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Obama The Thief

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As reported by Fox News, congressional investigators “claim” the Obama Administration “funneled” billions of dollars to “left-wing activist groups”—such as the National Council of La Raza, National Urban League and National Community Reinvestment Coalition—through a “slush fund” scheme of the Department of Justice.

“Findings spearheaded by the House Judiciary Committee point to a process shrouded in secrecy whereby monies were distributed to a labyrinth of nonprofit organizations involved with grass-roots activism,” reports Fox.

“Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch told Fox.

“It’s a shakedown. It’s corrupt, pure and simple.”

Fitton also suggested that these “spontaneous” protests sprouting up at town halls and elsewhere are connected to the left’s “massive infrastructure,” created in part by Obama’s “slush fund” at the DOJ.

“The protests are as organic as a plastic cup,” he said. “There is a massive left-wing infrastructure in place trying to protect the monstrous government created by the Obama administration.”

Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas, said the “revelations” leave Obama in very “hot” water. If the House Judiciary Committee takes this “inquiry” all the way, “criminal” charges will be filed.

“Somebody ought to go to prison for this. This is worse than a mafia shakedown. At least if the mafia shakes you down for protection, your store doesn’t burn down. But this is a case where the liberals have played Robin Hood. They have stolen from the government, the tax payers, and they’ve given it to their pals.“

Obama almost “doubled” the national debt.

On January 20, 2009, when Obama was “sworn” in, the national debt was “$10.626 trillion.” On January 20, 2017, it was “$19.947 trillion.” Obama added “$9 trillion to the debt,” more than any other president.

Obama’s “apologists” claim the national debt is largely “out of a President’s hands.” They are currently having “trouble” explaining why the national debt “fell for the first time in decades” one month after he “left” office and President Trump took the “reins.”

Here’s essentially how the “shakedown” works, as outlined by Fox:

When big banks are “sued” by the government for “discrimination or mortgage abuse,” they can settle the cases by “donating” to third-party non-victims. The settlements “do not specify” how these third-party groups “could use the windfall.”

So far, investigators have “accounted” for $3 billion paid to “non-victim entities.”

Critics say banks are “incentivized” to donate the funds to “non-profits” rather than “giving it to consumers.”

As noted by the “Competitive Enterprise Institute Center for Class Action Fairness” Director Ted Frank, DOJ officials are essentially “going” after corporate defenders to “to fund their pet projects.”

“The underlying problem with the slush funds is we don’t know exactly where the money is going,” said Frank. “Using enforcement authority to go after corporate defendants, DOJ bureaucrats are taking billions away from taxpayers to fund their pet projects overriding congressional preferences.”

Although the DOJ claims it’s perfectly lawful to “bypass” the Treasury Department since the banks are “voluntarily” donating, Frank argues that bypass of the department “subverts the legislative branch’s essential spending power.” Not to mention, critics have suggested the “voluntary” donations come attached with “incentives and pressure.”

“This is real abuse of power,” insisted Frank.

“Congress allotted $47 million for the HUD Housing Counseling, but the Citi and Bank of America settlements shipped in an additional $30 million in funding,” in the FY16 Enacted Congressional Appropriation, outlines Fox as an example.

“The Legal Services Corporation was allocated $385 million from Congress but is getting an additional $412 million in taxpayer dollars from the third-party settlement practice.”

Moreover, in a recent Volkswagen “settlement,” a $1.2 billion investment into zero emission technology requirement “was not only twice denied by Congress but is now expected to receive four times the amount originally requested by the Obama administration.”

Republicans argue this alleged “abuse of power” should be a bipartisan issue.

“Democrats thought it was an attack on Obama,” said Republican Oklahoma Senator James Lankford. “This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, but one of good government. Actions settled by the federal government should go back to the federal government, back to the taxpayer.”

Legislation, called “Stop Settlement Slush Fund Act of 2017,” has been introduced by Lankford to address the scheme.

