Black Female Obesity

Reaching the pinnacle of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” a fat black professor of gender studies blames President Trump for “black female obesity.”

Britney Cooper, who sports a PhD from Emory University is currently an associate professor in the “Department of Women’s and Gender Studies” at Rutgers University. With that sort of background, perhaps it isn’t surprising to eternalize blame for “obesity and racism” on President Trump as the cause of black female obesity.

During a “Black Women OWN”  television conversation on Oprah Winfrey’s Network (OWN) Cooper hysterically cried:

“I hate when people talk about Black women being obese. I hate it because it becomes a way to blame us for a set of conditions that we didn’t create. We are living in the Trump era. And look, those policies kill our people. You can’t get access to good health care, good insurance.”

The moderator and the audience all enthusiastically accepted the rant that white people in general and President Trump in particular are what make a disproportionate number of black women obese.

Strange, I don’t remember seeing all these skinny black women walking around during the eight years under Obama?

I think I would have noticed a bunch of slender, well-toned women, no matter what color they were, suddenly plumping up to huge proportions in November 2016?

Would this “getting obese” be like “Just add water” or elect Donald Trump as President and BAM! “Instant Chubby Brittney Cooper!”

Hopefully, instead of Brittney Cooper reaching for her bags of “Doritos” to combat her “Post traumatic stress disorder” (PTSD), she could get some exercise while at the same time going Vegan.

It’s the best of both worlds. Who could ask for anything more than that?

While this is all funny, it is also tragic. Obesity” is unhealthy and unhappy to endure. But “blaming” others doesn’t ever lead to change in a “positive” direction.

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