Chill Out Moments

“Kung Fu Master Ye Wei”

Tows helicopter with Penis.

“Middle East Love”

Humpback Camels

“Dude Got Lucky”

As A Great White Preferred Eating The Kayak Over Him.

“How to Clear the Bus”

When Asked One Too Many Questions.

“Save Life Of Driver”  

In The Middle Of A Seizure.

“Using A Hair Dryer”

To Trick Speeders Into Slowing Down.

“Super Hungry Drunk Chick”

Brawls With McDonald’s Employees Over A Chicken Sandwich.

“Intense Shootout”  

Between Police And A Robber.

“Macho Man” 

Nine minute Promo

“Message for Donald Trump”

From Former Mexican President Vicente Fox.


“Emotional Letter To His Dog Woody”

Who Passed Away.

“A Psychic Not Being Able To Foresee”  

Is A Bad Look For Psychics Everywhere

“MMA Fight Ends In 7 Seconds”

After Dude Gets Kicked In The Dick

“LA Biker Hits 132mph”

And Ends Up Heroically Evading Helicopter. 

“Hot In England”  

Poor Fella Pushing Stroller Naked.

“Bald Eagle Swooping In”

To Steal Salmon Filets.

“Dramatic Cliff Chase”

For a Dinner.

“Rope Swing Fails” 

Some things just never get old

“Few Crazy Bad Beats”

At WSOP The Poker Table

“Walking With A Lawn Mower”

On His Chin into the World Record Book.

“We Are The World”  

Impressive collection of people.

“Ognjen Jaramaz”

Buckle your seat belts.

“Liquor Cabinet Music”

St. Paul & The Broken Bones.

“A Heckler Yelled At James Dolan”  

For Having A Terrible Singing Voice.

“Gorilla Dancing In A Kiddie Pool”

Makes Everyone Happy.

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