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2019 Election Voter Guide

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Picture credit belongs to Evil Smiley.

Confused about who to “vote” for in the November 2019 elections?

To help you make “informed” decisions, here is your personalized official online “Voter Guide” designed to navigate the “wannabee” candidates running for office.

With a new “election season upon us, all of the “challengers” to President Trump are “rushing” to publish their own books “modeled” upon President Trump’s own bestseller, “The Art of the Deal”.

Carlos Danger’s book release comes with his own musical video “You better take it to the Bridge.” James’ lyrics helped him overcome his “anxiety” before he texted “Selfies”of his member to his female friends.

Thus far most of the major “candidates” have come up with their own take on the popular “genre.”

We have yet to see who will come out “squealing” on top!

Since we’re talking books here, I added “Winners Aren’t Losers”, ghostwritten by Jimmy Kimmel on behalf of President Donald Trump.

What’s the point?

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Watch stuttering, alcohol “confused” brainless Nancy Pelosi mumbling about President Trump “enforcing” U.S. Immigration laws saying “What’s the point?”

“When I saw that the president was going to have these raids, I mean it was so appalling. It’s outside the circle of civilized human behavior to just be kicking down doors, splitting up families, and the rest of that, in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border. We have legislation to go forward to address those needs, but in terms of interior enforcement, what’s the – what’s the point?”

Speaking at an event in Elmhurst, New York, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “attacked” President Donald Trump over the planned “raids” by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers that were scheduled to happen.

Due to some Democrats “leaking” sensitive information to the public about the “locations” of the raids, President Trump was forced” to delay the engagement in order to protect the “ICE” agents from harm.

Amazingly, the Democrats were more worried about “illegal” immigrants who already had their day in court and were ordered to leave the country by a Federal Judge, rather than the “safety” of those ICE agents enforcing the laws that Congress passed.

That by the way, is the same Congress that Nancy Pelosi “works” at and has done nothing about “immigration” reform for the past three decades.

Nancy Pelosi has gone “off the deep end questioned the legitimacy of enforcing laws that she disagrees with.”

“Anarchy” beckons when the top lawmaker in the House of Representatives, “third in line” for the presidency, takes the position that there is “no point in enforcing legal verdicts that are the product of due process.”

If we are going to make obeying the law “optional”, then I see no point in paying my federal “income” taxes. But of course, I am not a member of a preferred “illegal” minority so I am out of luck when it comes to “support” from Pelosi or any Democrats.

President Trump has not yet “tweeted” about this outrageous “seditious” from the highest ranking Democrat. I hope he does so, challenging Chuck Schumer and the Dems’ presidential field as to “whether or not they agree that laws are optional.”

After all, Nancy Pelosi sees no point to enforcing immigration laws. These laws were made by Congress, mind you, wherein she holds the title of “Speaker of the House.” To be fair, she refers to “interior” enforcement of the immigration laws.

She knows full well that the immigration law regarding “asylum” allows people to walk up to the border and request to be allowed in. Without interior “enforcement” there is effectively no immigration law.

It’s the definition of “open borders” and it doesn’t take a six year old “child” to understand that.

Here is my question. Why don’t we just ignore all “laws of enforcement” which by the way already is “spreading” across America.

Shoplifting enforcement is no longer treated as a felony as long as the shoplifter steals less than $1,000 of merchandise.

Rapists generally aren’t being prosecuted, at least not successfully.

“Fraud” like that perpetrated by Jussie Smollett is swept under the rug.

“Lying” about your marital status, filing “false” tax statements, and being married to your brother is another kind of fraud.

Murder? Ask the many families who lost a love one due to “illegal” immigrants.

The Fourteenth Amendment states, in part, “… nor shall any State … deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This is definitely a “person,” not “citizen” reference.  You do not receive any protection derived from laws that are not enforced, and the protection isn’t equal if it’s enforced with respect to some people and not others. The easiest way to achieve the referenced equal protection is not to enforce any laws whatsoever, lest you enforce one of them more heavily against some people than others.

Think of the many possibilities. Student debt ceases to be a problem because all the people who have high student debt can “rob” banks and pay their loans off. If the banks are close, students can shoplift and “pawn” the stuff to pay as they go. We can all see doctors at hospitals or in their offices, wait our turn, and then not “pay.” Murder is obviously on the table as long as you “claim” that you found the gun and it spontaneously “fired”, or that you mistook the victim for a “clump of cells.”

