Dove cleans First Ladies

Makes First Lady Great Again

Dove ‘Regrets’ Soap Ad Showing Black Woman Turning Into White Woman

Dove keeps “hitting” their customer base out of the park. Remember their “progressive” Tranny Mom ad earlier this year?

In racist America, this sort of “cleansing” has been going on for many “decades.”

Dove can “destroy” your career. You may lose protected “class” status and get stuck with “white” privilege instead.

Just ask Rachel Dolezal, before she used “Dove” she had a good job, was a “Social Justice Warrior”, well respected leader” of NAACP and not a “racist” white woman.

Now she is a “white” racist on food stamps, unemployed and about to be homeless.

Dove is also great to clean “blackface” off stupid liberal “comedians” who think blackface is “funny” and because they are a “liberal”, they somehow get a pass.

Maxine Waters wants to “purchase” a case of Dove to help her “image” with voters.

Dove “cleans” too good…


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