“Congress must permanently end the abuses Obama’s Justice Department exploited to use settlements to funnel money to their liberal friends,” said House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Republican representing Virginia.

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Weekly Muslim Invader Updates

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Mar 16 2017
TURKISH FOREIGN MINISTER is predicting that “a holy war with Islam” will soon begin in Europe.
Turkey’s foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu,is the instigator who wanted to stir up the Turkish expat community in Rotterdam at a pro-President Erdoğan rally, but who was promptly banned by the Dutch government. Dutch police had to use dogs and water cannons to break up the violent protest by Turkish Muslim demonstrators.

Mar 16 2017
BRITAIN FIRST PATRIOTS carry crosses through Luton, a Muslim ghetto of London, and are met with hostility and threats.
Muslims claim Britain is “THEIR country” now. And outside of people like Jayda Fransen and Britain First, few have the courage to do anything about it.

Mar 16 2017
WAS IT SOMETHING SHE SAID? Muslim father uses strap to beat his bare-assed daughter.
Can anyone translate what’s being said here?

Mar 16 2017
AUSTRALIA: Teacher quits after Muslim primary school students threaten to behead her.
Frightened teachers at a Sydney primary school have revealed Muslim students are showing signs of extreme radicalization at a very young age – 5th grade – saying they have been traumatized by threats of beheadings and other violent behavior from these Muslim students .

Mar 15 2017
CALLING ALL MISSOURI BNIers! CAIR is inviting you Trump-supporters to “Make America Whole Again.”
All the barbarically-slaughtered halal food you can eat…provided by Faizan Syed, director of designated terrorist group CAIR-St. Louis (Council on American Islamic Relations) Sunday, March 26th, 3:30–6:30 P.M. at the Dar-Al-Jalal Islamic Center in Hazelwood, MO.

Mar 15 2017
Oh, those poor starving Muslims of Gaza…forced by the Israelis to live in “open-air prisons” with barely enough to eat.
Bet they’d love to dine out in fancy restaurants like this one, where coffee for three costs about $28.00 and a typical dinner costs $75.00 – 80.00 US dollars per person. Oh, wait…they already are.

Mar 15 2017
SORRY, CANADA…but your boy wonder leader rolled out the welcome prayer mat for our Muslim invaders posing as refugees.

Mar 15 2017
Muslim women upset over the EU ban on Islamic headbags, should be forced to move to a Muslim country where they could wear whatever they want. HEH!
Sounding just like the fascists who call themselves “anti-fascists” Muslim women see the EU decision to allow employers to ban Muslim headbags from the workplace as the same as what ISIS and Wahhabis do to women…minus all the stonings, child-rapings, genital mutilations, wife-beatings, etc., I suppose.

Mar 15 2017
EXPOSED! Took awhile, but the bad smell I noticed several years coming from FOX News “go-to moderate Muslim,” Zuhdi Jasser, has turned into a poisonous gas.
STEALTH JIHADIST Dr. Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser, who likes to call himself a Muslim reformer, is anything but as he proves when he says, “There’s no greater threat” than Pamela Geller and her counter-jihad colleagues.

Mar 15 2017
Oh, NOES! Some Qurans were intentionally damaged at a Tucson mosque.
QUICK! Call in local, state, and federal authorities, declare it a hate crime, and find a hanging judge.

Mar 15 2017
THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT for nixing Secretary of Defense’s choice for Undersecretary of Defense for policy.
Defense Secretary James Mattis has withdrawn his nominee for the Pentagon’s top civilian job after opposition from lawmakers concerned about her close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mar 15 2017
Did any of your favorite news sites make it onto the Harvard University list of top “Fake News” sites?
Leave it to the so-called “intellectual elites” on the far left to get everything on the right so wrong. Perhaps Harvard should consider removing its “Veritas” slogan which stands for “truth.”