You can commit “any crime you want” as long as you have kids, because it isn’t “humane or civilized” to separate anyone from his family according to Nancy Pelosi, the “third in line for the Presidency.” 

Pretty much the only crime that will be enforced is the “thought crime” of thinking liberals and their loftier fellow travelers are certifiably “insane.”

The mere allegation from “deranged and senile” Nancy Pelosi should be sufficient, which will “enormously” streamline the “judicial” process.

O Brave New World, that has such creatures as Pelosi in it.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi Blasts Enforcement of Judges’ Orders, Media Yawn

Borderless (2019)

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After six months on the ground, independent filmmaker Lauren Southern is thrilled to present #Borderless, the biggest and most comprehensive documentary ever made on “mass immigration” at the European borders.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible and am so proud to release the movie totally free!

It has been a long, painstaking journey and I truly believe now, we have created something incredible that will help shine a light on such an important issue.

I want to make sure as many people are able to see this as possible, so again, we have made Borderless completely free to watch. Please share this important documentary with your friends, your family and coworkers – you might be surprised!

If you enjoyed the movie and would like to tip the creators we would appreciate that as there was no profit made. We understand not everyone can afford to give so any support is appreciated even if you just give us a kind review or share the movie. Website:

 YouTube Censors Lauren Southern Documentary “Borderless” documentary.

“Homelands” by Katie Hopkins is another “must see” film on the Muslim takeover of England…And France…And Sweden…And Belgium…And Germany…And more…unless drastic action is taken to end all Muslim “immigration” to Europe.

But it might already be “too late” as the Muslims who are already in Europe are “out breeding” Europeans by three to one.

Radical Democrat Bingo

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Radical Democrat Bingo
By: Harlan Hill, President of the Logan Circle Group 

There’s no doubt that we’ll hear some truly “radical” things during the first Democratic presidential primary debates this week. Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed the Democrats wholeheartedly embrace a “plethora of far-left extremist ideas.” The only question will be which ones the candidates choose to profile during their limited allotments of time.

Fueled by their rabid “hatred” of President Trump, the Democrats’ descent into “radicalism” has coincided with the country’s ascent to prosperity. Democrat candidates have made their “disdain” for the president a cornerstone of their messaging, but when they’re not “attacking” the president, they’re advocating a dystopian “progressive” vision that strikes at the very foundations of American greatness.

Will they promote “identity” politics in an effort to turn Americans of different backgrounds against one another? Will they talk about giving “government” even more control over our daily lives and weekly paychecks? Will they extol the virtues of opening our borders to “MS-13 criminals?”

There’s no need to let their “radical rhetoric” stress you out, though. President Trump’s impressive record of achievements and the good sense of the American people will help to keep these “extremist” Democrats out of the White House for another four years. That means there’s no harm in making a game out of the Democratic primary debates, and “radical Democrat bingo” is a great option. Everyone knows the rules, and enterprising players can make any number of variations to enhance the fun.

Since it’s a given that the Democrats will vent their “Trump-hatred” during the debates, that will be the “free” space. The rest will depend on how many “unhinged” ideas the Democrat candidates can “rattle-off” before time expires.

The hysteria of this “radical gang of wannabe” presidents would make you cry if not for the alternative, an unmatched record of “peace and prosperity” led by President Trump.

Therefore, have “fun” during these debates. It won’t take long to be the first to yell “Radical Democrat BINGO!”

Tired of Ilhan Omar’s Scandals

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If you’re wondering how “radical” Muslima Ilhan Omar has been “elected” to Congress, take a look at her constituents who prefer “Sharia Law over US Law.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune editorial board is growing tired of the constant “controversies” surrounding freshman lawmaker Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., MN.)

“Every month seems to bring a fresh problem” with Omar, the board wrote, after she agreed to repay $3,500 and $500 fines following an investigation into “misuse” of campaign funds.

The Campaign Finance Board found Omar had filed a “joint tax return” with a man when she was legally “married to another man” at the time.

“Omar’s political rise has been marred by a series of unforced errors, including intemperate remarks and tweets earlier this year that were widely perceived as anti-Semitic,” the board wrote. “Every month seems to bring a fresh problem.”

