Immoral Walls

Tucker Carlson ran a segment on his show Tuesday night dedicated to The Daily Caller’s latest installment of “Walls Across America,” a series dedicated to pointing out those who have walls around their homes while “disapproving” of President Donald Trump’s desire to “build a wall” along the nation’s southern border.

“Well that couldn’t be clearer. But wait. There’s a caveat. There always is. Some walls aren’t evil at all. Some are necessary and good. So for those of you keeping track of the theology at home, we offer you now a brief tour of walls the Democratic Party has deemed perfectly moral,” Carlson began. “We begin with border barriers in Tunisia and Jordan. Democrats voted to pay for those walls, so obviously they’re okay. Israel has walls too.” 

He continued:

“Here in the U.S., it turns out we have plenty of moral walls too. Just this Sunday, Kamala Harris announced her campaign for president. For security, huge swaths of the streets of Oakland, California, were blocked—walled off, you might say. With her own security at stake, Senator Harris had no problem with this. They were moral walls.”

And there are many more “moral” walls. Benny Johnson of the “The Daily Caller” has set out across America to find more of them.

And as you might have guessed, a huge number of the most “moral” walls we have “protect” the homes of Democratic donors.

Carlson added, “Well, it’s quite a list and there are more. But it’s not surprising, the more you think about it, there’s really only one immoral wall on earth. No, it’s not in China. The Chinese are highly moral, ask Dianne Feinstein. The immoral wall is the proposed wall on our southern border, the one that might keep future Democratic voters out. And for that reason alone, it’s immoral.”

Johnson has previously traveled to the walled homes of billionaire Democratic donor George Soros and former President Barack Obama.

Trump continues to push for the construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, but the funding remains unclear. The government was shut down for 35 days over the issue, the longest shutdown in history. The president agreed to reopen the government for three weeks, despite not getting any funding for the wall.

Now that Donald Trump has become President, we should find out, “Does God have anything to say in the Bible about Trump’s idea of building a wall to protect Americans from illegal undocumented migrants with criminal records?”

You would be surprised!

In 2016, Pope Francis called border walls “unchristian,” right after holding mass just on the Mexican side of America’s southern border. Last week, he returned to the subject, as he returned to the region.

On the pope’s flight to Latin America, a journalist asked the him about a U.S. border wall. The pope said that walling off the entire border “is madness. It is fear that makes us crazy,” he said.

Popping up in the pope’s speeches at World Youth Day were criticisms of “migration” control.

He used one homily to speak against the “senseless and irresponsible condemnation of every immigrant as a threat to society.”

People should instead be “builders of bridges,” he said.


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