Bobble Head Clinton

The twice “failed” presidential candidate sported a “strange” new hairdo. It looked as though her “wig” was on backwards. Pretty shabby for $600 haircuts!

Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s is “flaring” up again. She moving around and “twitching” more than a dashboard bobble-head doll in an off-road race. Her head’s moving in “fast and jerky” movements in all directions.

It appears as if she might be “unable” to hold it still so she’s keeping herself moving, not allowing a point of reference or the opportunity for her “uncontrolled” motions to become apparent.

Clinton made a video for her adoring “man-hating” supporters on International Women’s Day.

She talked about women’s issues blurting out, “There’s a lot to fight for,  Planned Parenthood aka a woman’s right to kill children, education, healthcare, jobs, every issue’s a woman’s issue” and yes the Democrats were in power for the last eight years and only made things worse, disastrously worse.

She urges those watching, “So stand up, resist, run for office, be a champion.” Much is being made of her new haircut, “I got my hair caught in the fan” special, but it’s probably just a “distraction” to give people something to “focus” on other than her odd “behavior and mannerisms.”

Her hands, apparently trembling and hidden from view seem to be “clasped” from the looks of her “static” shoulders, which only moved “once,” as part of a twitch.

It’s no “coincidence” that she comes out with this video, urging women to “resist,” as the ACLU, another appendage of the same George Soros “hydra” that provides her with her positions and power, had their Saturday “Freedom Cities” recruiting drive.

They describe it on their website as a “blueprint” for local-level campaigns to “defend” communities and “block” the worst “abuses” of the Trump administration.

In the accompanying email “inviting” people to watch the offensive “drivel” via steaming, the ACLU wrote, “We are so excited to start our Resistance Training event at 5pm ET/2pm PT. During the stream, you’ll hear from ACLU leaders about our rights as organizers. Then we’ll talk about the ACLU’s first plan of action for our People Power movement. You won’t want to miss it!”

They wanted to “squeeze” as much mileage out of this event as possible so they “devised” a scheme to roll out Hillary Clinton as a “recruiter.” Her Parkinson’s won’t “stop” them.

This is a “coordinated” effort, with “resistance” being the theme to “smear” President Trump. The left is trying to start a “civil” war, with their shadow Barack Hussein Obama “ready” to reemerge.

Hillary Clinton Ran The MOST DEPLORABLE Presidential Campaign In Modern History

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