Revolutionary Pope

At the “World Youth Day” Jorge Mario Bergoglio preached a revolutionary “New World” message.

America is led by a “crazy” and “unchristian” leader. That’s the opinion regularly spouted by the far left, and it’s also the “belief” of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better known as “Pope Francis.”

In 2016, Pope Francis called border walls “unchristian,” right after holding mass just on the Mexican side of America’s southern border.

Recently, he returned to the subject, as he returned to the region.

On the pope’s flight to Latin America, a journalist asked the him about a U.S. border wall. The pope said that walling off the entire border “is madness.”  

“It is fear that makes us crazy,” he added.

Then he arrived in Panama for the Catholic “World Youth Day” celebrations January 22 to 27, 2019. Held every two to three years, this is a major “event” on the pope’s calendar.

This year’s event was on the smaller side, probably a sign of how the “sex-abuse” scandal has “damaged” the Catholic Church worldwide.

He used the occasion to exhort them to “build a very different world.”

Popping up in the pope’s speeches were criticisms of “migration” control. He used one homily to speak against the “senseless and irresponsible condemnation of every immigrant as a threat to society.”

People should instead be “builders of bridges,” he said.

He explained that walls are, in fact, so bad that locking people in prisons is wrong. “This attitude spoils everything, because it erects an invisible wall that makes people think that, if we marginalize, separate and isolate others, all our problems will magically be solved,” he told a group of prisoners.

“When a society or community allows this, and does nothing more than complain and backbite, it enters into a vicious circle of division, blame and condemnation.”

Pontiffs behind giant stone walls should not cast stones about Donald Trumps proposed wall is how some people see the Pope’s holy “war of words” with the Donald.

It’s been pointed out that Vatican City — Pope FrancisHQ — has been surrounded by a “massive protective wall” for centuries.

In fact, the wall was first built in 852 A.D. to fend off Muslim attackers. It was expanded to its current size in the 1640s. The wall, in all, measures 2 miles … surrounding 109 acres.

As usual, another recurring theme in the pope’s speeches was “climate change.”

He said in prayer that “Your Son’s way of the cross continues in the plea of our mother earth, profoundly wounded by the pollution of her skies, the barrenness of her fields, the contamination of her waters, trampled underfoot by disregard and a fury of consumption beyond all reason.”

But the pope’s message was more than a list of “condemnations of conservatives, climate change and capitalism.”

He also “exhorted” the young people to “say yes” to changing the world through “social activism.”

God’s vision for the world is not “a promise far off in the future, having nothing to do with the present,” he told young people.

Instead, he told them, God “calls you in your communities and cities to go out and find your grandparents, your elders; to stand up and with them to speak out.”

He spoke to them about a “new world now being born.”

“World Youth Day,” he told them, would turn Panama from a hub of migration into a “hub of hope” for “a more humane world.”

It was this call for “social activism” that led George Neumayr at the “American Spectator” to comment, “His sermons could have been written by Nancy Pelosi.”

“Pope Francis spends much more time talking about this life than the next one,” Neumayr wrote. “He is given to statements such as ‘Another world is possible,’ but he isn’t referring to heaven. He is referring to a revolutionized political order.”

It’s a good observation. The revolutionary pope puts forward a “vision of the gospel” very different from the one in the Bible.

The Apostle Paul wrote that “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.” 1 Corinthians 15:19

Paul described our current society as “this present evil world” and exhorted Christians to instead put their hope in “the world to come.”

Jesus Christ told His disciples to “change” their actions. And He was not afraid to “criticize” leaders in the world, especially “religious” ones. But He never called for Christians to “overthrow the Roman Empire and build a new world.”

The revolutionary pope, however, made clear that he doesn’t want his followers to wait for this “new world” to arrive, but to go out and build it in a very “practical” way, now.

In the past, Pope Francis has made clear that he wants to “topple” the global system of free-market capitalism. He has called it “a new tyranny” and “the dung of the devil.”

When the pope insists that nations must open their borders, that Christ demands more spending on climate change, and that capitalism is from the devil,” who is he condemning?

When he “exhorts” Christians to create a new world, whom do they have to “tear down” to make that happen?

It is very clear the pope is preaching “against” the United States of America. And at the “World Youth Day,” just like during his 2016 trip to Mexico, he was doing so on America’s front porch.

If revolutionary Pope Francis is to be taken at his word, he could not possibly wish for the leaders of the capitalist system to thrive and prosper, continuing to inflict its “tyranny” on the world.

If he believes the free market is a “force of destruction” then he would feel not only justified, but “obligated” to use his power to weaken it.

This is a pope who will “hug” dictators, “kiss” the feet of invaders and then “reserve” his harshest “criticism” for the world’s most powerful “democracy” that has led the world in “promoting true freedom.”

This “revolutionary” pope has made clear that he is staunchly “opposed” to some of America’s foundational ideals.

The Bible makes clear that God’s Church is not involved with “politics” of this world. But by Pope Francis’s recent activities and statements, it becomes clear why this should “deeply concern us all.”

Fifty or 60 years ago, no pope would have dared say some of the things this “revolutionary” pope has said. Intervening in America’s political system would have “provoked” a major backlash.

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Today, it has stirred little more than “amused” talk about Donald Trump versus the Pope.

The pope is a “revolutionary,” and he is stirring public opinion against not just the U.S. president but America’s “core principles.”

He clearly preaches against ”free markets and limited government”, core principles of the U.S. Constitution.

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