Mother Nature

As the Trump Administration begins the official withdrawal from the “Paris Climate Accord” our favorite “green” scold, Greta, has problems of her own.

Chile’s government has canceled the “United Nations’ Climate Change Summit” because of unrest in the country and moved the summit to Madrid, Spain.

Greta’s problem is those “green” trains that run across the oceans haven’t been built yet! What’s a 16 year old Soros backed “climate activist” to do?  Carbon spewing jets are out and so are the passenger ships.

Maybe someone can teach her how to “paddle a canoe?”

Or flying on the world’s “fastest sailboat?”

Thank you Greta for showing the world how “unfeasible and ridiculous” your climate change agenda is!

Mankind has always advanced human society with science making everyone’s lives better. The cult of self-loathing, human hating “Greenies” want us all going backwards, “living in straw huts, eating grass, and walking everywhere.”

I have to give Greta props for talking the talk and walking the walk, unlike “Climate Hoax” heroes Al Gore, Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney who all living very well in large “carbony waterfront estates and flying private jets.”

Do you remember the self-appointed “Reverend” Al Gore, head kook of the “Church of Global Warming” who preached the gospel about how global warming will “cause the sea-level to rise.” Then, after all that preaching, Reverend Al bought a “beach front mansion” in upscale Montecito, California in addition to his huge Nashville home.

Same for Barack and Michelle Obama who joined the growing list of “climate activists” who want to enjoy a little “beach side luxury” before the carbon demons “swallow all the coastlines.” I’m sure we all wish the Obama’s well in their new home, but I can’t help thinking this purchase of a “low lying seaside property” somewhat contradicts previous statements about the urgent need to address the “rising sea levels.”

Not to be left behind, Mitt Romney also has a similar case of “AGW hypocrisy.” Mitty believes in “anthropogenic global warming, and sea-level rising.” So, what does Uncle “Pierre Delecto” do? Well, he owns some beachfront property just north of San Diego in La Jolla, California. He now wants to “tear down” that measly 3,000 square foot mansion and replace it with an 11,062 square foot mansion, larger than Reverend Al’s 6,500 square foot villa.

Sounds like a case of keeping up with the Gore’s and Obama’s. Or, perhaps a game of who has the bigger beachfront mansion full of “global warming” bull shit.

You won’t see Al, Barry and Mitty chewing on a dry spongy “Impossible Burger” no way!

Her naked water
And undressed skies
Show no fear from prying eyes

Fertile plains
Desert sands
Magic where she’s touched her hands

Turning leaves
Blooming flowers
Colors changing by the hour

Anchored roots
Spreading gardens
With not so much as “beg your pardon”

Concrete cracking
Weeds encroaching
Stretching towards the sun approaching

Things decay
Use them for another day

Organic matter
Provides nutrition
Never asking for permission

Storm’s ‘a coming
Thunder crashes
Dazzling skies with lightning flashes

Raindrops falling
Wind is blowing
Teeming ponds are overflowing

Croaking frogs
Hollow logs
Swampy water fills her bogs

Falling snow
Hail and ice
Winter wonder paradise

Wild tornadoes
Lava flowing from volcanoes

Crashing waves
Salty seas
The richness of an ocean breeze

Clouds above
Grey skies linger
Clearing as she snaps a finger

Remember this
It’s an outdoor school
Where Mother Nature makes the rules

Warmists now saying that giving birth is the worst thing for global warming

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