Taming the Dragon

For far too long China has taken “advantage” of the West when it comes to “trade.”

Former politicians have consistently “caved” in to China, especially the Obama’s, the Clinton’s and the Biden’s who likely gave the Chinese whatever they “wanted in exchange for campaign donations.”

H.W. Bush said by opening up “trade” with China, our relations with them would become “friendlier.” He was China’s useful “idiot.” Instead of becoming our friend, “bad” trade deals only made China a “wealthier” enemy. They still consider us an “archenemy” while Bush did nothing after the “Tiananmen Square” massacre.

We know what China has done to “Tibet, the Uyghur and they still want to invade Taiwan.” They are building “islands” in the South seas to help with their future “military” conquests. Regardless, we finally have a president willing to “stand up” to them, and they must view that with “alarm.” If they refuse to “compromise,” it could bring down their “over-extended” economy.

China has long been using “unfair, xenophobic” trade policies to “shaft” other countries. Western nations, especially the USA, have “relocated” way too many industries to China.

China not only “utilizes” vast, cheap labor, but they also have no “moral” compunction when it comes to “spying” on foreign corporations or even “stealing” foreign products, processes and technologies. That includes stealing “military” secrets, that is, when the Clintons weren’t “handing” it over to them outright. They’ve “manipulated” their currency to give them a “constant” advantage.

China has been around for over 5,000 years and they’ve learned to take a “long-range” view of things. They are very “patient” with their newest “Belt and Road Initiative”, which of course is “world” domination. I once heard a “translation” of President Xi’s comments when he “visited” America early in Trump’s presidency. Xi flatly stated that he was a “communistic atheist.”

That means he “worships” himself. He recently proved that by ordering his subjects to “love and worship” him. He’s becoming the “new” Mao and like that dictator, Xi’s delusional religion is his own “relentless” expansion of power. He probably grew “accustomed” to world leaders “applauding” China’s habit of “ripping” them off.

President Trump wants to end the “rip offs.” Such a push back against China has been “long” overdue.

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