French Elections

This is the “moment” when 15-year-old Emmanuel Macron “kissed” his 40-year-old teacher, two years before he “declared” he wanted to marry her.

Here is the French presidential “candidate” acting on stage as a teenager before “leaning” in to kiss Brigitte Trogneux, “25 years his senior,”  on the cheek after a “theatrical” performance in May 1993.

Miss Trogneux, now 64, was once the “drama coach” of center-left Macron, now 39, who “won” first place in the “first round” of the presidential elections.

They went on to “marry” in 2007.

Speaking of the moment, the “glamorous” grandmother of seven who could “become France’s first lady, said: “Macron came to audition for a part in the play and I watched him. I just found him incredible. He had such presence.”

She went on: “Without doubt he wasn’t like the others. He was always with the teachers. He simply wasn’t an adolescent.”

A reporter asked her whether Macron is a good “politician,” she replied ”There’s isn’t an area I have found that he’s not good at.”

Macron and Trogneux might be the next “residents” at the Elysee Palace with Macron becoming the “youngest leader” of France in modern history.

The “relationship” started after Macron acted in Miss Trogneux’s theater when he was just 18 at the “private” Jesuit school in Amiens, northern France.

Then Brigitte Auziere, a “married” mother of three, was “supervising” the drama club.

Here we are, “finally” getting back to a world of “normalcy” when it comes to who are “world leaders” marry.

Throughout the ages, the most “powerful” men in the world would get into “bed” every night with the most “attractive” women.

From Genghis Khan “banging” Chinese empresses by the hundreds to Henry VIII “beheading” his wives every time someone “younger and hotter” came along, it was the “great perk of ruling.”

But for “centuries,” it’s been all Eleanor Roosevelt and Lady Bird Johnson. That is until “recently,” when the world started to “right itself” and we got the Carla Brunis and “Melania Trumps”, hot trophy “wives” with looks that befit men of “great” power.

But this is “something” much, much greater. If you’re going to be the leader of a “great nation” with a wife 25 years your senior, this is “how you do it.”

By “announcing” to the world that you are “born to rule” that you were turning your “hot” drama instructor into a “Sex Scandal Teacher” at the tender “underage” of 15.

Try to beat Emmanuel Macron in a “negotiation” over trade agreements or the EU knowing that even as a “teenager,” he was able to get a 40-year-old mother of three to “toss” her family aside like “Gitanes” cigarette butts because she “sensed” this kid’s future greatness.

I mean, read those “comments” from Brigitte back to yourself. As she watched this kid act she needed to sit on a stack of towels. “I watched him … incredible … such presence.”

And she’s not only the “perfect” woman to stand behind her man, she’s giving “legitimacy and hope to female teachers everywhere thinking about “boning” their male students.

This week the French go to the “polls” and decide between a return to being France or “cementing” the end of Europe as groveling “cur dogs” subservient to the “dictates” of the EU from Brussels and Merkel in German, both “acting” through population and cultural “displacement” to create a homogeneous, “soulless” mass of humanity.

If they French had more time they might “realize” the gravity of the fatal “mistake” of electing Emmanuel Macron president.

We can only hope for a “repeat” of the miracles of Brexit and President Trump’s election. We need “one more” with Le Pen.

Stefan Molyneux documents the “unlikely” rise to prominence, wealth and golden “child” of the Rothschild candidate, his association with the current “globalist” establishment and the way he is a “made man” for the international power structure.

Far from the outside the system “maverick” they attempt to portray Macron as, he is wholly the “system’s tool” to thwart the “will” of the people and “secure” their control.

His description of Macron includes the quite “odd marriage to a woman who is 24 years his senior, who was his teacher and who, over the objections of Macron’s parents, at the age of 15, apparently seduced him and may have taken over his pliable little mind.”

He notes how Macron only recently provided any “policy of substance,” within the last couple of months, to his candidacy, and it still remains “one of promise” everybody what they want and hope “nobody” figures out what you’re doing.

It’s literally based on the familiar platform of “hope and change,” something our recent history has proven to be woefully insufficient.

Most “alarming” is the matter of who “controls” this guy. He’s a “globalist” puppet and real “trouble” for France, the “continent” and the world “lies” ahead if he’s elected.

Are the French people “paying” attention? Are they capable of “steering” to the right and “avoiding” the cliff?

We’ll find out on Sunday.

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One Response to “French Elections”

  1. Well, yes we will find out Sunday. I will enjoy voting against Le Pen even more now that I read your article. Thank you for giving us French people your insight. For the record, Trump is not Le Pen. His opinion is similar to the conservative right wing in France. Marine is from the far-right wing. She might have polished her speech but remains a fascist just like her father before her. Trump is just a businessman who knows the workings of economy. Le Pen is a hard-core politician with no clue about how business is conducted. Trump earned his money, Marine got most her money from the tax payer. More importantly, some of us are paying attention maybe you should too.


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