Weekly Muslim Invader Updates

Jun 22 2017
WISCONSIN MUSLIM charged with storming a Milwaukee courthouse and making “terrorist threats.”
According to a criminal complaint on June 15th, officials were dispatched to the U.S. Courthouse after a report that a Muslim subject, Mohamed Hamden, began fighting with a U.S. Marshal while shouting “I’m gonna kill you all” as well as “Allah” and “Bomb.”

Jun 22 2017
LIBERAL ‘FAT SHAMING’…so much more fun than Muslim ‘neck smiting.’
Consider this a “bonus” BNI mental health break.

Jun 22 2017
With a bag on her head and an earring in her nose, designated terrorist group CAIR spokes-jihadist defends illegal aliens, even after one murders a 17-year-old Muslim girl.
If it was a white Christian guy who had brutally murdered this Muslim teenager for no apparent reason, you would see a totally different reaction.

Jun 22 2017
GREECE: Another hub of Muslim cultural “enrichment” for Europe.
Like Italy, Greece is a popular gateway for illegal alien African Muslims trying to reach the welfare havens of Western Europe. While they await travel papers and free transportation north, they are creating havoc in the island detention camps and surrounding neighborhoods in Greece where they are being housed.

Jun 22 2017
Love at first bite? And they say horses don’t have a sense of humor.

Jun 22 2017
“I’m a Muslim, fuck Swedes, Swedes are racists,” roared 3 Muslim invaders, who tried to rob a homeless man and beat up a handicapped man on crutches in Sweden.
Three Arab Muslims posing as refugees, aged 45, 38, & 32, not only tried to steal the wallet and belongings of a homeless man seeking shelter in the central station in Gävle, they also beat up a disabled man on crutches, and harassed a teenager, both of whom were witnesses to the attack.

Jun 22 2017
“I’m a Muslim, it’s my duty to destroy Christian symbols,” says African Muslim invader who attacked a church in Italy.
The 25-year-old Gambian Muslim who, in January, damaged a shrine containing the statue of the Madonna in the outside courtyard of the Parish of the Madonna of the Rosary and set fire to a crib has been deported from Italy. He justified his act by reference to his Muslim faith.

Jun 21 2017
The anti-Muslim attack outside a terror-linked London mosque was inevitable.
And it won’t be the last unless…

Jun 21 2017
EU Greens Party demands relocation of “entire villages of Muslim so-called refugees” to Eastern European countries.
These are the same Eastern European countries – Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary – that are refusing to accept any Muslim invaders posing as refugees, despite threats of legal action against them by the EU Parliament. Some are even threatening to pull out of the EU rather than be forced to take in thousands of Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists.

Jun 21 2017
BNI MUST SEE! “Muslims have contributed nothing to the West but terrorism, so why do you expect them to love you?”
Following the attack by a non-Muslim outside a London mosque, Egyptian TV host Youssef al-Husseini has some harsh words…for Muslims.

Jun 21 2017
YouTube EPIC FAIL: #MoreThanARefugee left wing propaganda video from Muslim sympathizers about so-called “refugees.”
#MoreThanARefugee was placed right next to the YouTube logo for at least two days. Now, it’s down, probably because of all the negative comments and ‘dislike’ checks garnered by the stupid video.

Jun 21 2017
MICHIGANISTAN: Muslim savage yells “Allahu Akbar” before stabbing Flint airport cop in likely act of Islamic terrorism.
An unknown assailant allegedly yelled “Allahu Akbar” before stabbing an off-duty police officer in the neck and back area at the Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan.

Jun 21 2017
If you’re a Muslim terrorist, come to the UK and we’ll even pay your expensive legal bills to keep you from being deported.
A convicted Jordanian Muslim terrorist, in the UK illegally, was given £250,000 (US$316,509) in legal aid, using taxpayer money, to fight his deportation after a nine-year prison sentence for plotting terrorist attacks against the UK. Apparently, he is afraid he will be tortured if forced to return to Jordan.

Jun 21 2017
STAND DOWN SECRETARY OF DEFENSE MATTIS! Google is going to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) with targeted ads.
Instead of reporting to the FBI potential ISIS recruits who search online for terror-related keywords, the PC pussies at Google are redirecting them to YouTube videos under the banner of “Against Violent Extremism” – a term used by Leftists who refuse to call Islamic jihad “Islamic Jihad” – which calls for violence against unbelievers in Islam’s holy books.

