Presidency Inheritance Tale

As the presidential election draws nearer and nearer and things keep changing rapidly, it gives “fodder” for many theories about what could happen.

Bloomberg is thinking about running again if Biden drops out. There is talk of Hillary running again as she keeps popping up with “Russian Asset” comments and feels she’s “entitled” to the position after losing twice.

Writer, columnist and free speech advocate Wayne DuPree thinks she’s “waiting in the wings” for 2020 and eventually spring into action to “seize” the Democratic nomination.

“Hillary Clinton believes that since her husband was elected president of the United States and she helped him get there — and by some efforts, helped him run the country with her advice — that she’s the obvious choice for the Oval Office as leader of the country,” Dupree theorizes.

Dupree went on to say that A 2020 Hillary Clinton run would be fantastic news for President Donald Trump. In 2016, many people “deliberately” voted against Hillary. Trump wasn’t Clinton, and that’s what they cared about.

A lot of people have their ideas about what could happen next year, now that former Vice President Joe Biden is vulnerable and “heritage” stealing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has allegedly become the favorite.

As the boring playing field getting closer to the primaries, Hillary Clinton, who’s been strategically getting louder from the sidelines, will enter the race to “save the party” and to “take what she rightfully won.”

Her announcement will be an “energetic” performance. All of the mainstream media news outlets will get “on board” as instructed. They’ll “manipulate” the polls to make her the “obvious front runner” as they did in 2016.

First Harris will “drop” — then Booker. Yang won’t get enough “screen time” from the news, so he won’t do well in the primaries, forcing him to drop out.

It’ll be a “grueling” competition between Clinton and Warren; Clinton will maintain a “slight lead” throughout the primary. Eventually, Hillary will offer Warren a “chance” to join forces.

Warren will accept and run as Hillary’s vice-presidential candidate. They will go for the “feminist super ticket” angle. And thus, we will end up with a repeat of 2016.

Remember this: “Hillary won 57 counties in the entire United States, while Trump won over 3,000. That is why there’s an electoral college. Otherwise, New York City and California would dictate our presidents no matter what the vote. The Founding Fathers were brilliant.”

Trump is doing his job the best he can for our country. His problem is that the Democratic leadership won’t let him. They have fought him “tooth and nail” on everything he has tried to do: “safeguard our country, stem illegal immigration, protect legal citizens, and so much more.”

All the Democrats have done is spend “taxpayers’ money” on fake investigation after investigation of Trump. If anyone needs to “do your job,” it’s these Democratic leaders who willfully neglect their “oaths” of office.

There is a reason why Hillary Clinton has been rejected twice by Americans. She is part of the “deep swamp” and not anointed to high office, in spite of the media that “protect her shenanigans.”

Hillary has become so “unhinged” calling former Green party candidate Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard “Russian Agents” when it was Hillary, who had all the contacts with Russia by selling uranium to Russia for 145 million dollars to her crooked foundation and paying for the fake Steele Dossier” on Trump through a company that had Russian ties.

Another more plausible “theory” circulating around the internet is that Warren will get the “nomination” and ask Hillary to “run” as her V.P. since the two have been seen a lot together.

If Warren wins, she will be the victim of an “unfortunate accident” and Hillary will become president.

Hillary is a woman of “low moral character”, who, like her husband Bill, is a “pathological liar and thug.” She is also in cahoots with the “deep state” such as the “Council On Foreign Relations” (CFR) and a “swamp dweller” who is only out for herself.

Who knows what will happen. Stranger things have happened in the past when it comes to the Clintons.

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