London Shithole

Signs are going up in London telling people “not to shit in the streets.”

A City of Westminster Clean Streets sign posted to Twitter reads, “This area is being monitored for street fouling. Anyone urinating or defecating may be subject to arrest.”

“Welcome to London. Do not shit in the street,” tweeted Old Holborn.

What kind of society has to “warn” you not to shit in the street? I wonder what happened in 2015 to turn London into a 3rd world “shithole” in 2019?

“Welcome to London, where unvetted illegal alien Muslim invaders are turning London into an open-air sewer?”

Public “defecation” used to be more of a problem in non-European countries, but it seems to have made its way here now.

The sight of “feces” in the streets is becoming a major problem in liberal utopias like San Francisco, and it seems it’s London’s turn for a taste of that “brand of progressivism.”

And now sit back, unplug, relax, have a cold beer and listen to Jonathon Pie. This bloke needs to come to America before the “Thought Police” of Britainistan arrest him for thought crimes and wrong thinking.

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