Jun 21 2017
BIG BRASS ONES! Hungarian PM doubles down on commitment NOT TO ALLOW Muslims into his country.
Viktor Orban says his countrymen do not want to give up the economic prosperity they have worked so hard for and want to live in security, both of which are not possible with a large influx of Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists. Hungarians do not want to participate in the kind of multicultural social experiment that is turning Europe into something unrecognizable.

Jun 21 2017
LONDON: The apparent retaliatory attack on Muslims outside the terror-linked Finsbury Mosque signifies the start of a religious civil war to save Europe from Islam.
Liberty GB leader Paul Weston was laughed at when he predicted in 2007 that civil war in Europe was inevitable by 2025. It appears that this first attack on Muslims by an unarmed British civilian who used his car as a weapon, as he had seen so many Muslims do to Europeans over the past 2 years, should become the shot heard round the world.

Jun 21 2017
FRANCE: Van driver killed in fireball crash after illegal alien African Muslim invaders block Calais road with tree trunks.
A van driver was killed when he crashed into a tail-back on a motorway near Calais, northern France, where UK-bound illegal migrants had blocked the road with tree trunks, causing the Polish-registered van to burst into flames when it crashed into trucks.

Jun 20 2017
BRUSSELS: Another ‘Ramadan Bombathon’ attempted terrorist attack in Central Train Station…suspect has been neutralized.
News reports in NYC haven’t identified him as a Muslim yet. I guess the Daily Mail came closest saying “suspected suicide bomber with a ‘tanned appearance’ threatened train passengers while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and triggering an explosion at the city’s central station was shot dead by soldiers.”

Jun 20 2017
EU REPLACEMENT MIGRATION: In 50 years, Europe could have 100 million or more – mainly Muslim, mainly male – African invaders sucking the government welfare teat.
Whatever will Europe do when they are under siege by 100 million more African muslim freeloaders, rapists, and potential jihadists (posing as refugees) whose main goal is to create an Islamic Europe?

Jun 20 2017
YES! TEXAS GOVERNOR signs into law a bill that will ban the use of Islamic ‘sharia’ law in Texas courts.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law House Bill 45, more commonly known as “American Laws for American Courts,” or ALAC. It prohibits the use of any foreign law in the state’s courts, specifically in family cases that involve marriage or parent-child relationship matters.

Jun 19 2017
WHY, indeed?
“It’s like pulling teeth to get President Trump to respond to terror attacks on Muslims,” said Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). “His silence or his delay really sends a negative message to the American Muslim community that their lives and their safety are not as important as the lives and safety of other citizens.” Maybe that’s because he thinks they aren’t.

Jun 19 2017
HEY, CAIR! The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that “there is no ‘hate speech’ exclusion in the First Amendment.”
The Supreme Court ruled this morning that the government cannot deny full trademark protection to allegedly racially offensive trademarks. The opinions are here.

Jun 19 2017
UK MUSLIM MP Rushanara Ali says anti-Islam “far right” protests MUST be stopped because they “stir up hate” which causes Muslims to commit terrorist acts.
Not surprisingly, Ali is a Labor Party MP representing the infamous Muslim NO-GO Zone of Tower Hamlets.

Jun 19 2017
The more the EU threatens legal action against Muslim refugee quota non-compliant Eastern European countries, the closer the EU comes to self-imploding.
Sadly, unlike Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, Slovakia has now caved to EU threats and opened its doors to Muslim freeloaders posing as refugees. They’ll be sorry.

Jun 19 2017
UK: Survivor of a Islamic jihad attack in Israel which killed her Christian friend and left her fighting for her life speaks out at anti-Israel Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day march.
Hundreds of protesters showed their anger as well as their support for Israel at the Islamic terrorist march held in London yesterday.

Jun 19 2017
AMERICAN HERO: Former Special Forces soldier runs into barrage of ISIS gunfire to save young Iraqi Muslim girl.
Would an Iraqi soldier ever do this for an American Christian girl?

Jun 19 2017
PARIS Latest Ramadan terrorist attack: Muslim rams car filled with guns and a gas bomb into police van on Champs-Elysee.
Thankfully, the attacker is now dead. The “radicalized” Muslim, 31, who has been pictured being stripped naked by bomb squad officers, “was known to the police,” said an investigating source.

Jun 19 2017
MORE THAN 1200 illegal alien Muslim invaders ferried to Europe by NGO and faith-based human traffickers in 10 hours.
Thousands of African Muslim economic freeloaders posing as refugees have been ‘rescued’ from rubber rafts and crammed into boats in just 10 hours – in a huge joint ‘rescue’ operation by faith-based charities and NGOs. The invaders on the makeshift rafts, hoping to make it to Europe, were from across Africa with nations including Nigeria, the Congo, Mali and Sudan.

