Chill Out Moments

“Happy 69th Birthday”

To The Greatest Hockey Player Ever.

“STD’s Never Get Old”

Rap Doctor Teaches Old People About STD’s.

“Chinese Zookeeper “


“Swimsuit Calendar”

Fashion or Soft Porn?

“Brutal Bike Crash”

The hardest of Hardos.

“Doctor Rub His Nuts”

On A Sleeping Patient’s Face.

“Brain Freeze Contest”

Chick collapsed and Host calls Paramedics.

“Truck Crashing Into A Bus”

Miracle nobody died in that crash.

“Like a Rolling Stone”

Wake Up With Bob Dylan

“The Korean Zombie”

One of the more entertaining fighters.

“Boxer Wins Big Fight”

Promptly Knocked Out By Flying Ice Bucket While Celebrating.

“Uber Drivers”

Relentless, Psycho Robots.

“Auston Matthews Rap Song”

Deserves a Grammy.

“Kurt Cobain”

February 20th, would have been Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday.

“Venezuelans Haven’t Quite Mastered Skiing Yet”

Giving credit where credit is due.

“Tom Brady”

Everybody Panic.

“Runner Is About To Win A Race”

Inspiring to say at least.

“The Most Iconic Photo In American History”

Was Taken On Iwo Jima.

“A Giraffe About To Give Birth”

“Richard Simmons”

This video is from sometime around 2010.

“Kid Having A Mental Breakdown”

Over Call Of Duty

“France Is Using Trained, Bad ass Eagles”

To Combat ISIS Flown Drones.

“Driver arrested after doing cartwheels”

Well, give her a “10” for effort.

“Austin Street Fight With A Bunch Of Chicks”

Who Have

Their Lady Bits Flopping All Over The Damn Place

“Sumo Wrestlers”

But His Efforts To Stay In The Game Are Admirable.

“Dukes Of Hazzard”

Those Duke boys are at it again.

“Heckler doesn’t stand a chance”

“Bill Burr on Motherhood”

“Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”

Has Arrived!!

“Munenori Kawasaki Commercial”

For Japanese and American Beers

“Jimmy Kimmel Explains What Happened”

During The Oscars Best Picture Disaster.

“Camera Guy To Film Three Street Fights At Once”

While Providing Commentary Gets An A+ For Effort And Execution.

“The Broken Hardy Brothers”

May Be Headed Back To WWE.

“AHL Fights Breaking Out In The Locker Room Tunnels”

Is Exactly What We Need To Make Hockey Violent Again.

“A Big-Assed Bikini Model Got Groped Twice By A Host”

Smacked Him In The Mouth And Tore Up The Set.

“Viola Davis Oscars Speech for Fences”

Outstanding Performance in a Smug Acceptance.

“Medieval Knockout”

Just What I Needed Today.

“My Suicidal Dog”

As reckless as he is cute.

“Led Zeppelin”

Dazed and Confused.

“Stanley Cup Commercials”

NHL playoffs are the best in all of sports..

“The Legend Of Zelda”

Nothing Short Of Perfection.

“I’m Goin’ Down”

Jam on jam on jam.

“Russian Politicians”

Wants To Make Hooligan Fighting A Sport.

“My Unusual Vagina”

Extraordinary Bodies

“Ultimate Workout”

Be motivated by this video.

“Watch An African Python”

Throw Up An Entire 12 Foot Buck.



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