Cope and Cringe

“Nipple Pincher” Joe Biden and “Butt Plugger” Pete Buttigieg are the newest “presidential candidate team” for making America “Cope and Cringe” in 2020.

It is time that America had a “gay” mother for President.

Pete “Butt Plugger” has all we need in a President except for a “vagina”, but because he is gay, we can “rejoice” he never will need an “abortion.”

Here Pete “Butt Plugger” discusses marriage and the prospect of becoming an amazing “father ” with CNN’s Poppy Harlow and John Avlon.

Pete “Butt Plugger’s” husband has stated that he is looking forward to becoming a father without revealing who is the “plugger” and who is the “plugee”.

What uplifting news for Mother’s Day 2020!

Vice President “Nipple Pincher” Joe is not afraid to get out there and “press” the flesh. He’s not afraid to “pinch” a nipple or two.

He will “pelvic thrust” his way through the DC rabble and “kiss” every baby and pinch every child’s “nipple” if that’s what it takes to get an “erection.”

This child was obviously a Republican until “Nipple Pincher” Joe gave her nipple a good “pinch.” You can see the moment the little girl “converts” to a  Democrat as her eyes bulge out and she “recoils” to safety, then suddenly realizes that she is a “progressive.”

“Nipple Pincher” Joe isn’t just interested in girls though, he’ll “headlock” the boys and give em a good “body” sniff and “kiss” on the lips too.

If you want to win an “election”, you have to get out there and press the flesh! “Nipple Pincher” Joe is in it to win “nipple by nipple” if needed while ramming his “crotch” into your sister.

Here “Nipple Pincher” Joe is telling us about how kindergarten girls aren’t “too young to resist.”

“Nipple Pincher” Joe’s motto is: “If she is old enough to pee, she’s old enough for me!”

Charming the parents, while pursuing and “fondling” the children to the point of “rubbing” your crotch on them is not only classic “pedophile” behavior, but how to win the “progressive” nomination!

How distinctly privileged those parents must feel, knowing their child was worthy of “groping” by this noble and esteemed “Nipple  Pincher” Joe.

I’m sure America feels the same confidence as I do that “Butt Plugger” Pete and “Nipple Pincher” Joe is exactly what the Democrats need to “win” the presidential election in 2020.

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  1. No way for Biden and no way for Peter Butti.

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