What’s the point?

Watch stuttering, alcohol “confused” brainless Nancy Pelosi mumbling about President Trump “enforcing” U.S. Immigration laws saying “What’s the point?”

“When I saw that the president was going to have these raids, I mean it was so appalling. It’s outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families, and the rest of that, in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border. We have legislation to go forward to address those needs, but in terms of interior enforcement, what’s the – what’s the point?”

Speaking at an event in Elmhurst, New York, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “attacked” President Donald Trump over the planned “raids” by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers that were scheduled to happen.

Due to some Democrats “leaking” sensitive information to the public about the “locations” of the raids, President Trump was forced” to delay the engagement in order to protect the “ICE” agents from harm.

Amazingly, the Democrats were more worried about “illegal” immigrants who already had their day in court and were ordered to leave the country by a Federal Judge, rather than the “safety” of those ICE agents enforcing the laws that Congress passed.

That by the way, is the same Congress that Nancy Pelosi “works” at and has done nothing about “immigration” reform for the past three decades.

Nancy Pelosi has gone “off the deep end questioned the legitimacy of enforcing laws that she disagrees with.”

“Anarchy” beckons when the top lawmaker in the House of Representatives, “third in line” for the presidency, takes the position that there is “no point in enforcing legal verdicts that are the product of due process.”

If we are going to make obeying the law “optional”, then I see no point in paying my federal “income” taxes. But of course, I am not a member of a preferred “illegal” minority so I am out of luck when it comes to “support” from Pelosi or any Democrats.

President Trump has not yet “tweeted” about this outrageous “seditious” from the highest ranking Democrat. I hope he does so, challenging Chuck Schumer and the Dems’ presidential field as to “whether or not they agree that laws are optional.”

After all, Nancy Pelosi sees no point to enforcing immigration laws. These laws were made by Congress, mind you, wherein she holds the title of “Speaker of the House.” To be fair, she refers to “interior” enforcement of the immigration laws.

She knows full well that the immigration law regarding “asylum” allows people to walk up to the border and request to be allowed in. Without interior “enforcement” there is effectively no immigration law.

It’s the definition of “open borders” and it doesn’t take a six year old “child” to understand that.

Here is my question. Why don’t we just ignore all “laws of enforcement” which by the way already is “spreading” across America.

Shoplifting enforcement is no longer treated as a felony as long as the shoplifter steals less than $1,000 of merchandise.

Rapists generally aren’t being prosecuted, at least not successfully.

“Fraud” like that perpetrated by Jussie Smollett is swept under the rug.

“Lying” about your marital status, filing “false” tax statements, and being married to your brother is another kind of fraud.

Murder? Ask the many families who lost a love one due to “illegal” immigrants.

The Fourteenth Amendment states, in part, “… nor shall any State … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This is definitely a “person,” not “citizen” reference.  You do not receive any protection derived from laws that are not enforced, and the protection isn’t equal if it’s enforced with respect to some people and not others. The easiest way to achieve the referenced equal protection is not to enforce any laws whatsoever, lest you enforce one of them more heavily against some people than others.

Think of the many possibilities. Student debt ceases to be a problem because all the people who have high student debt can “rob” banks and pay their loans off. If the banks are close, students can shoplift and “pawn” the stuff to pay as they go. We can all see doctors at hospitals or in their offices, wait our turn, and then not “pay.” Murder is obviously on the table as long as you “claim” that you found the gun and it spontaneously “fired”, or that you mistook the victim for a “clump of cells.”

You can commit “any crime you want” as long as you have kids, because it isn’t “humane or civilized” to separate anyone from his family according to Nancy Pelosi, the “third in line for the Presidency.” 

Pretty much the only crime that will be enforced is the “thought crime” of thinking liberals and their loftier fellow travelers are certifiably “insane.”

The mere allegation from “deranged and senile” Nancy Pelosi should be sufficient, which will “enormously” streamline the “judicial” process.

O Brave New World, that has such creatures as Pelosi in it.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi Blasts Enforcement of Judges’ Orders, Media Yawn

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