Conor McGregor tells Boxing Media “I am Boxing” and promises to “shock” the world.

“Watch me take over boxing. Trust me on that. No one in this boxing game knows what’s coming. Trust me on that, when I step in there I’m gonna shock the whole world. “

“Look me in the eyes. I’m 28 years of age, confident and dangerous with every hand. I’m gonna stop Floyd and you’re all gonna eat your  words.”

I’m going on “record” saying that Conor McGregor “legitimately” has a chance at having a “competitive” fight with Floyd Mayweather, even “beating” him.

I would “put” $100,000 of Floyd Mayweather’s money on McGregor. It’s a “non-boxer vs. a retired former champion.” How can you go wrong?

If you’re the “hardo” who says you won’t even slightly “convince” yourself McGregor can “win on the night of the fight,” you’re wrong.

Deep down McGregor “believes” he has a legit “chance” to pull off the greatest “upset” in boxing history.

Once McGregor steps into the ring I am getting excited for this “cash grab.”

Then, when you throw in “No one in this boxing game knows what’s coming”, it makes me believe Conor “discovered” some new kind of “punch” that negates 19 years of boxing “history” instantly.

As far as my gut “influencing” my brain goes, it’s getting to the “point” where I be giving McGregor a  “chance.”

The kid “might” just do it.

It only took 13 seconds to KO’s Jose Aldo…

Eddie Alvarez didn’t last much longer…

Nate Diaz got destroyed…

Chad Mendes wished he never heard of McGregor…

I want to take this chance to apologize…

Manny Pacquiao “laugh” at Floyd Mayweather wanting to “fight” Conor McGregor…

Funniest Conor McGregor Moments…

Funniest Conor McGregor Insult Collection…

Conor McGregor Documentary…

…and that, ladies and gentlemen, is Ireland’s greatest export. Conor Anthony McGregor.

A Irish hero.


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