Mar 14 2017
By wearing an Islamic headbag everyday, Christian woman makes her son the target of ridicule in his Boy Scout troop.
A Christian woman who has been wearing an Islamic headbag as a gesture of solidarity with Muslims said she got a lot of blow-back from her sons’ Boy Scout troop. Dr. Lori Szeszywcki said the backlash from her sons’ Scout troop has her “looking over my shoulder a little bit.”

Mar 14 2017
CANADA: Iranian ex-Muslim thinks the M-103 anti-Islamophobia motion is nonsense.
He has just made himself a target for Muslims in Canada who believe apostates should be executed.

Mar 14 2017
Why are Muslims desperately trying make you think they have become the “new Jews of Europe?”
It’s no secret that Muslims in the West want everyone to think they are the most persecuted group of immigrants in the world…perpetual “victims” of a society that refuses to believe repeated attacks by Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. And now, thanks to a new law passed by the European Union, allowing employers to ban Islamic headbags in the workplace, Muslims believe that what they like to call “Islamophobia” has now been enshrined into law.

Mar 14 2017
CANADA: Muslims demand, yes, DEMAND, help for Muslim children “battling so-called Islamophobia,” whatever that is.
Muslim leaders in Canada’s steel capital of Hamilton, Ontario say some kind of help is urgently needed for children under the age of 10 years who are allegedly subject to raging “Islamophobia,” the CBC reports.

Mar 14 2017
GREAT NEWS! Trump wants to cut $20 billion in funding for the U.N. and other foreign entities that don’t benefit us.
The White House has announced dramatic cuts in US spending for U.N. programs after President Trump promised to reduce US commitments abroad. RINO’s, not surprisingly, are opposed to this idea.

Mar 14 2017
MICHIGAN: Sterling Heights counter-suing DOJ for forcing approval of mosque which was unanimously voted down by city.

Mar 14 2017
VOTE FOR GEERT WILDERS…or more Dutch children will pay the biggest price for the current government’s disastrous and irresponsible Muslim immigration policies.

Mar 14 2017
THE NETHERLANDS is NOT a safe country for refugees who are Christians or apostates from Islam.
When Muslim refugees find out that they are not Muslims, they subject the “non-believers” to abuse and death threats…and Dutch police seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

Mar 14 2017
Guess who’s leading the charge to declare Columbus, Ohio a sanctuary city for illegal alien invaders?
That’s right, MUSLIMS. Apparently, they don’t realize that Trump is stopping all federal funding to cities that declare themselves to be sanctuary cities…which means there will be less money for essential services for everyone else.

Mar 14 2017
Oh, NOES! Now there’s one less mosque in Michiganistan.
Not to worry, there are still 138 more in the state, not to mention  over 2,200 Islamic Centers and mosques in America – many of which are a part of a radical Jihadi network.

Mar 14 2017
KANSAS: Another Muslim-loving useful idiot Jewish rabbi recruited by designated terrorist group CAIR.
Look at all the ‘wide-load’ infidel women who came out for this “Muslim Advocacy Day” at the State Capitol event. They must have been giving away free barbarically-slaughtered halal food.

Mar 14 2017
TEXAS: There’s a special place in hell for easily intimidated leftist principals who turn public schools into mini-mosques.
And now, there’s a special room in school exclusively for Muslim students so they can lift their asses to Allah, several times a day. Bowing to Muslim supremacy since 2009, Scott Warstler, principal of Liberty High School had been allowing Muslims, ONLY Muslims, to leave school for hours at a time to attend mosque every Friday afternoon with no repercussions…then rewarded them with a taxpayer-funded mini-mosque to pray in during school hours.

March 14, 2017
What happens when ‘progressive’ church leaders who preach that it’s the “Christian way” to take in Muslim refugees, are actually asked to take in Muslim refugees?
Steven Crowder gives several churches the chance to put their money where their mouths are, and open their hearts and doors to Muslim refugees in dire need and risking deportation from Trump’s America.

