Repugnant Hillary Clinton

Back in 2014, at a televised town hall event with Liberal leftist Christiane Amanpour Hillary Clinton made some statements on the surge of “unaccompanied” minors crossing the border “illegally.” She tried to dodge the question, but Christiane Amanpour was surprisingly insistent which elicited this response from the “two-faced pompous, self-absorb hypocrite who retains not an ounce of self-awareness.”

Liberals are outraged when Trump announced plans to remove millions of illegal immigrants from the country. However, deportation rates were actually higher under Obama’s watch than they have been under Trump. The Obama administration deported a record 409,849 “illegal” immigrants in the fiscal year 2012, far higher than any year under Trump thus far.

That was “then”, under the leadership of former president Barrack Hussein Obama, the White House Caliph, and despicable, reprehensible, twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Now in 2019, these two heinous “scumbags” seem to believe they can simply re-write history, and wipe out everything “atrocious” they’ve done to migrant children, in order to “proclaim” that Donald Trump is the most “hated and depraved” person on Earth.

Obama/Clinton June 2014: From the ACLU Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Report Serious Abuse By U.S. Officials During Detention

“Children detained by CBP across the country have reported scores of examples of verbal, sexual and physical abuse; prolonged detention in squalid conditions; and a severe lack of essential necessities such as beds, food and water.”

Hillary Clinton June 2019:

“I’ve been heartbroken and horrified to read the news of children at the border being detained in appalling conditions. No soap, no toothbrushes, no beds. Not enough food, babies being forced to take care of babies, everyone sick.” — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 23, 2019

Obama/Clinton June 2014: The Hill Obama ‘tearing families apart,’ immigration activists decry

“One of the protesters, Oneeka Johnson, broke into tears as she told the story of her father, Dave, who was arrested in New Jersey by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and sent back to Jamaica, despite the facts that his four children are U.S. citizens and he had lived in the nation without a criminal record for 17 years. ‘Because Obama waited, my dad is in Jamaica fighting for his life.’ It’s not right. Now, he’s separated from his kids.”

Hillary Clinton June 2019:

“It’s hard to process that our country is committing such abuses—and against children—in our name. But let’s not stop at outrage or heartbreak.” — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 23, 2019

Obama/Clinton January 2015: From the British tabloid “The Guardian” ‘It was cold, very cold’: migrant children endure border patrol ‘ice boxes’

“Imagine being taken into a room. It is cold – very, very cold – and you shiver under the single layer of clothes that is all you are allowed to wear. The room is concrete and entirely bare, nothing on the walls, no furniture, no bedding of any sort other than the thin sheet you have been given. The only window allows guards to look in at you, but gives you no view of the world outside.”

Hillary Clinton June 2019:

“We can help these children get the help they deserve. And we can send a message to the administration that we won’t stand for this. We just won’t.” #CloseTheCamps — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) June 23, 2019

I am absolutely nauseated by the Democrats and their “fake news” media cohorts shrilling about the “evil” Donald Trump while these sanctimonious “shitheads” stood by saying nothing while Obama/Clinton “abused illegal immigrant children for years.”

While I expect the “hypocrisy” from the delusional Democrats, what the Press is doing today is far more “offensive.” The Mainstream News Media looked the other way while Obama/Clinton “behaved” far worse. Back then they had at least some RINO’s wanting to secure the U.S. Southern Border and points of entry and supported/funded “Immigration and Customs Agents” (ICE), and our “Customs and Border Patrol” (CBP).

In 2019, President Trump is “forced” to follow in Obama’s footsteps because he has both hands tied behind his back due to the House Democrats “refusing” to even address anything that has to do with “illegal” Immigration, other than calling President Trump “Hitler” and ICE his “Gestapo” henchmen.

Democrats are using these migrant children’s lives as political “pawns” as a talking point for the 2020 election. How many will have to “suffer and die” for the Democrats to say “OK, winning in 2020 isn’t worth this many children dying?”

Please tell us Democrats, how many “votes” is each child’s life worth? Is it one child for each vote? Will exchanging 10 “innocent” lives for each vote sound OK? 100? 1,000?

What is the number where even Democrats say “The price we are paying is too high?” My guess is they have “no number and they don’t care.”

For the Democrats, no amount of “suffering or death” is too high a price because “the end always justifies the means” and if 1,000 kids must “die”, then so be it!

Even more “disturbing” is the fact that while Democrats “refuse” to fund these “internment camps” so that President Trump can “upgrade” them, they now abhorrently “attack” the brave men and women of “ICE and CBP” who are only doing the job that Congress has tasked them with.

Obama/Clinton and the Democrats had full “control” of the Presidency, the House and The Senate for almost two-years, and did nothing to “reform” the U.S. immigration laws. All they were able to pass was “ObamaCare”  while something far easier to pass like “Immigration” reform they simply couldn’t muster. What’s worse is they “didn’t even try!”

Same with “gun” control, the Democrats did nothing to reform those laws because they didn’t want to lose their precious “election year” talking points.

To further “sabotage” President Trump’s efforts to “comply” with immigration laws, dumb ass “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez used her Twitter account to give “illegal” immigrants advice about “evading” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “round-ups.”

“Warning: The Trump admin is expected to begin ICE raids across the country TOMORROW, targeting people for round up. NOW is the time for us to come together:– Check in w/ your neighbors– Share ‘Know Your Rights’ info– If you see ICE, report to @UNITEDWEDREAM 1-844-363-1423— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) June 22, 2019

 A follow-up tweet linked to a post from “United We Dream” that included an info graphic full of “advice” for illegal’s, including “do not open doors.”

“WE HAVE TO PROTECT IMMIGRANTS!! SHARE widely, our community needs to know what are our rights. #HereToStay Translated in 11 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Marathi, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. — United We Dream (@UNITEDWEDREAM) June 21, 2019

Actually, the United We Dream “graphic” is wrong, because these illegal invaders can say anything they want and it won’t be held against them since they already had their moment in the courtroom. ICE will take them to a plane and drop them off where they came from.

It seems so perfect that the brainless “Socialist” wrote: “Know Your Rights” because these illegal immigrants had their “rights” protected, not by President Trump, not by ICE, not by CBP, but a Federal Judge who ruled these “illegal” invaders should be deported.

As usual, AOC’s one brain cell is a “dollar short and a day late” since President Trump, at the “begging” of Nancy Pelosi, agreed to delay the actions in an effort for Democrats to find a “solution” in Congress. President Trump’s delay is “contingent” upon that Congress actually starts “doing what they were elected to do.”

I’m pretty sure helping “criminals” evade federal authorities isn’t why New York City’s 14th District send former Barmaid “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez to Washington D.C. for.

Hopefully, in 2020 voters will explain that to AOC when they “vote her out of office” and it looks like they are well aware of this fact since the “latest poll showed only 13% of her district” said they will vote for her on November 3rd.

When will the U.S. Press start refusing to take the DNC bribes?
When will the U.S. Press start stop reporting fake news?
When will the U.S. Press finally acknowledge their blatant dishonesty?
When will the U.S. Press start calling out vile, foul, nasty, loathsome losers like Hillary Clinton for her deceitful lies?

Democrats and the Fake News Media are, as President Donald Trump stated, “The Enemy Of The People.”

Multiple fingers pointing at alleged leaker of plans for ICE raids today
Trump’s ICE raid deportation gambit a trap that Dems have fallen into
Trump is a master at setting up traps for Democrats
Or is it Trump who’s fallen into the trap?

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