Metro Penis Seat

Just when you thought the London Underground couldn’t be beaten in the “excitement” stakes, the Mexico City Metro “steals” the crown by installing a “bizarre” new seat making things a little more “uncomfortable” for everyone.

In a “conceptually” odd but undeniably memorable PSA campaign, the Mexico City Metro installed a “penis seat” in one of its subway cars, featuring a molded likeness of a man’s “chest and penis,” to get male riders thinking about the “sexual harassment” that women endure every day.

The seat is labeled “For men only.” The actors who “sit” on the seat squirm “uncomfortably” and quickly “abandon” it.

“ It is annoying to travel this way, but not compared to the sexual violence women suffer in their daily commutes,” says a sign on the floor by the seat.

It sounds like a joke, but the “penis seat” actually has a very important “point” to make.

It’s part of a new campaign against “sexual harassment” on public transport, a problem that has caused “discomfort” to many commuters in Mexico City recently.

I guess people want to chose “themselves” when to have a hard rubber penis “pressing” against their butts. The early morning “metro ride” isn’t usually the time. No one wants some horny fella “grinding” their butt crack. “Keep your penis and your thrusts to yourselves,” gentlemen.

I know I wouldn’t like it when someone “sneaks” up behind me on the subway and “starts” grinding their dick on me. It doesn’t give them a “free pass to hump me.”

Women “feel” that way, too. They wanna “ride” the subway without being “molested.” That’s not too much to ask. If you wanna “molest” someone, do it yourself with the “penis seat.”

Just don’t look at the “seat” like it did something “wrong.” That rubber cock isn’t that “gross.” Don’t act like a “prude.”

These actors are trying to “play” a little fast and loose with the“gay chicken game” though. This isn’t the “playground.” It’s serious business.

“Sit on it!.”  “LOL no you.”  “No you.”

But at “least” we got this metro rider’s “reaction.”

And then “there” is this guy. He looks like the type of person who this ad is “marketed” to. No chance this guy doesn’t “just ride” around on the subway looking to “rub his dick” on somebody. That’s the face of a “sneaky” grinder.

He acts like he’s “swaying” with the movements of the train but everyone notices that he’s going “against” the grain and his eyes are “looking” at the ceiling. He’s “horny.” He’s done this before. His penis has“rubbed” many unsuspecting “butt cheeks.”

Not anymore, now that there is a “penis seat” to bring awareness to this issue. The Metro no longer will  tolerate “serial butt humpers” on public transportation.

The Mexican government “launched” the campaign following research that “revealed” 65 percent of Mexico City women have been “sexually harassed” on the city’s buses or trains.

And as the video notes, “nine out of 10 women in Mexico City have been victims of some form of sexual violence” in general.

A second spot “emphasized” the same message by filming “men’s butts” on the subway platform and “broadcasting” the footage live on “TV screens” in the subway.

I understand an “ad” campaign with a little bit of “shock value,” but I don’t know if this “will” do much to curb “creepy weirdos” who ride the Metro without “pants,” especially since women already have enough “sexual harassment” to deal with on the subway.

Weird Mexican “behaviors” like this is only going to “encourage” President Trump to “build” that wall faster.

Maybe we need “whistle blowers” like this women on the subway which is the best way to stop “sexual perverts” from doing perv things on the train.


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