Target Restroom Horror

81 year old Cynthia Cunningham was “hospitalized” during the early morning hours after she was found barely “conscious” in Target’s “genderless” restroom.

The elderly woman “fell” into the toilet becoming “stuck” in the commode because the “transgender” seat was left up.

According to the “victim’s” family, Cunningham went “missing” after she went into town to “buy” her grandson a “birthday card and video game.”

The “frail” women with “poor” eyesight and a “weak” bladder was recorded on security cameras “rushing” into the Target restroom a half-hour before the store “closed” only to not “emerge” until EMT’s carried her out on a “stretcher” the next morning.

“It’s horrendous” stated Bradley Cunningham, the victims forty year old son. “We were worried sick all night long and we’re out looking for her. I can’t believe she was trapped in a Target toilet for ten hours all because of a lifted seat in the genderless room.”

Surveillance “footage” showed that the staff “locked” up the store and failed to “check” the restrooms before going home. This left Cunningham “screaming” for help all night long.

When she was “discovered” the following morning by an employee she could not “stand” on her own and her voice was so “hoarse” she hardly could speak.

The only “signs” of life were her shallow “breaths and slight eye movements.” The incident was made all the “worse” when the automated lights “shut off” leaving her to suffer in the “pitch black” all alone throughout the night.

College and university students in the San Francisco area were quick to “condemn” Cynthia Cunningham saying that her “injury” was a result of her own “ignorance” about the struggles and hardships “transgender” people facing everyday in today’s world.

Steven Brandenburg, a campus leader and organizer for “progressive” demonstrations at USC called for a “protest” outside the hospital Cunningham was admitted.

“We need to highlight and shame ignorance and bigotry wherever it may be found.” Brandenburg posted on his twitter feed.

“This biased and transphobic relic of a bygone era clearly demonstrates how society marginalizes the challenges transgender people have when finding acceptance and understanding among the mainstream straight population. If Cynthia Cunningham would have educated herself a bit more she would not be in the situation she is now.”

There is no “word” about Cunningham’s condition but she will soon be “moved” to another hospital to avoid the student “protesters” who have been “turning” up at the hospital campus “damaging” property throughout the day.

No one said the “struggle” for gender equity in Target restrooms would be easy. No one said there would not be “collateral” damage.

“Granny” Cunningham took a “bullet” for Social Justice!

Let’s not “forget” our progressive  “brothers and sisters” who are forced to “use” genderless toilets “one handed.”


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