Jun 19 2017
No wonder so many Germans are fleeing to Poland, Hungary, & the Czech Republic.
In 10 years, all those Refugee Centers in Germany will have been replaced with mosques.

Jun 18 2017
BREAKING! Van slams into group of pedestrians outside infamous extremist mosque in London…rumors fly.
A man in a van has mowed down several people on a London street near a militant mosque with terrorism links in Finsbury Park. Witnesses report that a man was detained by police.

Jun 18 2017
GAZA: Where Muslim kindergarten children dressed as terrorists pretend to kill Jews at 2017 graduation ceremony.
Can’t wait to see what they have in store for their primary school graduation.

Jun 18 2017
SAY WHAT? ALBERTA Christian Academy being ordered to stop teaching what some (Muslims?) find “offensive” scripture.
A Battle River School Board member went though a Bible with a black marker and crossed out ALL words she finds “offensive” to Muslims, though they don’t admit to this. And yes, a lot of Muslim parents send their children to Christian schools which they find less “progressive’ than Canadian public schools.

Jun 18 2017
Syrian Muslim invaders posing as refugees thank Canadians by pelting them with rocks and bricks.
What happened? Did someone find pork in their halal fried rice? No, actually, they don’t think their free accommodations are living up to their Muslim supremacist expectations and they want to go back to Syria. Where do I send the plane ticket?

Jun 18 2017
UTAH: Designated terrorist group CAIR sues feds for barring Utah jihad indoctrination leader from re-entering U.S.
CAIR’s lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Utah. Among the defendants are the FBI, the Terrorism Screening Center (TSC) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Jun 18 2017
SWEDEN: Security police confirm there are thousands of violent extremists in Sweden today, a dramatic increase attributed to mass Muslim immigration.
The Swedish Security Police (Säpo) estimate that there are thousands of violent Muslim extremists in Sweden today. The increase in recent years has been dramatic, from 200 in 2010 to several thousand in 2017 so far.

Jun 17 2017
New 9/11 Tribute Museum triples in size.
The 9/11 Tribute Museum is separate from the National September 11th Memorial & Museum, which is located a few blocks away.  It is triple the size of the former location with many new exhibits.

Jun 17 2017
ALABAMA: Huntsville Police and FBI arrest Muslim convert on terrorism charges.
Aziz Sayyed, 22, was arrested at the intersection of Church Street and Clinton Avenue Thursday afternoon. The arrest was announced in a joint press conference later that afternoon. Sayyed faces a state charge of soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism and is being held without bond.

Jun 17 2017
GERMANY: They promised more than 10,000 Muslims would be marching against Islamic terrorism, but turnout disappoints.
There were no more than a few hundred in this so-called ‘peace’ march and many of those were German leftists, NOT Muslims. Notice how the video below only shows close-ups to make the crowd look much larger than it actually was.

Jun 17 2017
OMG! Communists and Leftist Fascists of “ANTIFA” join Muslims in their Islamic jihad against people’s pet dogs.
Originally posted in 2016 by ANTIFA FOR ISLAM

Jun 17 2017
Is it me? Or do most of the protesters who stormed the city council following the Grenfell Tower fire appear to be Muslims?
Angry locals have stormed the buildings of Kensington and Chelsea Council, demanding “answers” and “justice” after the Grenfell Tower fire. Most British ‘council’ buildings are for low-income or welfare-dependent residents.

Jun 16 2017
What you should know about how special counsel Robert Mueller sold the FBI out to designated terrorist group CAIR.
Mueller never should have been appointed to this position and the Trump administration has more than enough reasons to force him to recuse himself or fire him if he won’t.

Jun 16 2017
Was the London Grenfell Tower fire “revenge” for all of the recent Islamic terrorist attacks taking place in Britain?
One Muslim woman thinks so. Apparently, there were a lot of Muslims in the tower. Most aid organizations and eye-witnesses seem to be Muslims, too.

Jun 16 2017
SAN DIEGO: Anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crime or self-defense?
An American offended a young Muslim when they praised Trump and blasphemed Islam. The Muslim, Mustafa Sahid, approached the men in an aggressive, threatening manner with his fists up in a boxing position and get in their faces. One of the three men punched the Muslim and a minor scuffle ensued.

