Weekly Muslim Invader Updates

Apr 13 2017
BOMBS AWAY! U.S. drops 21,000 pound ‘mother of all bombs” in retaliation for killing of U.S. soldier in Afghanistan.
The MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Blast) is the largest non-nuclear bomb in the world. Watch out, ISIS, a lot of these bombs have your name on them.

Apr 13 2017
FRANCE: Arson attack against Marine Le Pen’s Front National headquarters.
A building housing the campaign headquarters of leading French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in Paris has been targeted by an arson attempt. Those who reportedly took responsibility or the incident vowed to continue such acts ‘every day until the elections.’

Apr 13 2017
SWEDEN: Why would a Muslim immigrant join the anti-Muslim immigration party – the Sweden Democrats?
When a Muslim immigrant thinks that Muslim immigration is destroying Sweden, the situation there is much worse than we thought.

Apr 13 2017
U.S. Military and Intelligence intercepted communications between Syrian military and chemical experts prior to the attack.
Evidence from intercepted communications by the US military and Intelligence community is being released which shows that the Syrian military and chemical experts were talking about preparations for the Sarin attack that took place in Idlib last week, killing and injuring more than 100 people.

Apr 13 2017
NORTH CAROLINA: More useful idiots for Islam demonstrating their ignorance at a Charlotte church.
The Grove Presbyterian Church is in a state of denial, apparently oblivious to the ongoing genocide of Christians being carried out by Muslims around the world – as many as 100,000 per year. Christians are being tortured, slaughtered and/or driven out if they refuse to convert to Islam or become “dhimmi” slaves of Islam.

Apr 12 2017
ANOTHER Muslim hate crime hoax?
Designated terrorist group CAIR calls for hate crime investigation after Muslim woman claims she was attacked in Milwaukee for being a Muslim. No witnesses…no CCTV footage…no cell phone video?

Apr 12 2017
DEAD BODY of first female Muslim judge on NY Court of Appeals found washed up on the side of the Hudson River.
Sheila Abdus-Salaam, 65, was discovered floating in the water near 132nd Street and Hudson Parkway at around 1:45 p.m., according to police sources. Witnesses had spotted her fully clothed body and called 911, police said.

Apr 12 2017
UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-Dallas: Qurans found in toilet of Student Union.
Police are looking for possible suspects who put two Islamic books of hate – Qurans – in the toilet of a bathroom at the University of Texas at Dallas between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on March 28th.

Apr 12 2017
GERMANY: As expected, a MUSLIM has been arrested in the pipe bomb attack on the Bourussa Dortmund soccer team bus.
An Iraqi Muslim has been arrested over Bourussa Dortmund team bus bombing where 3 roadside bombs were detonated by mobile phone. Police found three letters claiming the attack was carried out in the name of Islam. Bourussa Dortmund was on its way to play the team from Morocco.

Apr 12 2017
Did you know that in Islam, using men’s urinals is considered UN-Islamic?
Men standing up to urinate makes them no better than animals. (Gee, can’t wait to hear what he thinks about transgender men dressed as women using urinals)

Apr 12 2017
SWEDEN: “Humanizing” Islamic terrorists is more important than ever after Islamic terrorist attack in Stockholm.
Gothenburg City Theater has defended its decision to continue showing a controversial play, whose writer and director says aims to “humanize” Islamic terrorists after a terror attack struck Sweden last week.

Apr 12 2017
SWEDEN’S largest newspaper knows how to stop Islamic terrorism: “BAN VEHICLES.”
Cars and other vehicles “have turned into deadly weapons for Muslim terrorists”, and should be banished from cities to stop attacks like the one in Stockholm from happening in future, according to Aftonbladet editorialist Eva Franchell.

Apr 12 2017
Muslim spokesbaghead for designated terrorist group CAIR wants to know how the President will deal with so-called ‘Islamophobia’ promoted by the Trump team?

Apr 12 2017
Shhhhh….don’t tell anyone but Canada has authorized tighter airline security measures, but won’t say what or why or where, just that they are “evidence based.”
The Canadian federal government plans to impose newly enhanced airline security measures on certain Canada-bound flights, but has refused to provide any details about which airlines, airports, or countries would be affected by the restrictions, citing a need for secrecy.

Apr 11 2017
SWEDEN: There’s no turning back.
That’s right, Sweden is on its death bed, directly related to open-door mass Muslim immigration. This “Kumbaya” video is a pathetic attempt by the Swedish government to make people think that if they would just open their hearts to this invasion of Muslim freeloaders, rapists and jihadists…everything would be fine and dandy.