March 13, 2017
IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM, even with American citizenship, expect to have your cell phone and social media searched at the border.
It’s perfectly legal and does NOT violate your 4th Amendment rights, whether or not you are an American citizen. President Donald Trump is in charge now and Muslims don’t get a free pass or special consideration anymore as they did during the past eight Obama years. Get used to it.

Mar 13 2017
Could this be the female Donald Trump running for president in 2042?
She’s just 11 now, but smarter than all the Hillary-supporters combined.

Mar 13 2017
“MUSLIM DOG JIHAD”…Thanks to mass Muslim immigration, coming to a neighborhood near you.
Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a nation and its moral compass are judged by the way it treats its animals.” Then again, he wasn’t a Muslim.

Mar 13 2017
Memorizing the Quran can be dangerous to your health
Just ask any of these young Muslim boys.

Mar 13 2017
Following Turkish Muslim riots in Netherlands, Geert Wilders would expel the Turkish Ambassador immediately.
And he would encourage all Turkish Muslims who support Turkish dictator Erdogan to leave the Netherlands for good and return to Turkey.

Mar 13 2017
SCIENTIFIC evidence reveals that Muslims have a lot in common with ants.
Army ants are blind. Muslims just refuse to see.

Mar 13 2017
ALERT! Kansas BNIers, avoid going to the State Capitol Building in Topeka today.
The Kansas State Capitol has been commandeered by designated terrorist group CAIR for “Muslim Advocacy Day.” At any time, these Muslim advocates could drop to their knees in the lobby and lift their asses to Allah in prayer, which means you will have to climb over them to get to the elevator. If you inadvertently touch one of the Muslim women, it will not end well for you.

Mar 13 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR outraged over Iowa Rep. Steve King tweet that says “you cannot build up Western civilization with some other culture’s (Islam’s) babies.
In a tweet supporting anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who recently referred to Muslims of Moroccan heritage in the Netherlands as “scum,”  Rep. Steve King tweeted: “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Mar 13 2017
SWEDEN: African Muslim migrants beat up security guard in Stockholm subway
This is what happens when security guards are unarmed and one of them is female.

Mar 13 2017
Funny because thousands of injured victims of the Syrian war, including civilians and Syrian soldiers are flocking to Israeli hospitals for treatment…and often, free of charge. Israeli doctors hope these Muslim patients, after being treated so well, will return home having a much more positive opinion of Israel.

Mar 13 2017
NETHERLANDS: North African Muslim asylum seekers are robbing and terrorizing local Dutch residents.
This is what happens when you allow Muslim freeloaders posing as asylum seekers into Europe. Ironically, most of those responsible for the intimidating and criminal behaviors are coming from safe countries like Albania, Morocco, and Georgia.

Mar 13 2017
Turkey warns the Netherlands that they will “pay the price” for stopping Turkish Muslims from demonstrating.
The demonstrations, being staged by Turkish officials in the Netherlands, are to gain support from Turkish expatriates for a referendum expanding the already dictatorial powers of Recep Erdogan and his Islamofascist government.

Mar 13 2017
MICHIGANISTAN: Another mosque burns down.
If it turns out to be arson, designated terrorist group CAIR will offer a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Is CAIR is getting cheap? Usually they offer more.

Mar 12 2017
In the good old days, even children’s cartoons could be as offensive as possible to Arab Muslims and nobody complained.
VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED if you are a college snowflake, a leftist loon, or a crybaby follower of the pedophile prophet Mohammed. Your objections will be ignored.

Mar 12 2017
What doesn’t the left get about the holy war Islam has been fighting with the West?
Why the relentless whining from the panic-stricken left wing opposition party, especially the mainstream media, whenever Steve Bannon, chief strategist to the President, reiterates what anyone with a pulse over the past 16 years already knows: “Islam is engaged in a holy war with the West and has been since its inception.”

