It’s Not A Joke

Front-runner Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. continues to hit the campaign trail in his “quest” for the 2020 Democrat nomination, and his “primary” concern seems to be letting everybody know “it is not a joke!”

“Mensa” Joe used his first address as a presidential 2020 candidate to “sketch” out his economic plans, vowing to bring back the economic “recession and unemployment” of the Obama years, and with good luck, the “Great Depression” engineered by the greatest Democrat president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“The only great things about America I had seen in my lifetime were the Great Depression and the great presidency of FDR,” Joe Biden told a crowd of union members at a Teamsters hall in Pittsburgh, PA.

“The long lines to the soup kitchens had united the nation like never before or after. We were all equal in our misery then.”

“Mensa” Joe practices what he “preaches” when he is on the campaign trail.

Here “Mensa”Joe “recounts” a story during an interview with Katie Couric that Franklin Roosevelt got on the television during the “1929 Stock Market” crash and didn’t just talk about the “princes of greed.”

He said, “Look, here’s what happened” in 1929 when television was still in “experimental” stages and “Herbert Hoover” was president.

The former vice president pointed out that the “subsequent tax cuts and the cutting of government regulations had plunged the country into the darkness of economic prosperity, where corporate greed and a booming economy made workers woefully independent on government programs.“

The septuagenarian “Mensa” Joe, who is making his “third” bid for the presidency, offered few specifics about his economic plans, except that his goal as a “progressive” was to fundamentally transform the country to the way he “found it when he was born in 1942.” The way to achieve that goal was through “taxation, regulation, unionization, wage restrictions,” and starting another major world war.

“If we want to close the income gap, raising the minimum wage nationwide to $15 an hour is not enough. To be equal, everyone must be paid $15 an hour,” said “Mensa” Joe to a few hundred supporters who greeted him with “We want Joe to make America moral again” chants.

Taking on the current president directly, “Mensa” Joe said, “Donald Trump is the only president who has decided not to represent the whole country,” accusing Trump of “discriminating against the Washington establishment, the foreign gang members, the Democrat leaders, and the intelligence community that had failed to overthrow the sitting president.”

“Because of this failure, our only remaining option to defeat Trump is this upcoming election. This is why I left my favorite La-Z-Boy chair and talk to the likes of you. We are in a battle for America’s soul in making America moral again.”

Yet even before he took the stage, “Mensa” Joe got a sharp “reminder” that before he can take on the president he must first “survive” the Democratic primary.

His closest “competitor”, the septuagenarian Bernie Sanders, had also visited Pittsburgh and spoke to union workers, promising to “establish” a $25 an hour minimum wage instead of $15, and to take the country “back” to 1941 instead of 1942.

“We can’t have a nominee as radical as Sanders,” said an unnamed union official who endorsed “Mensa” Joe. “Democrats will lose,” he said, if they put forward a candidate with all these “beautiful ideas but with little chance of winning.”

For the time being the Democratic party has put the rest of its 2020 primary “race” on hold to watch whether “Mensa” Joe’s “tactile politics” disqualifies him as a candidate.

This is an awkward time for “Mensa” Joe, but there is one silver lining. “It helps everyone forget his long list of other gaffes.”

Once we’re done “litigating” his overly friendly “groping, hugging, kissing, hair and body sniffing,” those extracurricular “activities” could become a real “liability” in his campaign.

Because when “Mensa” Joe opens his mouth in front of “real” voting Americans, “bad” things could happen.

Campaigning ahead of the 2008 elections, “Mensa” Joe identified “the number-one job facing the middle class is a three-letter word: J-O-B-S.”

In 2012, “Mensa” Joe told a crowd of donors, “You all look dull as hell, I might add. The dullest audience I have ever spoken to, just sitting there, staring at me. Pretend you like me!”

The same droll “charm” was on display when “Mensa” Joe shared his “condolences” with the Irish prime minister on the “death” of his mother.

During the 1988 presidential race, a New Hampshire voter asked “Mensa” Joe about his “law school” record. Joe interrupted the man, gesturing vigorously.

Poor Frank was eventually able to finish his question after “Mensa” Joe’s tirade, much of which turned out to be false. But hey, at least “Mensa” Joe doesn’t have to worry about appearing “low-energy.”

Further examples of “Mensa” Joe’s “tact and wit” abound was the time he asked a man in a wheelchair to “Stand up, Chuck, let ‘em see ya!”

Or the time “Mensa” Joe “graced” America with his remarks on “cultural” diversity in his home state of Delaware.

