Marching, Blood, Death

As we all know, if Hillary had won, sleazy Loretta Lynch was likely to have been able to “retain” her role as Attorney General. Many speculate that a “deal” was struck in her completely “inappropriate” airplane private meeting with Bill Clinton.

She is now “extremely” bitter, and her true “radical” racial colors are showing.

From RickWells…

Is Loretta Lynch “rolling” out the next phase in the “Obama War On America and the American people, “prepping” for the return of the “evil one” that Eric Holder promised was imminent?

Is this the next “salvo” in their ever expanding community organizing “chaos” creation designed to “rip” our nation apart?

Is it an overt “threat” to the Trump administration not to “pursue” the criminal investigations into “Hillary Clinton, Obama, PizzaGate pedophilia, the Muslim Brotherhood connections, the new Obama spying revelations or the countless other assaults on our nation by this foreign agent and his affiliates?”

Whatever it is, it isn’t “subtle.” Loretta Lynch makes general “proclamations” of things somehow becoming “worse for black people” in the six weeks since Trump took office, “a flagrant lie.”

She’s calling for “demonstrations and blood” in the streets. She’s clearly adding her “voice” to that of Obama, Holder, and the Mooch. The “racial” overtones are obvious and undoubtedly “intended” to be taken that way by both “black and white” Americans.

Lynch opens by saying, “I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people.”

If her boss hadn’t been trying to “destroy” America for eight years that wouldn’t be the “case,” but he has, so it is.

The “racist” hag says her people “see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back.”

No specifics are “offered,” there’s nothing to “back up” her claims, just “racism” is sufficient, nothing but “unmitigated” racism.

She says, “I know that this is difficult,” without ever mentioning specifically what “this” is. She reminds the “racists” buying into her “vulgar” presentation that “this has never been easy.”

What’s been so “hard” for you, Lynch? You walked into one of the “best jobs” in the country and continued to “lead” it in a direction of “racist oppression against white people.”

There’s nothing “hard or dangerous” in what you do. You just ran around the country “threatening” other people and using the “power” of your position against them. What’s so “tough” about that?

She talks as if without “black” people America would be in the “stone ages” and that white people had “nothing” to do with its success, saying, “We have always had to work to move this country forward.”

White folks have to “work” too, even harder over the last fifty or sixty years because of your “racist affirmative action laws” that made us “second class” citizens behind “black supremacists” such as yourself.

She encourages individuals, ordinary people, to band together, to “march, bleed and die in the streets.”

Sounding like her “speech” was written by the same “ass clown” who writes Mooch’s “compelling orations,” she says, “This is hard, every good thing is. We have done this before, we can do this again.”

Get ready for the “riots and the race wars,” folks.

She’s calling for a “black revolution,” teamed up with Obama, Holder, Jarrett, Clinton, Soros, and any of the rest of the “riff raff” that can be put behind “bars” before it gets “out of hand.”

This brings me to something “truly” extraordinary: “an attorney general, just weeks out of office, posted a video calling for marching, blood, and death.”

The “chief law enforcement officer” of the United States calling for“political violence!” Why would she do that, and why now?

Clarice Feldman suggested that the “denials” of any knowledge of “wiretapping” by James Comey and James Clapper “leave” Loretta Lynch exposed. Somebody gave the nod. And met “secretly” with Bill Clinton in her “private jet” at Phoenix Airport.

So what does the “barely” former AG do?  She plays the “race card.”

It is still too early to have a lot of “confidence” in this reading of the “murky” waters of the Democrats’ “internal” power plays,  but it does “fit the pieces” together pretty well.

Time to “convene” the grand juries now.


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