Crazy Nancy Pelosi


 “Crazy Nancy” Pelosi must have missed her morning “drink” because she was “out of mind” at her Press Conference the other day.

Wow, talk about getting “off the rails” and driving the whole Democrat train right off liberal “Loony Toon” mountain.

Essentially her argument against impeachment was, “Trump definitely committed impeachable offenses, but we’re not going to do anything because the bad guys might get more mad. We won’t impeach Trump because Trump wants’ to be impeached.”

At one point “Crazy Nancy” said she’s “praying for the President and hopes his family has an intervention.” Really? Praying? For Intervention?

Since when do Democrats believe in “faith” matters?

After watching President Trump’s Rose Garden press conference and then this “Crazy Nancy” press conference, there is no doubt which of the two was the more “sane” person.

“Crazy Nancy” is absolutely nuts, and if she said anything similar to this, at any other point in American history, the news media would be calling for her to be “mentally” unstable and not “fit” to serve in Congress.

While Liberals will never see just how far “Crazy Nancy”  is off her rocker, the 33% of voters who call themselves “Independent” must see how “delusional” the Democrats have become.

But “Crazy Nancy’s” rambling, incoherent Press Conference wasn’t just noticed by the “right-wing.”

Some of the Democrats who didn’t fully drink the liberal“Kool-Aid” were clearly “confused” by the twisted logic “Crazy Nancy” was using to justify her “thoughts.”

 Donald Trump fired back at “Crazy Nancy” for the drunken “tirade” in which the almost octogenarian” decrepit Speaker of the House accused the President of a “cover-up.”

“Crazy Nancy” then took it a step further and accused the Trump administration of “killing children” at the border, before ending her speech calling on the Trump family to hold an “intervention” on the president.

“Crazy Nancy’s” so-called “relatively small verbal” stumbling’s and bumbling’s have been “recorded” for years on the Internet, and believe me they are not just “small little blips” on the radar, as her “senility” is getting worse.

Remember “Crazy Nancy” stopping, starting, stuttering and lying her way through her surprise “announcement” calling for the postponement of President Trump’s “State of the Union” address?

Getting back to “Crazy Nancy’s” press conference, President Trump pointed out there’s the fact that she held “two” fingers up while saying “three.” I’m not even going to count how many times she called Trump “Bush.”

Even more amazing is the fact that the slobbering, drunk “Crazy Nancy” with her loose dentures wants an apology from Trump for allegedly posting a “doctored” video, but this “old fart with the onset of Alzheimer’s” sees nothing wrong with accusing the President of a “cover-up” and claiming he is “killing children” at the border?

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