Luckily for “Mensa” Joe, none of these “gaffs” turned out to be a “big fucking deal.”

Does “Mensa” Joe really want to run? It’s not like he’s missing out on a “life of status and influence.”

As of now, he’s widely respected among Democrats, he has a cushy position as a non-teaching professor in charge of a program named after him within a large university, and he can play “kingmaker” with his endorsement in the primaries, assuming he can get the “candidate’s name right.”

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man. I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.”

When someone asked “Mensa” Joe about his thinking of being the “Vice President” he proudly revealed:

“Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America. Quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to be president of the United States, I could be, I could be vice president! Isn’t it a bitch this vice president thing? It’s easy being Vice President you don’t have to do anything. Folks, I can tell you I’ve known eight presidents, three of them intimately.”

After it was revealed that “Mensa” Joe had “plagiarized” British Labor party leader Neil Kinnock “biography” as his own in a “stump” speech he decided to “drop” out of the 1988 race.

On another occasion “Mensa” Joe compared New York’s LaGuardia Airport to a “third world country.”

“‘If I blindfolded someone and took them at 2 o’clock in the morning into the airport in Hong Kong and said, ‘where do you think you are?’ They would say, ‘this must be America. This is a modern airport. If I took them blindfolded to LaGuardia airport in New York, he would like say ‘I must be in some third world country.’ I’m not joking.’”

Looking straight into the camera with a prepared script “Mensa” Joe said this of the “violence” in Charlottesville in 2017:

“Charlottesville is also home to a defining moment for this nation in the last few years. It was there on August of 2017 we saw Klansmen and white supremacists and neo-Nazis come out in the open, their crazed faces illuminated by torches, veins bulging, and bearing the fangs of racism. Chanting the same anti-Semitic bile heard across Europe in the ’30s. And they were met by a courageous group of Americans, and a violent clash ensued and a brave young woman lost her life.”

Yes, indeed, there were “Klansmen, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis” there. But they were not “met by a courageous group of Americans.” They were met by an equally violent prone group, “the masked hoodlums of the notoriously violent and far-left Antifa.”

On Healthcare “Mensa” Joe now claims that U.S. citizens are “obligated” to pay for healthcare for “illegal” immigrants, a position that’s “evolved just a bit” from the policies he proposed on the 2008 campaign trail.

There “Mensa” Joe presented a much “different plan” laying out his conditions for accepting “illegal” immigrants and extending the government’s help.

“What you do is you work on this idea of earned citizenship. You make them all return to the border to get a tamper-proof card. You force them, every one, to have a criminal background check. You require they have proof they have a job. You require proof that they are paying social security and paying their taxes. And then if they do that, and they’re prepared to pay a fine over the next six years they can earn their way to citizenship if they learn to speak English and learn to deal like everyone else did in order to gain citizenship. But if they don’t, then you send them back.”

“Mensa” Joe’s remarks about “illegal” immigrants in 2008 would undoubtedly earn unending media “scorn” if uttered by Trump today, but they’re certainly not the only example of how the 76 year old has “shifted” on the issue over the years to meet today’s democratic “play” book .

The reality is it’s difficult to understand what “Mensa” Joe thinks about healthcare, or immigration, or a lot of other issues. He contends everyone should have “healthcare”, but doesn’t support a “single-payer” system, making him one of the healthcare industry’s “top picks” in its effort to thwart a disastrous “Medicare for All” government run system.

In 1997, “Mensa” Joe voted against an amendment to restore “food stamp” benefits for children of illegal immigrants, and opposed expanding the “visa program” for skilled workers the following year.

“Mensa” Joe supported legislation to allow illegal immigrants to participate in “social security”, and to create a “guest worker” program in 2006, the same year he also voted in “favor” of building a 700-mile long “fence” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In 2007, “Mensa” Joe claimed he would crack down on “sanctuary” cities that flout federal law, and said he supported a Bush immigration plan involving “amnesty and border barriers.” He also said on the campaign trail that illegal immigrants drive down wages, and he doesn’t believe they deserve “driver’s licenses.”

Fast forward to 2019 and he’s now posturing as a “champion and advocate” for illegal immigrants in his self-described “battle for the soul of America.”

“Mensa” Joe then went on “blaming” President Donald Trump for the flood of “illegal immigrants and migrants” crossing the border. “This is a crisis created by Trump, this is a crisis created by the administration, and that’s why you know he keeps these hordes coming,” he proclaimed.

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