Make Five Babies

Turkish President Recep Erdoğan has “urged” all Turks living in Europe to have at least five children, saying they are the “future” of the continent and that it would be the “best” response to the “injustices” imposed on expatriates there.

“Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you,” Erdoğan said in the city of Eskisehir.

The comments were made while the Turkish president was campaigning for a “yes” vote in an upcoming constitutional “referendum” that would grant him “sweeping” new powers.

It is the “latest” in an ongoing string of comments “aimed” at Europe after Turkish ministers were “prevented” from holding campaign “rallies” there.

The Netherlands has bore the “brunt” of the criticisms, after it “prevented the ministers from addressing a “crowd” in Rotterdam, and later used water cannons to “disperse” Turkish demonstrators in the city.

Since then, Erdoğan has hurled a string of “insults” at the European country, including accusing it of state “terrorism,” acting like “Nazi remnants,” and having a “rotten” character.

However, the president is not the “only” government official who has made his “distaste” for the Dutch known.

The country’s “interior” minister, Suleyman Soylu, said that the EU is “playing games” to prevent Ankara from becoming “strong,” suggesting that Turkey could send 15,000 “refugees” a month to Europe to “blow its mind.”

The minister “singled out” both the Netherlands and Germany, as three German states previously “cancelled” scheduled rallies.

Also, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned that Europe is headed for “wars of religion,” claiming Dutch politicians are taking the continent “to a cliff.”

In an effort to achieve a “yes” vote in the referendum, Erdoğan is heavily “relying” on support from the 5.5 million Turkish “citizens” living abroad.

If the “legislation” goes ahead, it would give the president the power to “issue decrees, declare emergency rule, appoint ministers and state officials, and dissolve parliament.”

Critics of the move say the “success” of the referendum would “abolish” the country’s system of “checks and balances.”

Let’s think about this.

Erdoğan “encouraged” Turkish women to “produce” five children apiece, not because he wants more Turkish people to “live and share their talents to enhance Turkey,” but because he wants an “army of made-to-order migrants who will take over Europe on Turkey’s behalf as a sort of poor-man’s military mission.”

It’s not about producing children to “expand” the population, let alone “love” them, but a new army of “migrants.”

Hear that “kid?” You were born to be an “illegal alien” and your mission as a Turk will be to “siphon off EU welfare benefits.”

I guess in some eras, such demographic “warfare” would have been a “declaration of war,” but with Europe run by the likes of “let-’em-all-in Merkel,” you can see why Erdoğan would “suddenly” see his big chance to “retake” the continent, fulfilling Turkey’s “ancient” ambitions.

Anybody “notice” this other than Trump? Not in the Merkel “camp,” it seems.

Stupid as fuck, cowardly and uptight,
Is Erdoğan, the president,
His gob smells of bad döner,
Even a pig’s fart smells better,
He’s the man who hits girls,
While wearing a rubber mask,
But goat-fucking he likes the best,
And having minorities repressed,

Kicking Kurds,
Beating Christians,
While watching kiddie porn,
And even at night, instead of sleep,
It’s time for fellatio with a hundred sheep,

Yep, Erdoğan is definitely
The president with a tiny dick,
Every Turk will tell you all,
The stupid fool has wrinkly balls,
From Ankara to Istanbul,
They all know the man is gay,
Perverted, louse-infested, a zoophile,
Recep Fritzl Priklopil

Head as empty as his balls,
Of every gang-bang party he’s the star,
Till his cock burns when he has a piss,
That’s Recep Erdoğan,

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