Apr 11 2017
NETHERLANDS: Somali Muslim thugs start attacking customers in a supermarket.
UH OH! Were they caught shoplifting? Or was the halal section too close to the pork section?

Apr 11 2017
RUSSIA: The Muslim-ruled region of Chechnya opens a “concentration camp” where homosexual men are brutally tortured with electric shocks and beaten to death.
One-time allies who fought on the side of Hitler in WWII, Chechen Muslims now have their own concentration camp, where some 100 gay men have been rounded up and at least 3 killed in the past week. It’s reported that inmates are being tortured with electric currents and beaten to death by guards trying to get them to rat out others in the gay community.

Apr 11 2017
GERMANY: Somali Muslim teenagers wreck asylum center housing over not enough Play station consoles and pocket money.
Young Somali Muslim freeloaders in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania have “demolished” their kitchen and living quarters during a violent “rampage” in which they demanded more Play Stations and pocket money.

Apr 11 2017
SOUTH DAKOTA: Former Muslim from Iran, now a Christian Pastor, scares the bejeezus out of people by speaking about the rising menace of Islam in America.
Washington state-based Pastor Shahram Hadian spoke about “Sabotaging America: Islam’s March Towards Supremacy” at a private presentation to large group in Sioux Falls.

Apr 10 2017
ASSOCIATED PRESS is demanding that China increase online censorship to stop “Islamophobia.”
Let’s see how fast the Associated Press loses its media credentials for covering China. AP should understand that anti-Muslim hatred in China has nothing to do with internet chatter, but rather with Islamic terrorism from the Uighur Muslim-dominant region of Xinjiang in China, not to mention Islam’s barbaric methods of animal slaughter and other forms of religious extremism.

Apr 10 2017
AUSTRALIA: Couple wearing crosses savagely beat up on train by Muslim gang shouting “Fuck Jesus.”
Christians in Sydney, Australia, are being advised to hide their crosses in public after an Arabic-speaking Muslim gang of thugs shouting “Fuck Jesus” and “Allahu Akbar” attacked a couple on a train, while transit officers stood by and did nothing while looking on from a “safe space.”

Apr 10 2017
Remember the dog killed in the Islamic terrorist truck attack in Stockholm?
Now we know who he is. The dog killed in the Stockholm attack has since been identified as “Iggy”. Iggy was a rescue dog from Dublin, re-homed in Stockholm by an animal sanctuary called Dogs Aid.

Apr 10 2017
GERMANY: Muslim boys beating up Jewish schoolmate is the “new normal.”
News about a 14-year-old boy enduring beatings from Muslim classmates when it became known he was Jewish, emerged one day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel dismissed calls to introduce a law regulating/restricting Muslim religious practices.

Apr 10 2017
IDAHO: Young Muslim refugees admit to sexually assaulting disabled 5-year-old girl, stripping her naked, urinating on her.
Three MUSLIM refugees, ages 14, 10, and 7, from Iraq and Eritrea, have pled guilty to sexually assaulting a disabled five-year-old girl and filming themselves doing it in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Apr 10 2017
‘CALIPHORNIA’ Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters demands the U.S. take in 100,000 MORE Syrian Muslim refugees.
Rep. Maxine Waters (D, Calif.) slammed President Donald Trump on Sunday for his temporary refugee ban and backed a MoveOn.org petition calling for the United States to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees.

Apr 10 2017
A GOOD START: U.S. to deport 4,000 Somali Muslim freeloaders/jihadis back to Somalia.
Somalia’s U.S. ambassador says his embassy has learned that U.S. immigration agents are planning to deport about 4,000 Somali nationals now living in the United States. “We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” Ahmed Isse Awad told VOA’s Somali service Saturday. “Most of them are not in detention centers.”

Apr 9 2017
Are we going to ban vehicles now?

Apr 9 2017
EGYPT TWO COPTIC CHRISTIAN CHURCHES BOMBED: dozens dead, more injured, ISIS takes credit.
As Christians in Egypt were observing Palm Sunday, the Islamic State allegedly used suicide bombers to attack two churches.

Apr 9 2017
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME 2.0: The new and improved version following another Muslim terrorist attack in Stockholm.
Instead of staging massive protests against a government that has flooded their country with Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists who want to kill them, the people of Sweden come out to build a “heartbreaking wall of flowers and candles” in response to the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Stockholm. At the same time, politicians and the media fall all over themselves trying to convince people that Islamic terror has nothing to do with Islam.