Mar 12 2017
ITALY: ‘Antifa’ far-left fascist terror squads riot against anti-Islamization Northern League party leader, Matteo Salvini.
Hundreds of masked rioters engaged in running battles with the police in the southern Italian city of Naples, outside a rally by the anti-Muslim immigration Northern League (Lega Nord) leader, Matteo Salvini, dubbed the Donald Trump of Italy.

Mar 12 2017
IN CANADA, you are considered an “Islamophobe/racist/bigot” if you flee a store when encountering a Muslim man shouting “Allahu Akbar” and saying he has a gun.
That’s exactly what happened at a Toronto mall recently.

Mar 12 2017
AUSTRALIA: Senator Pauline Hanson: “Tell me…you line up a number of Muslims, how do you know who’s the good one?”
Call it what you will, but it stinks of “ethnic cleansing” of Australians in Australia by Muslim thugs and infiltrators, who come in and do everything they can to disrupt the peace and tranquility of once nice, quiet suburbs in an effort to drive out the native  population and replace it with a Muslim one.

Mar 12 2017
GERMANY: ‘BAD WiFi’ Jihad by Muslim freeloaders.
Muslim invaders, many of whom who are illegal aliens, trash the hotel in which they are living free of charge because they were dissatisfied with the cell phone reception there.

Mar 11 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR litigation jihadists file lawsuit on behalf of Muslim family kicked off United Airlines flight for security reasons.
First they demand an apology from the airline, then they demand a large monetary settlement. Don’t believe what the reporter is saying about why the Muslims were removed. It was for security reasons, the details of which the airline is under no obligation to reveal to the media.

Mar 11 2017
VERMONT: Five-term Mayor kicked out of office for sneaking in Syrian Muslim refugees.
“We defeated this, and it should be used as a template for the rest of country.” The people of Rutland, Vermont, have gained a measure of revenge against former President Obama’s forced influx of Syrian refugees, voting out the five-term mayor, Christopher Louras, who helped negotiate the controversial resettlement’s with a federal contractor.

Mar 11 2017
To understand the current resurgence of antisemitism in America, look to Europe.
And no, it’s not the far right, neo-Nazis of Europe who restarted this, although that’s not to say they aren’t thrilled to be able to join this new Jew-hating jihad.

Mar 11 2017
University of Minnesota liberal professor under fire for his strong criticism of Muslim refugees and Islam.
It’s easy to assume that everyone in academia is a raging leftist who wants to indoctrinate your children with anti-American/communist multicultural nonsense. However, there are notable exceptions and Professor Dan Demetriou is one of them.

Mar 11 2017
Why is Defense Secretary General James Mattis nominating for Undersecretary of Defense a former Ambassador to Egypt who was a Muslim Brotherhood supporter?
Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ pick for Undersecretary of Defense for policy, Anne Patterson, is disastrous for her strong support of Islamofascist dictator Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood while she was Ambassador to Egypt under Obama. Because of this, Egyptians took to the streets demanding Patterson be kicked out.

Mar 11 2017
Did you know that Jesus is virtually banned in Bethlehem?
It’s only a matter of time before the Church of Nativity gets destroyed by the Muslim-majority population in Bethlehem.

Mar 11 2017
In Germany, Muslims have begun setting (non-Muslim) women’s hair on fire for not wearing a hijab (Islamic headbag.)
Is NIKE trying to cash in on this dangerous trend by selling hijabs for women? Will all German women be required to start wearing hijabs to protect themselves from Muslim male supremacists?

Mar 11 2017
TURKEY threatens to lift blockade, allowing millions more Muslim invaders, currently squatting in Turkey, to flood into the EU.
The Turkish Foreign Minister has said that his country is prepared to once again allow migrants free passage into Europe if Turks are not given visa-free travel into the European Union.

Mar 11 2017
Just released by Steve Bannon, special advisor to the President.

