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Panic in Progressive Park

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If you thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was a tad excessive, as they say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

To channel an old Pacino flick, opening now for Oscar season, it’s “Panic in Progressive Park.”

Reason for the panic — “the dawning realization, repressed and often unrecognized though it may be, that Donald Trump may even a be a good president, possibly a great one.”

Then what?


If anything could cause “panic” among liberals, progressives, snowflakes and the media that’s it.

And Trump has certainly “hit” the ground running with more “vigah” — to channel an old Kennedy phrase — than we have seen in a long while.

And not just because of the “Carrier” deal, though that clearly “caught” America’s attention, as it should.

It also caught the attention of the media, which rushed to “denigrate” it — and demonstrate their “profound knowledge” of deal-making — by reminding us that Donald’s agreement did not “keep all the Carrier jobs in America,” just most of them.

And they actually had to “bargain” with the directors of Carrier — imagine that!


For “comic” relief, the now completely ignored Bernie Sanders “rushed” to remind us of the same thing, as if anything of that sort could have been “done” under a Sanders presidency.

Indeed, Trump seems to be “firing” on all engines to a degree I have never seen in an American president, before he has “even been inaugurated.”

His transition, once said to be “confused,” is rocketing along with a palpable sense of “excitement” that Trump and his team are “deliberately” sharing with the public, “by-passing” the media when necessary.


The Democrats, who have been “floundering” to an extent equally never before seen, are participating in a “juvenile” and over-priced recount while “reelecting” the terminally botoxed Nancy Pelosi to the House minority leadership even though that same chamber “hemorrhaged” Democrat members like a “hemophilia” victim under her rule.

Topping that off, they’re considering Keith Ellison to “helm” the DNC, a man who, according to a recent report, “met with a radical Muslim cleric who endorsed killing U.S. soldiers and with the president of a bank used to pay the families of Palestinian suicide bombers” on a trip to Saudi Arabia organized by an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Talk about a party on a “suicide” run.

Meanwhile, the thing that Democrats, and many Republicans too, “don’t get about Trump” is that Donald is an upper.  He’s a real “optimist in a world of cynics.”

That’s a “yuuuge” part of his attraction and the “catalyst that helps him get things done.  The reaction to Trump is something of a Rorschach test — “those who have a positive, even excited view of the future tend to go for him.  Those that don’t, don’t.”

His “victory” speech in Cincinnati — and the reaction to it — was an “illustration” of that.

Watching the “postmortem” on Tucker Carlson’s excellent new show was wildly “positive” about Trump’s speech. His two guests — Caitlin Huey-Burns of RealClearPolitics and Shelby Holliday of the Wall Street Journal — were much more  “cautious” in their somewhat fearful approaches.

While obviously “intelligent” women, the conventional wisdom they imparted was “pessimistic” by nature and unwittingly a “minor” part of the swamp that Trump seeks to drain.  Perhaps they sensed that.


Most of the media doesn’t just sense it. They know it.  They are at “war” with Trump and at this moment they are “losing,” badly.  A wise person would change their tactics.

But the media is not filled with “wise” people.  These days they’re filled with wounded, “entitled” people who seem already to have “forgotten” the rest of us have read WikiLeaks.

We know who they are even if they don’t look for “Panic in Progressive Park” to run for a long time.

It will, however, be more “amusing” than the original “Pacino” version.



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