Dead Men Tell No Tales

The convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein has reportedly committed suicide according to authorities. This comes after he was arrested last month for allegedly raping underage girls and operating an underground “sex trafficking” ring.

Epstein was arrested on July 6 where he pleaded not guilty but was denied “bail” because he was considered a potential flight risk. According to the New York Times, Epstein hung himself in a suicide attempt where his body was found inside his jail cell.

About two weeks earlier, jail officials placed him on “suicide watch” after he was found with what was reported to be “self-inflicted” marks located on his neck.

After the news broke, questions immediately started to rise. People began wondering how jail officials “failed” to prevent Epstein from “harming” himself because he was placed on a continues suicide watch.

However, it has been reported that he was conveniently taken off suicide watch shortly before he allegedly took his life.

It sure seems like the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s definition of suicide watch was that they watched Epstein commit “suicide.”

AG Barr statement says he’s “appalled” by Epstein death in his custody. Already busy Inspector General will also investigate the apparent suicide, in addition to FBI. — Josh Gerstein (@joshgerstein) August 10, 2019

There have been unsubstantiated reports by New Right founder Michael Coudrey and others that there was an alleged surveillance camera “malfunction” during the time of Epstein’s reported suicide.

If these reports are confirmed, this is just more evidence pointing to a possible “hit murder instead of a suicide.”

The death of this 66-year-old wealthy, “pedophile” hedge fund investor came just one day after the courts unsealed hundreds of damaging allegations. The more than 2,000 pages of documents showed alleged claims of “sexual abuse” against Epstein’s notable and high up associates.

He has been linked to many high-powered connections including “Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrews, Bill Richardson, and George Mitchell.”

The unsealed documents shed light on allegations that could implicate “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.”

A “former president” was named anonymously in the documents. Some of the names include powerful Democrats, former Senate Majority George Mitchell and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a member of President Bill Clinton’s cabinet. Notable Prince Andrew’s name was also included.

The FBI announced the launching of an investigation against the billionaire convicted pedophile. Attorney General William Bar also stated that the Inspector General would also open an investigation into the circumstances of his suspicious death.

Within an hour of Epstein’s death being made publicly known, the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount was trending on Twitter:

Epstein #Arkancide #ClintonBodyCount — Ian56 (@Ian56789) August 10, 2019

The Clinton “Witness Removal Service” strikes again.

Since the announcement of Epstein’s arrest on July 6, there have been suspicions by many claiming that it was only a “matter of time” before Epstein was found dead. After the news of the documents being unsealed “implicated” high up politicians and other elites, the conspiracy theories only intensified.

Many accurately depicted that his death was imminent.

The decades-old conspiracy theory that links Hillary Clinton to a staggering number of “suspicious” deaths is only gaining more traction. The Clinton “body count” theory originated in 1987. It has only continued to become more popular due to the shocking amounts of deaths, especially “suicides”, of people who were close to the Clintons.

Just a few of the notable deaths which were in the Clintons close sphere of influence include:

Vince Foster – The former White House Counsel and college of Hillary Clinton, died from an apparent gunshot wound to the head which was ruled a “suicide” in 1993.

James McDougal – He was financial partners with Bill and Hillary Clinton and died of an apparent heart attack while he was in solitary confinement. This was after he was convicted of 18 felony counts of fraud and conspiracy charges.

Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern under Clinton, was murdered at a Starbucks in 1997. Her murder occurred very shortly after she was going public with her allegations of sexual harassment at the White House.

Ron Brown – The Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman, who was being investigated and was planning on cutting a deal with prosecutors, reportedly died in a plane crash on impact. An investigated report said there was what appeared to be a gunshot wound in the top of Brown’s skull.

Ed Willey – A Clinton fundraiser was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head which was ruled a suicide. That same day, his wife claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the White House.

Jerry Parks – Head of a security team of the Clinton’s was gunned down in his car. This happened after his son said his father was creating a dossier on the former president. After his murder, files disappeared from his house.

The list goes on and on.

The amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to the Clintons having possible involvement in the murders and cover-ups of many individuals who had connections to them is astonishing.

We saw how justice “failed” to prevail when Hillary Clinton deleted 33 thousand emails and “destroyed” subpoenaed evidence without consequence.

The Democrats like to continuously tout that “no one is above the law.” Then why is Hillary given the ability to be above the law time and time again?

The Clinton’s ties to Epstein go way back.

Clinton and Epstein first met when the former president was still in the White House. Bill Clinton seemed to enjoy spending time with him and racked up at least 26 trips aboard Epstein’s jet “ Lolita Express” where his Secret Service Details were not present for at least five of those flights.

Epstein owned a 72-acre island that has been dubbed, “Orgy Island,” where Clinton allegedly was a frequent visitor. It got this name due to the allegations that underage girls were trafficked there and provided services to Epstein’s friends.

Pointing out that there is an alarming amount of circumstantial evidence that the Clintons may have involvement in Epstein’s death should not be denounced to mere conspiracy theories.

His strong connections to top players on both sides of the political aisle should be taken into consideration. Will justice ultimately prevail, or will Jeffrey Epstein’s death be another notch in the mysterious Clinton connection death belt?

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