Creepy Uncle Joe Biden

Former “Obama” vice president Joe Biden announced his 2020 bid for president with some sharp “criticism” of Donald Trump, alleging the president will forever ruin America without his “saving” grace.

And then I held them by the shoulders and sniffed their hair and body aroma.

The 2020 race, Biden said, is about “morality, racism and dignity,” coincidentally all issues “Creepy Uncle Joe” himself has struggled with throughout his “decades” as a politician.

The obvious “hypocrisy” provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the many other “ridiculous” remarks that have come out of Biden’s mouth over the years, from blatantly “racist” stereotypes to “sexual” innuendo to “obscene” and inappropriate language both in office and on the campaign trail.

It’s time to talk about “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden, the open “sexual” predator.

“The View” gave “Creepy” Joe Biden several opportunities to apologize for “groping and sniffing women and children” on videos, and he opted instead to “talk around the issues” and continue to “claim he did nothing wrong.”

“You’ve also been criticized about, um, your interactions with women. Um, seven women accused you of touching them without their permission. While they didn’t say it crossed the line into sexual harassment, they did say you made them feel uncomfortable,” host Sunny Hostin told the former vice president.

“Many have been critical of how you’ve handled it since the accusations. Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi said this, ‘To say I’m sorry you were offended is not an apology, it’s I’m sorry I invaded your space,’” Hostin continued, acknowledging Biden’s previous “non-apologies” about the controversy.

“But are you sorry for what you did? Are you prepared to apologize to those women?” she asked.

The short answer is “not really. Look, here’s the deal. I have to be, and everyone has to be, much more aware of the private space of men and women,” he dodged.

“And I am much more cognizant of that, but I am so … for example, I actually thought in my head when I walked out here, I mean, do I? We’re friends, a hug?” Biden said as one of the women chimed in off camera: “I know, it’s tricky.”

“But, but, but I have to be aware of it. So I have to be more cognizant and we all have to be … a woman or a man has a right to say, particularly a woman, to say ‘no, …,’” Biden said. “But never in my life have I done anything in approaching a woman that has been other than trying to bring solace.”

“I think it’s really important we listen,” he said. “I think it’s important elected officials listen and understand what people are going through and what they’re concerned about and let them know that you know. And so I don’t think that’s old-fashioned … I think we should be doing that.”

“I don’t think anyone’s ever said I invaded their space in a way … having to do with harassment or anything else,” Biden said.

“Right, but they’ve also said, ‘We’d like an apology,’” Hostin replied, setting Biden up again. He wouldn’t take the bait.

“Look, I’m really sorry if what I did, talking to them trying to console, that in fact they took it a different way,” Biden said. “And it’s my responsibility to make sure I bend over backwards to try to understand how not to do that.”

Host Joy Behar pushed again, providing yet a third chance for Biden to acknowledge his own “bad behavior,” which ultimately compelled the 76-year-old career politician to “parrot” back Pelosi’s words to appease the panel.

“Nancy Pelosi wants you to say ‘I’m sorry I invaded your space,’” Behar said with a shrug.

“Sorry I invaded your space,” Biden repeated, throwing his hands up in defeat. “I’m sorry this happened.”

“But I’m not sorry in the sense that I think that I did anything that was intentionally designed to do anything wrong or be inappropriate,” he qualified. “It was inappropriate that I didn’t understand … I assumed.”

Even the “liberal” media has occasionally addressed Biden’s behavior in the past. Gawker wrote a piece in 2015 titled, “Joe Biden, We Need to Talk About the Way You Touch Women.”

The Washington Post also published a 2015 column titled, “What are we going to do about Creepy Uncle Joe Biden?”

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