Coding in the Hood

Nobody knows the “hood” like bragging Joe “Mensa” Biden.

Uh oh, the “racist” mask slipped off Joe Biden yet again. At a “sparsely” populated campaign rally in Iowa he told a story about preparing women in the “hood” of Detroit to work for the city by teaching them to “code.”

Really “Pedo” Joe? The “Hood”? Imagine if any Republican said that. I guess that’s not an “insult” when a Democrat says words like “ghetto,” “hood,” “thug” and “niggers.”

During a speech at the “Brookings Institution” in the nation’s capital, Biden took to the podium to lay out “income” inequality solutions and to remind us again that he is, in fact, “not” Bernie Sanders.

“I don’t think 500 billionaires are the reason we’re in trouble,” he said. “The folks at the top aren’t bad guys. But this gap is yawning, and it’s having the effect of pulling us apart.”

Biden then launched into a borderline unintelligible segment detailing “elitist” mentalities when it comes to providing opportunities to “low-income” communities. It was then that Biden pulled out the old Detroit card and referred to “under-educated” women from Detroit’s inner city as being from the “hood.”

“We don’t think ordinary people can’t do things like program code,” Biden says. “It’s not rocket science, guys.”

“So, we went and we hired some folks to go into the neighborhoods and pick 58 women, as it turns out, from the hood, for a 17-week program, if my memory serves me correctly, to learn how to code,” the former V.P explained. “Not one had more than a high school degree.”

Watch the full speech here and watch his comment about “Detroit” below.

“Joe Biden makes racially charged statement about women in Detroit, calls them women from the hood.” — Ryan Saavedra 🇺🇸 (@RealSaavedra) May 8, 2018

This is not the first time the Delaware Democrat has referred to Detroit women as being from “the hood.” In 2014, Biden made basically the same comments while talking about a “career training” program.

And it’s not the first time Biden has made “racially charged” statements.

In 2007, he said of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama:

I guess Biden really needs the “black” vote to stay in front of ”booty” Buttigieg and it helps that the dude is “gay”, while the black community isn’t really “down” with the gays.

I’m not sure this kind of bizarre “inflammatory and racially charged” pandering will help him, but who knows? He’s definitely “head and hair plugs” ahead of all the other Dems right now.

It’s not always clear to me what people actually mean when they say everyone should learn to code,” and this lack of clarity provides a huge opportunity for “inequitable” practices, in no small part because “coding” is just one piece of understanding computers, computing, and computer science.

And as the epithet “code monkey,” a term used to describe an “unskilled” programmer who must follow someone else’s engineering design or commands, suggests “coding” is not necessarily highly valued.

When we look at this alongside some of the tech industry’s other employment practices – the lack of diversity; a tendency to hire from elite private universities or from elite social networks; outsourcing to developing countries; exploitation of the H1-B visa program – I think it’s only fair to ask lots of questions about what shape “learn to code in the ghettos” efforts will have in their “poverty” isolation.

That is, will educational “inequalities” surrounding Computer Science education mean that “women of color” end up in “low-pay, dead-end jobs” in the tech industry?

To suggest that this work to level the playing field in computer science is creating “technical ghettos” is to cast a negative light on enterprising “people of color” and on those of us who are “lifting” systemic barriers to their paths forward as “innovators.”

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