoy”

MUST SEE! Muslim vs. Muslim brawls on network TV with furniture, fists and footwear flying.

  1. The UN special rapporteur on racism wrote a scathing report on the Netherlands’ partial ban on face coverings, commonly known as the “burqa ban,” saying the law had “no place in a country that promotes equality between men and women.”
  1. A Jihadi couple suspected of joining ISIS and living in its “caliphate” were let free when they returned to UK because they answered “no comment” to the police’s questions about the four years they spent in Syria.
  1. At a mandatory review of human rights in Iran, 95 out of 111 countries present at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva praised the Islamic Republics’ record on human rights.
  1. An event in Michigan commemorating 9/11 at the Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church was cancelled after politicians, mainstream media, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Southern Poverty Law Center put pressure on the church complaining that the event would be “Islamophobic.”
  1. To mark “Hate Crime Awareness Week,” UK police urged the public to report “hateful” behavior “even if it isn’t a crime” and assured people “you don’t even need evidence.”
  1. German police decided to release Mohammed M. who was armed with a knife and climbed over the fence of a Berlin synagogue while saying to passersby “Fuck Israel” and “Allahu Akbar.” They have since lost track of him.
  1. A man who burned down a 117-year old synagogue in Minnesota was sentence to three months in jail and 192 hours of community service.
  1. The Pakistani army gave detailed instructions to terrorists on how to dress up in Pakistani military uniforms to avoid identification by a visiting delegation from the European Union.
  1. A judge in Australia let a man off the hook who was the administrator of a Facebook group that supported ISIS, even though he sent $2,700 to an American ISIS supporter. The judge accepted the man’s argument that he was “infatuated” with the American ISIS supporter. The judge ruled that the 31 days the man spent in jail when he was originally arrested was enough. The man has since denounced ISIS. The judge fined him $500 and made him promise to behave.

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