Iranian Gender Equality

An Iranian woman walks past a giant poster showing supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (R) and the founder of Iran’s Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (L).

Feminists will be “thrilled” with what Iran’s Supreme Leader just said about “Gender Equality.”

In a statement made on Iran’s “National Women’s and Mother’s Day,” Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei explained the “dangers” associated with “gender equality.”

According to Khamenei, the idea of “elevating” women outside of the “household” is part of a “Zionist plot” aimed at “undermining” Islamic society.

In essence, women should “obey the men, cook, clean, have babies, raise them and be unseen, not heard!”

“These aberrant and neglectful people humiliate the role of a housewife while a housewife is actually in charge of raising and educating the most valuable product, which is a human being,” Khamenei explained.

“Unfortunately, sometimes inside the country and in some Islamic environments, tasks and expectations are ascribed to women that in fact collapse and humiliate their roles.”

“Despite sharing similar goals like rising to spiritual positions, leadership and the ability to guide human beings, men and women are different when it comes to responsibilities in management of life,” he added.

Khamenei even went so far as claiming that “Western scholars and those who pursue issues like gender equality all regret their actions for the corruption they caused.”

Feminists will “ignore” this and “clamor” to bring more Muslims to the US.

They will also ignore the “honor killings, genital mutilation, second class status and rape” that seems to “accompany” Muslims wherever they go.

“Gotta love those mullahs….they hate women, they hate Israel, and they hate America….but they fight to the death for goat and sheep equality.”

Linda Sarsour said “Zionism and Feminism” are incompatible. Now Ayatollah Khamenei claims that “Islam and Feminism” are incompatible.

I wonder what the “pink pussy” hat screaming “riot squad” of Faux Pocahontas, Pelosi, Cankles, Madonna, Ashley, Scarlett and the rest of the chattering “yentas” have to say about “genital mutilation, rape, acid attacks, stoning and honor killings.”

How come they are not over in Iran “demonstrating” against the controlling and “debasing” terms in which Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “explained” women’s place in Iranian society “dominated” by males?

The Ayatollah should be the “next” leader for the “feminist” movement.

His “tenure” has been the “hallmark” of systematic “oppression” against women, workers, college students, writers, journalists, dissident bloggers; imposing “poverty and unemployment” on a majority of Iranians; continuous “threats” against the media and punishment of “political prisoners.”

During his human rights “violations” an average of “three or more” people have been “executed” on a “daily” basis, not to mention the thousands of “gay crane hangings.”


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