Jun 16 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR and its paid leftist useful idiots fail to stop ‘Understanding the Threat of Islam’ AGAIN!
In virtually every city in which similar events have been held, CAIR has tried to stop Brigitte Gabriel’s ‘ActforAmerica’ and former FBI counter-terrorism expert, John Guandolo, from educating the public about the the threat from both Islamic homegrown terrorism and civilization jihad. They do this by disseminating lies to the media and character assassination of event organizers.

Jun 16 2017
70 years later, why are there 4 million so-called ‘Palestinian’ Muslim refugees?
It’s been nearly seven decades since the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, and yet there are still an estimated 4 million Palestinian refugees, many of them living in Arab nations, yet not allowed to become citizens of those countries. With so many nearby Arab allies of the Palestinians, how did this happen? Dumisani Washington, Diversity Outreach Coordinator for Christians United for Israel, explains:

Jun 16 2017
LONDON: MUSLIM MAYOR refuses to cancel anti-Israel, pro-terrorism march.
London’s extremist Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has been slammed by members of the capital’s Jewish community over his refusal to ban Sunday’s anti-Israel al-Quds (Arabic for ‘Jerusalem’) Day march and its traditional display of flags supporting the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Jun 16 2017
LEFTISTS AND MUSLIMS are outraged that the Senate hearing on “Ideology and Terrorism” focused ONLY on Muslims.
Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee hearing on “Ideology and Terror: Understanding the Tools, Tactics, and Techniques of Violent Extremism” featured an ex-Muslim, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and a liberal Muslim feminist, Asra Nomani, who have used their positions to argue in support of counter-terrorism policies that target Muslims.

Jun 16 2017
MIAMI man faces ’25 YEARS’ in jail just for leaving an anti-Muslim voicemail at a mosque.
Gee, Muslims who actually kill people usually don’t get a 25-year sentence in the notorious far left wing courts of Miami. Feds accuse a security guard of threatening the Islamic Center of Greater Miami. He didn’t actually do anything, he just threatened by voicemail and email.

Jun 16 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands Florida Firearms Manufacturer explain “Muslim Stoppers” button.
Seems to me the meaning is self-explanatory. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on Florida-based SCCY Firearms to explain a promotional button issued by that company claiming its handguns are “Real Muslim Stoppers.”

Jun 16 2017
SWEDEN: Iraqi Muslim savage stabs passengers because Muslim woman in headbag is asked to show her train ticket.
Iraqi Muslim man traveling from Stockholm to Hallsberg by train launched a brutal stabbing attack on passengers after a Muslim woman was asked to show her ticket, accusing them all of “racism.” What “race” is Muslim? Karim Alaa Hussain, 25, became infuriated when the unnamed woman, who was wearing an Islamic headbag, was asked to show her rail ticket by a female conductor.

Jun 16 2017
NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #173: When you fire Muslim supremacists for making extraordinary religious demands, you get charged with discrimination.
CANADA: Husky Energy is investigating after three Edmonton Somali Muslims who were fired from a maintenance project in Lloydminster launched a human rights complaint against a contractor over incidents of alleged “Islamophobia.”

Jun 16 2017
UK: Ramadan Sudden Car Jihad Syndrome as Muslim van driver mows down 5 people.
This is the horrific moment a Muslim van driver, Lugman Aslam, 26, ploughed into five men sending them flying ‘like skittles’ after claims he was “racially” abused while fasting during Ramadan. What “race” is Muslim?

Jun 16 2017
Is a Pakistani Muslim ‘bar’ & restaurant owner really closing down because of anti-Muslim death threats?
The Muslim owner of “ZaZa Bar & Bites” in Galveston says he is closing his establishment because of anti-Muslim harassment. But not everyone is buying this explanation. The fact that a Muslim, forbidden to be anywhere near alcohol, owns a bar, should send up the red flags.

Jun 16 2017
While Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron make goo goo eyes at each other…
Look what’s happening in France.

Jun 15 2017
Ever wonder why Europe is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of Muslims in boats, but Australia isn’t?
Australia used to have an enormous problem with human traffickers bringing in swarms of illegal alien Muslim invaders by boats. But that all came to a stop when PM Tony Abbott initiated his ‘Stop-the-Boats’ program, which used the military and Coast Guard to ensure that anyone coming by boat without a visa would be sent back or put in detention until they could be sent back. Problem solved, the boats don’t even try to enter Australian waters anymore.

Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of unvetted immigration policies.


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