License to Kill

New York State Governor Andrew Coumo continues to make major changes in the name of “progress and tolerance.”

These will appeal to “liberal-progressives,” and benefit “ex cons and mass murderers” across the nation.

Signing off on these new policies will launch the governor’s bid for his “presidential run” among the 353,739 candidates now on the Democrat ticket.

The governor just signed into law, after ending the “death penalty,” a woman’s right to “abort about-to-be-born babies” who could live “outside the womb” up to the moment of birth.

Shrugging off criticism of having passed a “death sentence” on babies after having ended the “death penalty” for murderers, Cuomo said, “Our base is what matters, not what people think.”

The new law means, if a mother chose to abort as soon as she is experiencing “labor pains or second thoughts”, whichever comes first, she can have the child’s head “liquefied and sucked out with a Hoover.”

In the name of progress, doctors will give “classes” to would-be serial killers and other progressives who might try their hands at this “soon-to-be-popularized” sport.

At the end of 2013 the governor passed laws against legal gun owners depriving them of their “civil rights” and ability to “defend” themselves and their “unborn” fetuses from violence about to happen to them by Cuomo’s “adorable” voters.

Serial killers, illegal gun smugglers, MS13 machete wielders and abortionists will be “exempted” from this law. In fact statistics show the New York “SAFE ACT” has been “effective” beyond expectations.

For almost a half century from the time the “AR15” has been available, no child in the state of New York has ever been “killed” by one.

And in the five years since the passage of the “SAFE ACT,” no child has been killed by an AR.

This is clear evidence that “eliminating” AR15s is particularly effective to prevent “violence” against children by abortionists and other Democrats and New York’s governors.

Earlier the governor told the citizens that conservatives have no place in his state. They should just “leave” said Mr. Cuomo.

No problem, said the four million New Yorkers who have left the state in a single decade. “5700 millionaires” left just in 2018.

Some of these undesirable “white” trash, says NYC’s mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr, are rich and conservative, making them even more “deplorable” now ready to be fleeced.

The governor’s latest proposal to be “approved” by the Democrat-controlled assembly is to “combine” the governor’s previous achievements “controlling” people with his progressive thinking about “eliminating” conservatives.

Added to appropriations for government is the governor’s proposal to fund “Black Lives Matter” and “Tuition Free College” for those committed to pursuing abortions.

More funding will provide “abortion” services to any progressive New Yorker wishing to abort their “conservative-leaning college-age children” who read about economics by Milton Friedman or wear “MAGA” hats.

The proposed law also will allow for the abortion of “conservatives” up to the age of 85. Older conservatives will be allowed to live, but not provided with “free air” because the elderly add to “global warming.”

The governor promised, if he gets “elected” president, to “expand” his policy to the rest of the nation by then mostly filled with the entire population of “Central America, ex-cons, gang bangers, MS13, the homeless, the genderless, the homosexuals and obese lesbians.”

In order to implement Andrew Cuomo’s strategy the legislature is asking New York’s citizens to end the crime of “conservatism and thinking for oneself” in his state, identify their conservative “neighbors, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers and other relatives,” by simply calling the hotline 1-800-CONSERVATIVE.

The abortions of millions of these “deplorables” will be facilitated by New York’s “finest” whose lives no longer matter.

Conservatives and other undesirables have “no place in the State of New York,” said the governor, and they will be “aborted” promptly after a short inquisition to determine if they ever entertained “improper” thoughts.

The bill also mandates aborting medical personnel who “refuse” to participate in the abortions. Up to now, such “haters” have merely been “fired,” which allows them to continue “wandering about and spreading hate.”

Hillary Clinton speaking of her plans, once “elected” president, will encourage “federally enforced abortion” as a method of population control.

“I understand that America is not quite ready to fully accept federal sponsorship of abortion. That is why the first term of my presidency will be devoted to gaining social acceptance of abortion. We will create an organization that cannot be traced back to the federal government, which will be raising awareness about overpopulation and its effects on society and the environment, while simultaneously campaigning for public acceptance of abortion.

This organization will generate a steady stream of commercials, infomercials, and public service announcements on every major TV channel. We will flood the internet with online ads, book our representatives for many popular talk shows, and secure our product placement in major TV shows and movies made by our supporters and contributors. Our team of ghost writers will create a large series of cross-linked and interconnected articles, which will appear in sequence in America’s most widely read magazines, newspapers, and online editions.

It will be an unstoppable deluge of information about the huge benefits of abortion, while debunking and ridiculing the so-called moral objections by categorizing a fetus as a parasite. There still are a lot of people out there who honestly believe that a fetus is a living human being when it’s not.

We believe that by 2020, when I will begin my presidential term, public opinion will be conditioned enough for us to pass a law that will legally obligate one in six pregnant women who get their insurance through the Health Care Reform Act, to abort their fetuses. Those who don’t follow the law will be dropped from health insurance plans and face stiff penalties which will be collected from their wages.”

Hillary then used an overhead projector to show charts about China’s successful population control through “gender-selective” abortions, assuring her “donors” that she plans to adopt a similar policy in the United States.

“The only difference will be that China is mostly aborting female fetuses, but in America we should be aborting the male ones. All abortions will be gender-neutral at first, but she already had researchers looking into how the law might work if it was used to weed out males.”

Former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards “chimed” in with a prepared statement regarding the tragic loss of late term “abortion” icon Charles Milles Manson.

“It is with great sadness that we join progressives around the world to mourn the passing of one of mankind’s great visionary leaders , Mr. Charles M. Manson. “Charlie” was decades ahead of his time in regards to empowering young women within his family, giving them great responsibilities to carry out their progressive utopian dreams and exercising their late term abortion philosophy and practice.

Charlie’s progressiveness made him a target of right-wing extremism. Charlie served out the last four decades of his life a political prisoner for ordering a procedure that today we at Planned Parenthood proudly perform daily. His social justice campaign against rich wealthy white “PIGS” is an inspiration to us all.”

Richards said a college endowment will be made in Charlie’s name and that “The Charlie Manson Male Feminist Award” will be given out annually to remember Charlie’s empowerment of “young women, social justice and late term abortion.”

Brooklyn Judge orders morning-after pill available without prescription

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  1. If woman knew they have other options then what New York is telling them the situation would begin to change. A positive solution is showing them other possibilities


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