Apr 8 2017
People who actually read the news are more likely to be anti-Islam.
For years, the Left has insisted that so-called “Islamophobia” is caused by ignorance. But a recent study suggests that the opposite is true. Research finds that people – who are generally “highly tolerant” – show increased anger and reduced warmth towards Muslims if they are more avid news consumers.

Apr 8 2017
One of Britain’s largest Islamic ‘halal’ slaughterhouses is under investigation over allegations of severe animal cruelty (Viewer Discretion Advised).
Undercover secret filming claims to show a slaughter-man repeatedly sawing at the necks of sheep with a knife as they pass down a conveyor belt. The animals were NOT killed instantly – as should be the case – and many were seen convulsing and jumping while still conscious as they went down the line.

Apr 8 2017
President Trump nominates new Secretary of the Army, eminently qualified, unlike his Obama-appointed predecessor chosen primarily because he was openly gay.
President Donald Trump has announced Mark Green to be his pick for secretary of the United States Army. Green is a State Senator from Tennessee and a physician, and has been praised by Defense Secretary Mattis. Green is a West Point graduate and Army veteran who made three combat tours in the Middle East. Green’s military career began as an infantry officer and culminated as a rifle company commander in the famed 82nd Airborne Division.

Apr 8 2017
YES!! Muslims are being profiled at U.S. airports and borders no matter what country they’re from…even America.
Thank you, President Trump, for allowing our TSA and border agents to do their jobs, again.

Apr 8 2017
What are the odds that the Black guy who tried to set fire to a Muslim-owned convenience store and left a white supremacist note, was actually a Muslim himself?
We all know how racist Muslims are.

Apr 8 2017
GERMANY moves to ban Muslim pedophile marriage after finding at least 1500 such marriages among Muslim refugees.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has agreed on a new draft law aimed at outlawing child marriages. By the end of July 2016, almost 1,500 minors with Muslim backgrounds were registered there as married, including 361 under the age of 14.

Apr 8 2017
“CAIR” – The movie?
Watch what happens when the executive director of designated terrorist group CAIR-Florida, Hasan Shibly, tries to make a movie about CAIR…funny.

Apr 8 2017
“Thank you, Mr. President,” says survivor of 2013 chemical attack in Syria.
Listen to this Syrian man own the CNN host when she asks him what he thinks about Trump’s temporary ban on Syrian refugees.

Apr 8 2017
GOOD NEWS! Wales wants to become the world’s first sanctuary nation for Muslim invaders posing as refugees.
Leftist politicians in Wales are campaigning to transform the country into the world’s first “nation of sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers.” Hey, Wales, if you want, we will be happy to send you all of our Muslim  freeloaders, too.

Apr 7 2017
MONTANASTAN? Democrat Governor of Montana vetoes bill that would prohibit Sharia law.
Governor Steve Bullock vetoed a bill that would have banned sharia law and other foreign laws from being used in Montana courts  (sharia has been used multiple times in several states in court decisions involving Muslims), saying that the measure would “upend our legal system and debase what we stand for as Montanans and Americans.”

Apr 7 2017
“I’m not safe here in America,” says Muslim illegal alien at Canadian border.
Trying to illegally cross into Canada from New York State, this alleged Syrian Muslim “refugee” is arrested as he tries to flee from “dangerous” America and seek asylum in Canada.

Apr 7 2017
BREAKING! Deadly terrorist truck attack into department store in Stockholm.
Subway closed. Shots reportedly fired in other areas. Sweden confirms it’s an act of terrorism. Waiting to confirm that it is ISLAMIC terrorism. Latest reports say 5 DEAD.

Apr 7 2017
San Diego public school district will create ‘safe spaces’ for Muslims while forcing non-Muslim students to learn about Islam.
In the San Diego Unified School District, public schools now will have to offer “safe spaces” for Muslim snowflakes and indoctrinate all students with whitewashed (violence and hatred-free) lessons on Islam, provided by designated terrorist group CAIR.

Apr 7 2017
FLORIDA: Look at the leftie Muslim-sympathizers who came out to protest seminar on the History of Radical Islam.
Despite CAIR calling for the seminar to be cancelled, it went on as scheduled and was well received by everyone except for the Muslims and their useful idiots. Supervisor of Elections Paul Stamoulis, who conducted the seminar on Islam, said his presentation is part of a “voter education” initiative to understand your enemy.

Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of unvetted immigration policies.


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