The Great Chuck Berry

IN MEMORIAM 1926 – 2017

Iconic “guitarist” Chuck Berry was “game changer” in Rock and Roll. When it comes to music “legends,” they don’t come any “bigger” than Chuck Berry.

When a burgeoning form of music needed a bridge from its “blues-and-rockabilly-based sound to its modern incarnation as a guitar-fueled performance,” it was Chuck Berry who came along and “shredded” a new, raw sound that forever altered the “rock and roll landscape.”

Every “sound” since Chuck appeared on the scene can be “traced” back to him. Sadly, the towering figure who was the “George Washington of R&R” history died at 90, leaving a “legacy” that is, quite simply, “immeasurable.”

His “influence” is incalculable. His most famous “disciples” are the Rolling Stones, two of whom famously “bumped” into each other as teenagers on a “train platform” while carrying their “favorite” Berry records.

Keith Richards has “famously” said he just stole from Berry. Mick Jagger was clearly “influenced” by Berry’s famous “duck walk” and animated stage presence.

There was never “anybody” like Chuck Berry before him and there hasn’t been anybody “remotely” close since. Nor will there be.

For there is “only” one Chuck Berry, the man that changed the course of “popular” American music more than anyone “ever has or ever will.”

King of Rock. R.I.P. Chuck.

Celebrities Pay Tribute To Chuck Berry After News Of His Death


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