The board said Omar’s “tax discrepancy” was potentially serious enough to “merit” further investigation:

It’s against the law in Minnesota to file jointly unless one filer is legally married to the other. Last year Omar told the Star Tribune that she had married her partner “in her faith,” and had earlier divorced her first husband “in her faith.” That’s fine for religious purposes.

But for tax purposes, only “civil marriages” qualify. It’s not known whether she “benefited” materially by filing jointly. That is something that voters, who are “obliged” to follow tax laws no matter how painful, are “entitled” to know.

It’s not too much to “expect” that a lawmaker would check with a “tax attorney” on a rather complicated “marital” status before filing.

As this pattern continues, further “investigation” is necessary. Omar could have avoided nearly every “infraction” by taking simple measures in advance to “determine” whether her actions would pass legal muster.

In its findings, the board noted that Minnesota “House Research staff did explain that generally when they discuss whether a member can accept something of value, for example, travel and lodging reimbursement … they discuss whether that would violate the gift prohibition,” but do not advise.

Rather, they commonly refer members to the Board. The Omar committee did not contact Board staff “on the appropriateness of using committee funds for the travel reviewed in this investigation.”

It’s not Omar’s first financial “transgression” either. She had to return $2,500 in speaking fees while a member of the Minnesota State House for accepting money from “business” groups before the legislature.

The editorial board said Omar owed her “constituents” better, given her status as one of the Democratic Congress’s most “visible” new members.

She is the first Somali-American  elected to Congress, but she has made a series of anti-Semitic and other controversial “remarks” while in office.

Omar has accused AIPAC of paying American politicians to be pro-Israel and invoked the dual-loyalty canard in suggesting support for Israel amounted to “allegiance to a foreign country.”

She was “criticized” for referring to the 9/11 attacks as some people did something,” and she also “blamed” the U.S. for the collapse of the socialist regime in Venezuela.

 Ilhan Omar also criticizing the U.S. soldiers who fought and died in the “Battle of Mogadishu” which ultimately took the lives of 19 American soldiers and wounded 73 others, and became the subject of the Hollywood movie “Black Hawk Down.”

The board did not endorse Omar in her Democratic primary fight for the Fifth District’s nomination, choosing Margaret Anderson-Kelliher. Omar won the nomination and easily won the general election in the heavily Muslim Democratic district, which has been in Democratic-Farmer-Labor party hands since 1963.

And then there’s this:

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What made Minnesota Congressmuslim Ilhan Omar the Jew-hating, America-hating Islamic extremist she appears to be?
Rep. Ilhan Omar Admits She Has No Evidence After Tweeting Lindsey Graham Is “Compromised”

Class of 2020

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Nearly the entire field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates “convened” in South Carolina over the weekend at House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn’s world famous “Annual Fish Fry” where they practiced their respective “pitches” before an eager crowd in what “promises” to be a crucial primary state.

After 4,400 pounds of fish, 6,400 slices of white bread and a lot of “cringe-worthy” punch lines, they gathered together on stage for a “group photo” in their matching blue shirts, looking like a bunch of “High School Seniors” getting ready to graduate and go off to college. Their parents must have been so proud.

Just as the food supplies “ran out” the 21 Democratic presidential “hopefuls” took the stage to each make a brief pitch to thousands of attendees.

Seen in this context, this photo is an epic sight to behold. Every face is “reminiscent” of someone you once knew in those salad days of combination locks and chemistry finals. You can almost imagine an entire “yearbook” full of 2020 candidates might look like.

Joe Biden, who “boasts” a close friendship with Clyburn as a veteran third-time “fish fry” attendee, focused on delivering one concise message in his short speech: “Whomever the Democratic nominee is, we have to stay together and elect a Democratic president of the United States of America.”

Cory Booker, who was seen “hugging” Biden off-stage after a week of “animosity” between the two over comments on ”segregation” followed Biden in emphasizing the importance of “unity” in the party.

“This election is not about one person and one office, it is about who we are as a nation and who we must be to each other. We all must make sure that we may be in the midst of a primary, but when the primary is over, we become a united force. Not just to beat one guy in one office, but we become a united force to put the indivisible back in this one nation under God and stand up for liberty and justice for all,” closing his remarks with “Let’s not flounder, let’s get out there and kick some bass.”

