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Russian Epidemic

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There is an “epidemic” of U.S. leaders “talking” to Russians!

First was Barack Obama who “told” on a hot mic Medvedev he’ll have “more flexibility” after the election…

Next there was National “security adviser” Michael Flynn who was “agitated” enough about his conversations with Russia to “resign.”


Then came “Attorney General” Jeff Sessions who “recused” himself after talking to a group of “ambassadors” of which “one” was a Russian.

Earlier, President Trump “campaigned” with Sarah Palin who said she could “see” Russia from her house in Alaska.

Trump needs to resign” because he campaigned with someone whose home is “close” enough to see Russia.


This is a “dark” time for America. Russians are hacking everything. People are constantly “talking” to Russians.

This is “scary!” Now, it’s okay to “talk” to Koreans, British, French, Hungarians, Egyptians, Indonesians, or pretty much “anyone” else.

But talking to a “Russian” means you “must” resign!

Unless of course you are Chuck Schumer…


or Nancy Pelosi…


or Claire McCaskill…


who can “have” contact with Russians with “no” problem because they are more “equal” than the rest of Washington.


In yet another case of protectionism the Dems again accuse their opponents of things they themselves have done: illegally conspiring with the Russians.

Some even demand that AG Jeff Sessions be thrown in jail. I don’t remember any of them being very concerned with justice when AG Eric Holder was found to be in criminal contempt of Congress.

For all we know the Russians “hacked” the Democrats’ computers in “retaliation” for Obama not following through on his promise to “be more flexible.”

So let’s put that out there, it’s as believable as any other fake news.


My advice to President Trump: “Drain the Swamp! Pronto.” Obama stocked it with a lot more alligators just before he “left the building.”

Trump: A Master Tactician Serves Filet After the Russian Soufflé Collapses

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