Mar 11 2017
GERMANY: Two (Muslim?) suspects on the run after carrying out a tear gas attack on crowded train in Hamburg
THIRD TERRORIST ATTACK IN AS MANY DAYS: Following an axe attack by a Muslim migrant injuring 9, and a machete attack on an 80-year-old man (suspect on the run) in Dusseldorf, come reports that two “youths” (PC-approved euphemism for Muslims) attacked a packed train with tear gas in Hamburg.

Mar 10 2017
‘CALIPHORNIA’ MUSLIM perpetual whiners are demanding that a local official be fired for telling the truth about Islam.
Nearly three weeks after Otay Water Board member Hector Gastelum came under fire by designated terrorist group CAIR and other Muslim snowflakes on social media for posting an anti-Muslim tweet, members of the Muslim community are demanding he step down or be fired.

Mar 10 2017
Air Force Sergeant bids a heart wrenching farewell to his heroic military dog.
Kyle Smith served four military tours with Bodza and adopted him in 2014 when the German Shepherd was retired from duty.

Mar 10 2017
AUSTRALIA: School principal who replaced convert-to Islam principal after he tried to force students to conform to Islamic practices, is being threatened…by Muslims.
A violent threat made against the new principal at Punch-bowl Boys’ High School by two Middle Eastern men has been described as “appalling” by the NSW Education boss. Robert Patruno had been threatened in front of teachers by two obviously Muslim men who were heard to have said: “We’re going to get you, we’re going to fuck you up you dog, fuck you.”

Mar 10 2017
NEW YORK: Muslim supremacist troublemaker claims ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘racial profiling’ are why he was handcuffed when he refused to allow his bag to be checked before boarding Staten Island Ferry.
A perpetual Muslim shit-stirrer on Staten Island claims he was placed in handcuffs, frisked and issued two summonses by the NYPD officers based on the way he looks. Hesham El-Meligy, a Muslim who was born in Egypt, was temporarily detained and searched by police at about 8 a.m. Wednesday at the Staten Island Ferry terminal in St. George, after he refused a random bag check.

Mar 10 2017
MUSLIM Hamas supporters from Florida State University to rally against Donald Trump’s latest Muslim ban.
Don’t you just love watching a Muslim supremacist baghead telling us that this executive order is “unconstitutional” and “UN-American,” both of which are the very definition of Islam?

Mar 10 2017
SECOND MACHETE ATTACK in Dusseldorf following the axe rampage yesterday by a Muslim migrant.
Eighty-year-old German man is attacked with a machete in a car park in the second violent incident in Dusseldorf just hours after a Muslim migrant from Kosovo went on an axe rampage which seriously injured seven people.

Mar 10 2017
WAS HE A MUSLIM? Man with axe attacks several people in Dusseldorf station injuring at least 7.
[UPDATE] YES, HE WAS!!! According to AFP, his name is Fatmir H (no last name given) and a Kosovo national who came to Germany in 2009 and had received residency rights “for humanitarian reasons.” German police say he had “mental issues” in order to make you think this latest “sudden jihad attack” had NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM.

Mar 10 2017
WILD BILL FOR AMERICA on the growing ‘sissification’ of America, otherwise known as ‘gender jihad.’
Not to worry, all you spoiled little college snowflakes, gender benders, and feminazi-educated girlie-men, you’ll finally have something real to cry about when your safe spaces are invaded by Muslim jihadists holding knives to your throats.

Mar 10 2017
SWEDEN: (MUSLIM?) migrant suspects can’t stop laughing after being arrested for murdering a couple, slashing the woman’s neck and stabbing her husband to death.
Not yet confirmed, but becoming more and more apparent, that it was MUSLIM migrants who slashed a woman’s throat, nearly beheading her, then stabbing her husband to death. The four suspects were reported to be of Middle Eastern or North African Muslim origin.

Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of  unvetted immigration policies.

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