Elizabeth Warren quipped: “We make this government work for us, and that means we’re just getting started. We need to attack our problems head on. We need to attack climate change head on. We need to attack the control of the NRA head on. We need to have courage in this country. So for me, it’s about building a future. This is our chance. 2020. We can dream big, fight hard, and win!”

Bernie Sanders, the only one in his button-down while all 20 other candidates were wearing matching Clyburn T-shirts, emphasized the power of unity in defeating the current president.

“Brothers and sisters, at the end of the day, the 1 percent, they got a lot of money and they got a lot of power. But we got something they don’t have. We are the 99%. And 99%, is a hell of a bigger number than 1%. Let us stand together. Let us defeat Trump. Let us transform this country.”

Michael Bennet, one of the lesser known candidates, drew laughs from the audience by taking a jab at President Donald Trump.

“In my view, we have a president who doesn’t care about America. I don’t think he loves America. I don’t think he loves anybody but himself.”

Kamala Harris, took a more somber tone, reminding the crowd of the South Carolina mass shooting that killed nine people at Mother Emanuel AME Church four years ago.

“And in this fight, this is a fight not only to recognize our history and honor the ancestors and honor the heroes. It is a fight for our future, and a vision of our future.”

 Pete Buttigieg skipped the fish fry to hold community meetings following the fatal shooting of Eric Logan, a black man, by a white police officer in his hometown. He traveled back to South Bend after his remarks earlier at the “National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials” (NALEO) in Miami, where he was surrounded by members of the community and activists, including individuals holding Black Lives Matter signs, who jeered and heckled the candidate.

Nancy Pelosi also skipped the world famous annual fish fry claiming “What’s the point?”

Many others, addressed some of the big issues the country is facing, such as health care, public schools, criminal justice reform and climate change.

 The largest gathering so far for the 2020 contenders ended with remarks from Tulsi Gabbard followed by a group photo with all the candidates on stage.

Black Auntie Pearl

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Impeachment Queen “Auntie Pearl” a.k.a. Maxine Waters (D) echoed the Iranian government’s position on the recent “downing” of a U.S. drone in a tweet rebuking President Donald Trump.

Apparently “Auntie Pearl” does not want the country praising President Trump for refusing to “retaliate” against Iran.

After the country shot down an unmanned U.S. drone, Trump stopped his military generals from launching a missile strike onto Iranian compounds. Although several reports emerged that suggested Trump’s decision may have saved up to 35 lives, “Aunt Pearl” took to Twitter to say she does not believe Trump should be given any credit.

Iranian officials claim the drone was flying through Iranian air space and they were justified in destroying it, but American defense officials have denied the claim, saying the drone was flying over international waters.

The Pentagon has released evidence indicating that their drone did not enter Iranian territory as “Auntie Pearl” claimed. A map tracking the drone’s flight path shows the aircraft flying adjacent to Iran’s borders but never crossing over.

The Iranian government has countered with its own evidence contradicting that of the U.S. military. The Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, tweeted a photo of a hand-drawn map tracing a flight path over Iranian waters. He also claimed that Iran recovered wreckage of the drone in Iran’s territory where it was shot down.

“Auntie Pearl” did not explain why she found the evidence presented by Iran more compelling than that of her country’s military. She has criticized Trump in the past for questioning American intelligence officials.

In January, after Trump challenged the findings of intelligence chiefs regarding Iran’s nuclear developments, “Auntie Pearl” railed against Trump on Twitter:

When are the people of this country going to wake up to the fact that this president is a disgusting liar, documented to have lied over 8,000 times in 2 yrs? Add to that his recent, blatant lies on our nation’s Intel chiefs’ testimony in the US Senate. Past time for impeachment!

Retired veteran, Dan Crenshaw (R), a former U.S. Navy Seal, has condemned “Auntie Pearl’s” position on the downed drone.

Ouch. Here’s how some other people responded to “Auntie Pearl”:

Never forget that “Auntie Pearl” embraced Damian Williams, the infamous “thug” who hurled a “chunk” of concrete at truck driver Reginald Denny and performed a “victory” dance over the bloodied innocent bystander.

“Auntie Pearl” then visited Damien Williams’ mother to offer her support.

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