Obama’s Economic Facts

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis released a summary report showing “key” performance measurements of America’s “economy” during the eight years of Barack Obama “malfeasance.”

His eight years did more to “destroy” America than any of the past presidents, be they Democrat or Republican. Take a look and let these few “charts” sink in:

Student loans exploded and are a literal time bomb ticking away at the millennial generation.
Food stamps soared as poverty dramatically increased.
Federal debt went through the roof as we added more debt than all other previous periods combined.
We printed lots of money to paper over the monetary effects.
Health costs went way up when we were told they would drop. ObamaCare was a huge flop.
Labor force participation went down as unemployment increased and many just dropped out of the workplace altogether.
Inequality went up and up, as the rich got richer and the middle class shrank.
Median income dropped.
Home ownership also fell way down.

Overall, Americans were “far worse off” than before and were told there was “NO” hope. The country was losing to China on “trade” and our children and grandchildren would “not live as well” as their parents and grandparents had.

And jobs would “never” return.

Now look at what has happened in the short years since Donald J. Trump was “surprisingly” elected President. You can call it a “total” turnaround.

Even the Clinton’s knew: “It is the economy stupid” that gets you reelected. We cannot go back to Democrat or “socialist” economics. Economic growth at 3% solves lots of problems and serves up a true “wealth” effect. Everyone benefits, especially “minorities, women and youth.”

When your “liberal” friends and relatives go on a silly “rip” about how great Obama’s economy was, whip this out—and be sure to point out that these “numbers” aren’t from a Republican source, but rather are “analyses” from the politically “independent” Federal Reserve, performing one of their assigned “federal” functions.

Gaze upon these graphs for a while and “contemplate” whether or not the Obama administration was embarked upon a Cloward-Piven strategy to bring this nation to such a “precarious and perilous” financial state as to justify a massive “federal seizure” of local programs and local governance, centralizing all power in Washington, DC, the Democrat dream.

We dodged a bullet by keeping “corrupt” Hillary Clinton from continuing this destructive “social, financial and amoral race to the abyss.”

Many “reluctantly” voted for Trump in 2016 as the “lesser of two evils.” Many will “vote” for him in 2020 as the “savior” of this great nation that Obama couldn’t “kill.”

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