Bacha Boy of Brooklyn

Bacha bazi is a traditional practice in Afghanistan and some other central Asian cultures, in which boys and adolescent males are compelled to dance for older men, usually as a prelude to pederastic sex. PBS’s Frontline did a documentary on The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan.

The “sexualization” of boys in America got one of its most mainstream boosts last November as “Good Morning America” (GMA) devoted a segment to prepubescent “Bacha Boy of Brooklyn” Desmond Napoles.

“GMA Day” co-hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines invited Napoles on the show for a celebration of his “trail-blazing” and “bravery” in the world of “drag.”

“His bravery is inspiring so many,” host Michael Strahan gushed.

Napoles, known onstage as “Desmond is Amazing,” is a self-described “androgynous drag kid” who identifies as gay according to his biography, claiming he came out as a “homosexual” when he was born.

He reportedly started displaying an interest in women’s clothes at age six, after which his parents say a therapist advised them to allow him to “explore.” He rose to prominence in 2014 when RuPaul and Jinkx Monsoon featured him in a music video.

This has to be one of the more “awkward” thing I have ever seen. An 11-year-old boy who likes to “primp and prance” around like male “strippers.”

“I love to put on makeup, dresses and wigs and of course, jewelry,” Desmond explained with a weirdly effeminate affectation. “It just feels amazing to know that people love what I do.”

My one big message would be three words: “be yourself always.” His mother said, “It really touches me deeply that there are other children out there that he’s reaching and they’re listening to him and he’s influencing them to be themselves.”

After the video, Desmond strutted into the studio, supermodel “catwalk” style, wearing a long strawberry blonde wig, a short dress and a fur coat. The audience cheered wildly at the “hyper-sexualized” display.

They and the hosts enthused over the boy’s every word as though he were an “icon of heroism” they raved when he received surprise visits from three grown “drag queens” bearing gifts for him.

Good Morning America is as mainstream as it gets and this was bold, blatant, carefully orchestrated propaganda aimed at “sexualizing” children and popularizing “transgenderism.”

After Napoles came onstage by strutting across a red carpet, a conversation ensued celebrating the “inspiring” impact of his “cross-dressing” as an example for individuality, and his parents’ support for his “self-expression.”

The young boy’s flamboyant and decidedly “adult garb” contrasted sharply with his talk of enjoying “trains and root beer.”

The segment also treated Napoles to a surprise visit by “iconic drag queens” Hedda Lettuce, Shannel, and Alyssa Edwards. The performers lavished similar praise on the boy’s activities as “courageous,” “inspirational,” and “the future of drag.”

They also presented him with a number of gifts, including a gift basket of makeup, a unicorn bag with fake nails and other assorted items, and more.

“It’s a tough world out there, and not everyone’s accepting of things, and some people have criticized you,” Haines said at one point. “What do you say to them?” After a pause, Napoles said simply, “it’s fine.”

We now have reached a whole new low for the openly promoting “child sex abuse” within the LGBTPQ community – the “P” in LGBTPQ standing for “pedophilia.”

The gay bar in New York City known as “3 Dollar Bill,” which describes itself as “queer owned & operated” and claims to be “Brooklyn’s Premiere Queer Bar & Performance Venue,” has been quietly allowing 11-year-old transgender “Bacha Boy of Brooklyn,” dressed in drag to imitate singer Gwen Stefani, to prance “sexually” suggestive around the venue like a stripper in drag while grown “homosexuals and pedophiles” throw dollar bills at the boy’s half-naked body.

You can see a “creepy” clip of it from Instagram, starting at around the 1:50 mark on this YouTube commentary. If that’s not “pedophilia” grooming, what the hell is?

Believe it or not, “3 Dollar Bill” is not likely to lose its “liquor” license over this. Under New York State law, a minor can be in a bar if accompanied by parent or guardian.

Desmond’s parents were probably there with him, allowing their little boy to “perform” in a bar for men who desire men.

There is almost nothing that our mainstream media will not celebrate if it is labeled pro-LGBTPQ. “Homosexuality and pedophilia” have an unbreakable bond.

Desmond’s parents, the gay bar owners, the television producers and celebrities who “praise” him are heavily encouraging this boy to “destroy” himself.

“Drag queens are, and always have been, typical features of adult entertainment venues, and the culture surrounding drag performing is shrouded with overt sexuality. Cross-dressing aside, drag culture is nothing children should be integrated into, but clearly, those in the entertainment industry think it’s ‘cute’ to see a little boy take on the gender-bending characteristics of men who typically appear on the stages of strip clubs and bars.”

Even homosexual writer Chad Felix Greene has chided homosexuals as being blind to the fact that they are sexualizing children by dressing them in drag, something which he called “abuse.”

“The boy is emulating an adult woman being sexually provocative,” wrote Greene of such cases that include Desmond as well as 9-year-old Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden, a.k.a. Lactatia.

He calls what homosexual activists are doing to Desmond “exploitation” that “steals the child’s innocence and imposes an adult identity onto him, all to validate their own insecurities.”

“The LGBT world will never be able to fully appreciate the damage being done to a generation of children pushed to grow up faster,” he warns. “Early sexual activity and expression can be devastating to young people, especially LGBTPQ youth. High rates of drug abuse, sexual abuse, and risky sexual behavior are common. HIV rates are extremely high for gay and bisexual young men aged 13 to 24. Nearly 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT, with higher risks of drug use and sex work.”

A variety of scientific literature indicates that promoting “gender fluidity” within children’s minds is unnecessary and destructive. Studies indicate that between 80-90% of children experiencing “gender dysphoria” outgrow it on their own by late adolescence, and that even full gender “reassignment” surgery often fails to resolve “gender-confused” individuals’ heightened tendency to engage in “self-harm and suicide.”

“Bacha Boy of Brooklyn” Desmond is also the founder of the “Haus of Amazing,” a drag house for kids and is developing with the help of his parents a magazine for LGBTPQ youth that he plans to call “The Amaziest,” and hopes to launch a cosmetic line for drag kids, according to his website.

In September, Brown University behavioral scientist Lisa Littman published a study finding that 87% of the teens reviewed, via questionnaires to 256 parents, belonged to a friend group characterized by some degree of “social influence” on gender, such as other “gender-confused” teens; and that 63% of the teens had been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental “disability” before deciding they were a different gender.

Nevertheless, “Good Morning America” dubbed Desmond’s immersion in the world of drag as an unqualified good. “Thank you for reminding us all to be who we are on the inside,” Haines said at the segment’s conclusion.

So, in public, Desmond is presented as a child just doing “what he loves” in a healthy way that is not “overly sexual” or “provocative,”  and in a manner that is “age appropriate.”

But at “gay bars” 11-year-old Desmond’s parents have him “dancing” around on stage in a tank top while grown “homosexual” men hoot, holler, and throw “money” at him.

Responsible parenting in a morally “corrupt” society has never been more difficult. A mother who dooms her son to a lifetime of “confusion, self-absorption and heartache” is celebrated as a paragon of positive parental “tolerance and support.”

Meanwhile, parents are ignored or even “criticized” for instilling in their children actual virtues like “moral sense, good manners, discipline, work ethic, responsibility, academic excellence, sound decision-making, modesty and humility.”

“As societies collapsed through the ages….the open sexualization of children among the ruling class was the last phase before their ultimate demise!!!

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