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Daylight Saving Time

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Victory! Congress passes daylight saving bill. LOC Summary: Poster showing Uncle Sam turning a clock to Daylight Savings time as a clock-headed figure throws his hat in the air. The clock face of the figure reads “One hour of extra daylight.” LOC Notes: Caption: “Get your hoe ready!” Date Created/Published: 1918. World War I propaganda poster provided by LOC. Original medium: 1 print (poster) : lithograph, color ; 95 x 53 cm.

At 2 a.m. on March 13, 2016, Americans will “turn their clocks ahead one hour,” marking the beginning of Daylight Saving Time (DST).

The federal law that established “daylight time” in the United States does not require any area to observe daylight saving time. But if a state chooses to observe DST, it must follow the starting and ending dates set by the law. From 1986 to 2006 this was the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October, but starting in 2007, it is observed from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November, adding about a month to daylight saving time. (See: New Federal Law.)

No More Sunlight in Arizona and Hawaii

Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii and the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST but instead stay on “standard time” all year long. And if you’ve spent any time in the sweltering summer sun in those regions you can understand why residents don’t need another hour of sunlight.

The Dawning of DST in Indiana

Until April 2005, when Indiana passed a law agreeing to observe daylight saving time, the Hoosier state had its own unique and complex time system. Not only is the state split between two time zones, but until recently, only some parts of the state observed daylight saving time while the majority did not.

Under the old system, 77 of the state’s 92 counties were in the Eastern Time Zone but did not change to daylight time in April. Instead they remained on standard time all year. That is, except for two counties near Cincinnati, Ohio, and Louisville, Ky., which did use daylight time.

But the counties in the northwest corner of the state (near Chicago) and the southwestern tip (near Evansville), which are in the Central Time Zone, used both standard and daylight time.

The battle between the old system and DST was contentious and hard-won—bills proposing DST had failed more than two dozen times until finally squeaking through the state legislature in April 2005. As of April 2, 2006, the entire state of Indiana joined 47 other states in observing Daylight Saving Time. But it wasn’t quite as simple and straightforward as all that—telling time in Indiana remains something of a bewildering experience: eighteen counties now observed Central Daylight Time and the remaining 74 counties of Indiana observe Eastern Daylight Time.

New Federal Law—Springing Forward in March, Back in November

Months after Indiana passed the law that got it in step with the rest of the country, the federal government announced a major change in Daylight Saving Time. In Aug. 2005, Congress passed an energy bill that included extending Daylight Saving Time by about a month. Since 2007, DST starts the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Sunday of November.

Comparisons Around the World

More than one billion people in about 70 countries around the world observe DST in some form. Here are interesting facts about some of these countries:

Most of Canada uses Daylight Saving Time. Some exceptions include the majority of Saskatchewan and parts of northeastern British Columbia. In the fall of 2005, Manitoba and Ontario announced that like the United States, they would extend daylight time starting in 2007. The attorney general of Ontario commented that “it is important to maintain Ontario’s competitive advantage by coordinating time changes with our major trading partner, and harmonizing our financial, industrial, transportation, and communications links.” Other provinces have indicated that they may also follow suit.

It wasn’t until 1996 that our NAFTA neighbors in Mexico adopted DST. Now all three Mexican time zones are on the same schedule as the United States.

Also in 1996, members of the European Union agreed to observe a “summer-time period” from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October.

Most countries near the equator don’t deviate from standard time.

In the Southern Hemisphere, where summer arrives in what we in the Northern Hemisphere consider the winter months, DST is observed from late October to late March.

Three large regions in Australia do not participate in DST. Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland stay on standard time all year.

The remaining south-central and southeastern sections of the continent (which is where Sydney and Melbourne are found) make the switch. This results in both vertical and horizontal time zones Down Under during the summer months.

China, which spans five time zones, is always eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and it does not observe DST.

In Japan, DST was implemented after World War II by the U.S. occupation. In 1952 it was abandoned because of strong opposition by Japanese farmers.

Daylight Saving Time is here. What can you do?
National Turn Off Your Alarm Clock Day



Champion for Girls

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Girls Inc., a group that claims it helps to “give confidence to girls” gave a “champion for girls” award to Hillary Clinton at a New York luncheon.

One woman who doesn’t feel “championed” by Clinton, Juanita Broaddrick, tore into her over the “unwarranted” recognition.

Broaddrick, who has accused Bill Clinton of “sexually” assaulting her in 1978, said, “It is difficult for me, a rape survivor of Bill Clinton, to understand how Hillary Clinton could be given the ‘2017 Champion for Girls Award’ from Girls Inc.”

“Hillary was never a champion for the women her husband abused. She was the opposite. She threatened and humiliated us,” Broaddrick said, referring to Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, as well.

“The leaders of this young women’s group should be ashamed of their actions. By giving this award to Hillary Clinton, they are implying enablers of sexual abuse crimes should not be held accountable.”

“The truth is, life hands all of us setbacks,” Clinton told the audience, which began chuckling.

“I’ve had my ups and my downs. In the last months, I’ve done my share of sleeping, a little soul-searching and reflecting, long walks in the woods,” she said.

Teen Vogue, a publication “singled” out by Clinton for the “quality” of its journalism, fawned over Hillary’s appearance.

“No one wears a pantsuit quite like Hillary Clinton. From the purple ensemble she wore during her concession speech to the blue pantsuit she chose for her very first post-election speech, Hillary makes powerful statements with each garment she chooses.”

During the luncheon speech in honor of “A Day Without a Woman” she wore a bright “red” pantsuit in “solidarity” with the initiative.

The twice “failed” presidential candidate sported a “strange” new hairdo. It looked as though her “wig” was on backwards. Pretty shabby for $600 haircuts!

Hillary has “clung” onto Bill Clinton like no “other” Washington DC politician.

She is a “zero” without Bill, and barely “anything” with him. Her “hubris” causes everything she touches to “turn bad.”

The sad part is that she really believed that she was the “most well qualified candidate ever” but couldn’t “beat” Trump despite having the bulk of the “lying” mainstream media spouting non-stop “propaganda” for her for well over a year.

Imagine the “beating” The Donald would have “laid” on her with an “even” field. Hillary is a two-time “loser” who is hated by most of the American “electorate.”

She is “unlikeable, deceitful, arrogant, and corrupt.” She will “never” be the president.

It is frightening how “deep” and complete the Clinton “corruption” actually is. And still their supporters “don’t seem to care,” which is the most “frightening” part of all.

Hillary likes girls. Just “ask” Huma Abedin. Although she “ditched” Huma when the FBI found her “files” on Weiner’s laptop, Huma went from “senior adviser” to “one of my staff.”

Hillary is a “criminal.” She and many of her staff (both political & Foundation) should be “indicted” under RICO statutes.

The “Clinton Crime Syndicate” is a terrible thing for America. The Clintons seem to believe they are “royalty,” deserving to rule by “virtue” of birth.

They are “sick, narcissistic, deceitful and greedy. I pray they go to “prison” for the rest of their “grifter” lives.

And here I thought Girls Inc. would give the award to “Planned Parenthood” for all of the “unborn” girls that they “murdered”…guess Hillary just “won” out over them.

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