U.S. Concentration Camps

Starved prisoners, nearly dead from hunger, pose in concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria. The camp was reputedly used for “scientific” experiments. It was liberated by the 80th Division. May 7, 1945. Lt. A. E. Samuelson. (Army)

Alexandria “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez live-streamed another “mind-numbing” episode of her “hit” Internet show, “Instagraming with an Idiot” to tell her followers that the U.S. government is “running concentration camps on our southern border.”

“That is exactly what they are. They are concentration camps. The fact that concentrations camps are now an institutionalized practice in the Home of the Free is extraordinarily disturbing and we need to do something about it. I don’t use those words lightly. I don’t use those words to just throw bombs. I use that word because that is what an administration that creates concentration camps is. A presidency that creates concentration camps is fascist and it’s very difficult to say that.”

Sandy further told her followers she wants to talk to people “who are concerned enough with humanity to say that ‘never again’ means something. We are losing to an authoritarian and fascist presidency.”

Way to go Sandy! Demonstrating your hyperbole trifecta “fatuousness, stupidity and ignorance” simultaneously. Very few freshman Congressional Representatives could do that as effortlessly.

Having escaped the ovens of “Buchenwald” myself, I feel compelled to point out that in the Nazi concentration camps “Jewish mothers arriving with children were often immediately killed.”

In other instances the camps were used as “holding tanks for prisoners to perform hard labor until they were no longer useful and thereafter exterminated.”

Can you ignorant “moron” see the difference, Sandy?

If not, let me “remind” you that the Jews were “rounded up, detained and sent to the death camps.

The “refugees” you are referring to are arriving at our border expecting to “be taken in, taken care of and left free to roam about the country” of their own free will, aided and abetted by the “OWO Communists” looking to implement the “Cloward-Piven” strategy in America.

Social Media went “crazy” after hearing Sandy’s “reprehensible” idiocy:

“My grandparents were gassed to death in concentration camps by the Nazis, millions of Jews, men, women & children were gassed to death then burned to ashes in those camps. @AOC comparing ICE detention centers to that is absolutely disgusting!” pic.twitter.com/yJXYJ718wM — The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) June 18, 2019

“Can someone PLEASE get @AOC a history book, so she can learn what the concentration camps were like? Comparing our border’s centers to camps where millions were GASSED TO DEATH is reckless and utterly false.” pic.twitter.com/g3I9BkLdWq — Jessica Fletcher (@heckyessica) June 18, 2019

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The U.S. is ‘running concentration camps on our southern borderhttps://t.co/6pDw2tGrvZ #FoxNews AOC IS DISGUSTING LIAR WHO THINKS SHE IS A STAR….2020 TICK TOCK. SEND HER TO VENEZUELA.” — KAS_B747 (@KAS_B747) June 18, 2019

@AOC oh my gosh you really need to read and study your history! How dare you compare the border to ‘concentration camps’ you disgust me!” — Kay Loflin (@KayLoflin) June 18, 2019

“AOC the Democrat Socialist Revolutionary that doesn’t own a gun and whose only job experience is bartending told her Instagram followers that the U.S. government is running concentration camps on our southern border.” “I don’t use those… https://t.co/O697bGE2U3 — John Hawley (@Musclepapa) June 18, 2019

“Wow @AOC, taking stupidity to a whole new level, and I don’t say that lightly. There are NO concentration camps in the US, show me one oven, one mass grave, one forced labor or starvation victim.” #nypoorvotingchoices — Ric Dagenais (@rdags68) June 18, 2019

“Someone needs to run against AOC and get that crazy BITCH back to bar tending. Now she’s comparing the camps of ILLEGAL immigrants at the BORDER to concentration camps in Germany. See, she is one crazy BITCH.” SOUTHERN MAN (@BLUELOUTITAN) June 18, 2019

“FFS, a detention center at the border detains ALL peoples regardless of race, sex, gender, religion, etc. Concentration camps are created for SPECIFIC peoples that a gov’t wishes to control. Read a book sometime.” #FarewellToManzanar #Auschwitz — Echo5Hotel (@Echo5Hotel14) June 18, 2019

@AOC Are you crazy? You really are comparing the southern border crisis to Nazi concentration camps. If that’s true then where the gas chambers where are the collections of gold jewelry and gold teeth and pieces of skin to make shoes? Again talking out your ass with no evidence.” — Russ Miller (@rustypezz21) June 18, 2019

@AOC hmmm … concentration camps? Like these? Never Again!” pic.twitter.com/0HG4Q9oe3p — Mazel the Leprechaun (@professorummm) June 18, 2019

It feels like AOC and her Democratic liberal “moronic” friends have been put on this earth to prove Godwin’s Law that all Internet arguments eventually end with allegations of “Hitler and the Holocaust.”

She is a pretty sick and uneducated feminist who should have her head examined. The only thing AOC has done during the first 6-months she’s been in Washington is authoring a bill calling for the elimination of  “farting cows.”

And costing her Queens and Bronx NYC 14th district 25,000 guaranteed Amazon jobs with medical benefits.

And “embezzled” almost $1 million from her campaign and place it in a “Secret PAC” that she and her ex-campaign manager and now “Chief of Staff” Saikat Chakrabarti controls.

And worst of all, “embarrass” her constituents in the Bronx and Queens. In fact, she cares so little about “Her Peeps” in the Bronx, she hasn’t even opened a congressional office there.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thinks You’re Stupid 

How Many Need to Die Before Pelosi/AOC Stops Concentration Camp Rhetoric? 

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