Transgender Athletes

A slew of liberal reports on the dispute over “transgender” athletes competing in women’s sports have one thing in common — “they don’t include the voices of the female athletes they want to compete with.”

Story after story “celebrates” the record-smashing successes of transgender athletes in a “range” of women’s sporting events, including “wrestling, track and field and power lifting.”

Sometimes the reports include “criticism” from parents or high-profile athletes who have weighed in on the “dispute” but they don’t include anything from the female athletes these biological men are “dominating,” or even indicate the reporters have made an effort to talk to them.

An ABC News report on two biological boys who “destroyed” the female competition in a Connecticut track and field championship is perhaps the best example of this trend.

The network sent a reporter in person to talk to the students, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, after they finished first and second in the competition, and put together a five minute video “sympathetic” to their views.

A brief interview with one parent who thought it was “unfair” for them to compete with girls is also included in the video, but the girls themselves appear only in footage of them “losing” to Yearwood and Miller.

Instead, the segment ends with the reporter inviting Yearwood and Miller to consider the situation from the perspective of a “hypothetical” version of girls they are competing against:

“Just imagine that you were both born girls, and then all of a sudden you had two boys who identify as being girls, and they said ‘Hey, we’re going to be on your team.’ And maybe now you’re not performing as well, because they are better.”

Yearwood and Miller said it wouldn’t “bother” them, and said the girls should be “happy” for them and more motivated. “It would just push me to run faster,” Miller responded.

“I’d be happy for them,” Yearwood said. “Because they get to do what they want. They’re happy, so then that should in turn make me happy.” Miller added “And they’re brave.  They’re just different from everybody.”

The actual girls who are “impacted” exist here only as hypothetical versions of Yearwood and Miller. ABC gives no indication they tried to talk to any of them, although one of them later spoke up on her own.

Selina Soule told her “point of view” in a video she posted to YouTube that resulted in national press coverage — but only from conservative outlets.

For Soule, at least, the prospect of competing with “biological” boys is demoralizing. “It’s very frustrating and heartbreaking when us girls are at the start of the race and we already know that these athletes are going to come out and win no matter how hard you try,” she told The Daily Signal. “They took away the spots of deserving girls, athletes … me being included.”

The same kind of reporting occurs in coverage of power lifters JayCee Cooper and Mary Gregory. Both were “stripped” of competition wins after officials learned they are “biologically” male. A Washington Post report on Gregory’s experience includes some “criticism” from professional athletes, but does not include anything from the women Gregory beat in competition.

Similarly, a 7-minute Vice video on Cooper’s dispute with the “USA Power Lifting Federation” gives no indication the reporter attempted to talk to the women Cooper “beat,” who might think it’s unfair.

The one female athlete they did talk to is “identified” as the director of an LGBT advocacy group called “Pull for Pride” and don’t mention that Cooper is a “co-director” with her.

Feminist activists say they are modifying the famous pink “pussy hats” to not offend “transgender or other sexually confused/mentally ill” individuals.

Phoebe Hopps, founder and president of “Women’s March Michigan”, said the movement is changing the symbolic “pink” knitted hats because they are “discriminatory” to women who do not have typically “female” genitalia.

“Many of our women today have penises and the addition of knitted meat sticks on the hats provides the inclusivity they deserve.”

Earlier complaints that the “pussy hats” were also ostracizing to “women of color” were laid to rest after a “sampling” of those women’s “genitals” determined that they were, in fact, also “pink.”

Reports on “transgender” wrestler Mack Beggs, in both local and national media, are also notably free of the “voices” of the women Beggs is dominating in competition.

Competing with boys is not an option, because Beggs is a “biological” female, but Beggs is allowed to use “testosterone an otherwise banned substance” because it’s technically from a doctor for the purposes of “transition.”

Beggs’ mother told The Denver Post it’s not giving him a “competitive” advantage. Again, the story doesn’t say what the women Beggs is competing against “think” about that.

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